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" Upon arriving to the clinic I was in excruciating pain, massively depressed, I had gained nearly 48lbs and barely eating anything. In only 3-5 days, the symptoms reduced greatly and in 10 days I was nearly 100% pain free ... "
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Chad Lakridis
Auto Immune Issues
" I can’t thank Dr. Vickers and his incredible team enough! They have saved my Dad’s life! He went from having an over 2” bleeding cancerous tumor to now 8 months later he looks and feels 20 years younger ... "
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Elizabeth Aloha
Esophageal Cancer
" ...All of my symptoms had eased within just a few days of starting the treatment. I had my ups and downs energy-wise, but space was always given for plenty of rest and recovery. This is an amazing place and a life transformational jump start to a full on Gerson Therapy program if you're up for it ... "
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" 100% satisfied with my treatment Cancer diagnosis July 2019 Currently ONE YEAR cancer FREE I recommend anyone go with any type of ailment I believe in them so strongly! ... "
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Bobbi Vincent
Colon Cancer

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