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About Omsana Health

At Omsana Health , we specialize in pioneering nontoxic immunotherapy treatments for cancer patients. Our clinic amalgamates the power of alternative cancer therapies with the expertise of a seasoned team dedicated to serving patients battling cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Why Choose Us?

  • Natural Therapies: Our treatments, rooted in natural components, are renowned for their anti-cancer properties. They present fewer side effects than traditional methods, offering a gentler path to recovery.
  • Extensive Treatment Options: With over 26 distinct therapies, we are equipped to address cancer’s myriad challenges and accompanying symptoms.
  • Holistic Approach: Beyond treatments, we believe in understanding each patient’s unique situation. We provide education on embracing a new, healthier lifestyle and ensure you always feel supported and understood by our caring team.
  • Convenience: Though Omsana Health operates on an outpatient basis, we don’t skimp on your comfort. We assist with transportation from the San Diego airport and handle your transfers between the clinic and your chosen lodging throughout your therapy duration.


Our Therapeutic Strategy

  • Nutrient Provision & Detoxification: Replenish and cleanse your system.
  • Targeting Cancer Cells: Directly damaging cancerous cells to halt their growth.
  • Boosting Immunity: Galvanizing your immune system to mount an effective anti-tumor response.


Our Modalities

We employ a diverse range of treatments, including Immunological Vaccines, Cellular Therapy, Gerson Therapy, Intravenous Biological Treatments, Natural Supplement Protocols, and holistic emotional support. Our patients gain tools to manage emotions such as depression, anxiety, and fear, enhancing overall well-being.

Experienced Care Team

Your journey at Omsana Health is facilitated by our team of dedicated Doctors, Nutritionists, Psychotherapists, Nurses, Masseurs, and Cooks, all committed to providing an unparalleled healing experience.

If needed, we can connect you with specialists in Anesthesiology, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Urology, Pulmonology, and Surgery (Note: Specialist evaluations are separate).


Nestled in the Río zone of Tijuana, Omsana Health is a mere 15-minute drive from the San Ysidro border. For your convenience, we offer a medical pass service to simplify your stay. Our facility is situated in a medical tower, ensuring easy access to a plethora of other essential medical services.


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Omsana Health Cost and Additional Expenses

Program Costs:

  • 3-week program: $18,000
  • Weekly Program: $6,500/week

Included Services:

  • Assigned doctor with daily consultations
  • 24/7 medical line assistance during your stay
  • In-clinic nurse service
  • Three weekly blood work sessions
  • One each: EKG, ultrasound, x-ray
  • Nutritionist evaluation
  • Two daily meals: breakfast and lunch
  • Transportation between the hotel and the clinic
  • “A New Lifestyle” workshops
  • Aftercare online support
  • Three months’ supply of supplements


OMSANA HEALTH operates as an outpatient treatment center. While lodging is not included, this approach provides you the flexibility to choose accommodation that fits your budget.

For Omsana patients, we’ve negotiated special rates with a few hotels: Quartz, City Express, Real Inn & Pueblo Amigo.

We’re committed to making your experience seamless.

Our team will manage your transfers between the hotel and clinic throughout your therapy. We’re here to assist in any way to enhance your healing journey.

Included in the Price:
Airport Transportation
After Care Program
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Available Treatments at Omsana Health

Meet the Doctors


Gerardo Díaz M.D

Dr. Gerardo Antonio Diaz with a Master in Palliative Care Oncology from the University of Salamanca in Spain has treated hundreds of patients with different types of cancer in his 7 years of experience in this field, with certification in advanced cardiovascular life support, he is one of the team physicians of OMSANA Health.


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Carlos Ramos M.D.

With more than 25 years of treating cancer patients with alternative treatments, Dr. Carlos Ramos is one of the few who has been able to work with Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, the creator of Gerson Therapy. Dr. Ramos consults and advises international patients on Gerson therapy and holistic cancer therapies, and is one of the head physicians at Omsana Health.


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General Information


Torre Norte 2, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier, Zona Río, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

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