Off-label Medications Program

Get a unique bridge between Conventional and Alternative Medicine, with the use of off-labeled (repurposed) medication protocol. 

You will get a highly individualized & comprehensive protocol designed to enhance your treatment effectiveness, lower side effects, and strengthen your immunity system.

During the program, you’ll get a protocol detailing: 

  • Which off-labeled drugs showed success with your type of cancer, safe use + 3-months prescription
  • Supplemental plan
  • How to avoid medication interactions
  • Ways to minimize side effects and enhance the effectiveness of your treatment
  • Which diet is best for your type of cancer

What patients say:

“Lots of good tips and resources. A great feeling to know there is someone that is available for questions and explain the process of everything. Especially on the alternative medicine side when your regular oncologist really can’t recommend things out of the 'standard of care options'.”
Nature Works Best
“The session was excellent!! The nurse did a wonderful job. An outstanding service for those seeking alternative treatments!”
trina page integrative consultation review
Trina Page
“At last I have a knowledgeable medical person helping me develop an ongoing protocol in my journey to wellness. Despite the poor prognosis of my tumor markers, I believe I may be able to get well. That isn’t something traditional oncology could offer me.
Barbara Fall

Included in the program:

1:1 with Integrative Oncology Doctor

A thorough review of your medical files followed by a telemedicine consultation to discuss your tailored protocol


Repurposed medication prescription and lab monitoring scheme

Detailed Plan

Your integrative plan may include Dietary recommendations, Supplements, Off-label medication, IVs, and more

Ongoing Support

An integrative oncology nurse which will be assigned to you. You’ll get a monthly consultation and continued support via email throughout the month

Package price for a 3 months program – ???

Care Team

Doctor Doctor, M.D., Ph.D.

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Education and Credentials:

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Kate Hansen, RN

I am a registered nurse for over 30 years. I am an experienced integrative oncology nurse and cancer coach. I have specialized training and experience in the use of medical cannabis, and thorough knowledge of the safe use of supplements and off-label medications in the oncology setting.  My passion is helping people with cancer become empowered to take control of their health and treatment, to achieve well-being and the best possible health outcomes.


Kate Hansen RN

Elizabeth Sherwood, RN MS ANP-C

As an experienced and compassionate nurse with over 35 years of experience, I specialize in Integrative Oncology care. I am well-versed in conventional,  alternative and integrative therapies and enjoy a  special focus on the benefits of nutritional choices, supplements and repurposed medications.. I also have advanced knowledge in the use of medicinal cannabis for both symptom management, as well as integrative care protocols for those dealing with cancer. My passion is helping those dealing with cancer to find the information and support they need, to inform their decisions and advocate for themselves, as they move toward greater well-being and ideally optimized health outcomes.


Elizabeth Sherwood Integrative nurse

Joan Rogers Jackson, RN MS, CSN

The diagnosis of cancer is a pivotal time for patients and their families to assess their wellbeing and make informed treatment decisions. I am an advanced practice RN with over 42 years of clinical nursing experience. Throughout my nursing career, I have been honored to work with children, adolescents, adults and multigenerational families as they navigated the intense struggles and wonderful successes of life threatening health challenges, especially related to the diagnoses of cancer. I specialize in a patient centered, integrative, evidence informed approach to cancer care, including information about nutrition, supplements, off-label medications, lifestyle, conventional and alternative treatment options. I am passionate about meeting with patients and their loved ones to provide a knowledgeable, supportive, compassionate, and hopeful perspective.

Joan Rogers Integrative Nurse

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Our patient advocates are available to answer any questions, at no cost to you. 

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Schedule a 15 minute complimentary call with one of our patient advocates

Frequently Asked Questions

The program cost is $800 for 3 months. During this time, each patient will get one telemedicine consultation with Dr. doctor and three monthly 1:1 consultations with the assigned integrative nurse. In addition, patients receive continuous email/text support from their nurse during this 3 months period.  

After completing the program’s online payment, you’ll be automatically directed to schedule the first call with your case manager – an integrative oncology nurse.

The Heal Navigator off-labeled medication program includes a detailed plan with supplemental recommendations and prescriptions of medication. You’ll buy the prescribed medication at your pharmacy with the subscription given. 

(PS – For the supplements – you’ll get a 20% discount from our online store!) 

Now! We understand that time is of the essence.

You can book your first appointment and start the program within a couple of days.

The doctor will prescribe any medication that has been researched and found to be potentially beneficial for your condition. 

In other words: The Heal Navigator off-label medications program is not limited to the use of 4 medications.

No extra payments. Premium service is our baseline: 
* You’ll get a full supplemental protocol and dietary guidelines
* Monthly call with your nurse every month to discuss your test results, symptoms, side effects and any questions you may have about your protocol

Sure. Our advisors are here to help. Follow this link to find the time that’s best for you. 

is not part of the Heal Navigator network, so its best if you’d reach out to them directly.

is not part of the Heal Navigator network, so its best if you’d reach out to them directly.

Reviews (39)

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All reviews have been submitted by patients after seeing the provider.
Stephen - July 27, 2022 ● Cancer

Elizabeth was, in a word, wonderful– an absolutely top notch professional.  Not only did she answer all of my questions with care and concern, but the breadth of her knowledge was incredibly helpful in our discussion. And beyond that, the very next day, she followed up our talk with a deeply, detailed, comprehensive follow-up letter.   In it, Elizabeth provided me with additional information that she had gone and researched for me.  I could not have had a better experience.

Jim G. - July 21, 2022 ● Cancer

I did have the consultation with Joan Jackson and it went very well.  She has an abundance of knowledge in the Oncology area and was very helpful in recommending dietary additions to help combat the caner. I did send her my Meds and supplements, my blood test results, and the prostate biopsy report. Joan did follow up with an email covering our consultation and the data submitted to her.

I was very impressed with everyone I interfaced with in setting up the consultation and with the consultation itself. Thank you again for all your help and concern with my problem.

Steve - July 20, 2022 ● Cancer

My consultation with nurse Sherwood exceeded my expectations.  She answered all my questions and provided additional information of great value.  She then followed up our call with a very well written, detailed e-mail summary of our discussion along with links to scientific papers related to her suggestions.  I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to our next discussion. 

Jeff - July 18, 2022 ● Cholangiocarcinoma

Nurse Sherwood was very professional, and highly knowledgeable about cancer.
she put my worries on the burner and gave me hope in solving this medical condition down the road. I am
basically trying a few therapies that was giving by her. Looking forward to continue to work with her.

Claire Pamplin - June 19, 2022 ● Uveal Melanoma with Metastasis to the Liver

Elizabeth Sherwood is extremely knowledgable and confident. The consultation was excellent and the service is truly a godsend.

Barbara Fall - June 17, 2022 ● Cancer

My consultation with Liz was marvelous!  She is an astounding resource.  Through her, I’m learning which supplements can inhibit my particular tumor markers and slow cancer progression. Liz has sent me links to many articles as well.  At last I have a knowledgeable medical person helping me develop an ongoing protocol in my journey to wellness.  Despite the poor prognosis of my tumor markers, I believe I may be able to get well. That isn’t something traditional oncology could offer me.

G. De Luca - May 13, 2022 ● Cancer

Elizabeth Sherwood was absolutely amazing!  I couldn’t have been more impressed with her knowledge, genuine attention and care for me and my case, and the information, guidance, and comfort level she provided me!

Wendy - May 11, 2022 ● Pancreatic cancer
My Dad is recently diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I helped my parents with a video appointment with Liz. Liz was SO GREAT. Kind, helpful, lots of good tips and resources. Really listened and answered all of our questions. A great feeling to know there is someone that is available for questions and explain the process of everything. Especially on the alternative medicine side when your regular oncologist really can’t recommend things out of the “standard of care options”.
Tina Powers - May 7, 2022 ● Cancer
It was FABULOUS!!  I learned more in that hour than I have during this entire journey.  I haven’t had time to review the information she sent but will do so soon. I’m so grateful for learning about your services.
Susan Cocchiola - May 6, 2022 ● Cancer

Elizabeth Sherwood was beyond helpful, very knowledgeable about the fenbendazole, how to use it, what to ask Drs, what tests to get, she just made me feel very comfortable about what I’m doing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for answers

M.P - May 6, 2022 ● Cancer
The NP was thoroughly, kind and gave you a feeling of confidence. Not Rushed! Invited you to express all concerns and was knowledgeable and compassionate, offering options along with several links to help you do follow up research if you desired to
J.A - April 29, 2022 ● Cancer
The video consultation went very well.  Nurse Oncologist Liz was very knowledgeable and well prepared.
The follow up email was very thorough and recapped our consultation which is great and I am planning a follow up consultation with updated labs next week.
Thank you and God Bless for providing viable effective treatments besides the traditional cut and chemo for this horrid disease!
More importantly – the treatment regimen and cost are reasonable so many more people can benefit! 
DCB - April 25 2022 ● Prostrate Cancer Stage 4

Online consultation with Elizabeth Sherwood RN was very informative. I learned more in an hour with her than I have in 2 years with an oncologist. I would recommend her to any cancer patient looking to better understand their condition.

Lauren - April 21, 2022 ● Cancer

Joani did an amazing join and was a huge support! 

Kristen Hill - April 13, 2022 ● Cancer

Joani was wonderful! Thorough, concise, professional, warm and personable, and informative!! Hoping to continue our conversation with her , as she genuinely seems to care for us and it is obvious she revels in her job of helping others heal.

Sharon - April 7, 2022 ● GIST Cancer

Joan was AMAZING! Honestly, we felt like she was a trusted professional and friend. She was extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind. She shared many resources with us. Even asked about our children and their wellbeing. ♡ We were able to have the conversations with her we’d wished we could have with our doctors and nurses. Joan is truly a blessing and asset to our healing journey.

J Almendarez - April 5, 2022 ● IV Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma

Very knowledgeable and specific to my condition. Loved the follow up email with documented sources of our discussion.

Elizabeth Heneghan - April 4, 2022 ● Brain Cancer

I love Elizabeth!! Good information, answers all questions. Always there to help.

Bonnie Huffines - April 1, 2022 ● Breast Cancer
Bonnie Huffines

Had a wonderful conversation with Kate Hansen. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. She understood where I was coming from and made it simple with great suggestions. Karen followed up with a good synopsis of what we discussed. Greatly appreciated the opportunity to talk with her and am believing for a good outcome.

Kelli M - March 29, 2022 ● Rectal Cancer

Liz was very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and provided me with good information. I learned from her and feel much more comfortable pursuing my path to healing that I have chosen.

Irene - March 24, 2022 ● Cancer

My consultation with Joani was short of a MIRACLE, she just has been a GOD SEND and I’m so VERY VERY GRATEFUL that I have her as a resource and will continue to use her WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE as I start on this NEW JOURNEY TO HEAL

Diane - March 22, 2022 ● Cancer

The nurse was wonderful. Great listener and very helpful. I am hoping to stay in touch with her as I move forward with the CBD journey.

Robert - March 20, 2022 ● Prostate Cancer

The nurse was good. She answered many questions, communicated back and forth a couple of times and sent out the conversation we had with written protocol. I am sharing you guys with some friends! Thanks for being there for people and helping us.

Tim and Debbie Lowe - March 14, 2022 ● Bladder Cancer

Joan was a wealth of information. My husband and I felt much more hopeful after speaking with her. She helped us with a protocol we wanted to try and suggested products we might want to add to this fight. She was very positive and it was a joy to speak with her. She sent us a summary of our visit and I am still referring to it!

Gill - March 10, 2022 ● Cancer

Joan was excellent!… full of knowledge, she gave us information that made it easier and move us ahead on this road. She’s very professional and caring. IF 5 Stars – she gets 5!

K R - February 25, 2022 ● Stage 4 SCLC

I don’t know where else one could find this kind of information… knowledge and experience, at any price. Your help has been invaluable. Thank you.

Becky Goble - February 15, 2022 ● Metastatic Breast Cancer
Becky Goble

Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and provided follow up with all we had discussed.

Neil B - February 2, 2022 ● Cancer

Liz was absolutely phenomenal. She provided me with some great insights and because I was in Mexico at the time, suggested items that I could purchase there that were more expensive here in Canada or not easily accessible.  I returned to Canada last week. She was worth every penny.

K Smith - February 1, 2022 ● Stage 4 metastasis cancer
Kathy Smith

Liz was very helpful and gave us an abundance of information and continues to follow through in a time manner.

Trina Page - January 27, 2022 ● Hashimoto’s, Candida, Epstein Barr
trina page integrative consultation review

The session was excellent!! Liz did a wonderful job of listening to my symptoms, my journey and concerns. She explained treatment options, and she shared a suggested protocol. An outstanding service for those seeking alternative treatments!

Amber E - January 16, 2022 ● Squamous cell anal cancer

I have had a great experience. The video conference was very helpful and she continues to respond and answer my questions via email. Highly recommend.

Debra G - January 15, 2022 ● Cancer

Liz was AMAZING!!  We have talked to so many people on this journey and she was the MOST informative and gave us the most hope.  She had patience with our questions.  Her empathy and compassion shinned through.  A true professional.  She was a gift to us and we hope to continue to consult with her along the way.

KF for BK Allen - December 28, 2021 ● Prostate Cancer

The consultation was a dialog and it was informative to get a different perspective on the data. We have a strategy based on that data going forward.

Morey - December 19, 2021 ● Cancer

Ms Elizabeth seems like a very kind and professional lady. I needed that. She followed up her Zoom call with me quicker I did with her. She is patient and thorough.

Amanda M - December 18, 2021 ● Cancer

Nurse Kate was so helpful and kind, very knowledgeable… I’m really thankful for her help!

Rebecca Haine - December 10, 2021 ● Cancer

My mom and I had a zoom call with Elizabeth.   She was very knowledgeable and kind and gave us a lot of really good information.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth to any of your clients.  She has answered questions via email in a timely manner.  This has been a really good experience.

Dale - November 24, 2021 ● Cancer

I can’t say enough good things about Liz.  She was very helpful and got me on the road with meds, vitamins and supplements. I appreciate her advice.

Babette Lamarre - October 25, 2021 ● Stage Four Ovarian Cancer

Over the last two years Liz has coached me through recurrences, and how to talk to my oncologists with the appropriate vocabulary and expectations to get as close to my goals as possible. Liz helped me understand the genetic pieces of my cancer as well as the side effects and how to mitigate them while undergoing various therapies. I just can’t say enough about how valuable her cutting edge input has been. Recently she told me about a new blood test that indicates recurrences earlier than scans do. Three years later and I’m still here walking 4-6 miles a day and working more than full time. Thank you, thank you, thank you Liz, and bless you and yours.

Jane - October 18, 2021 ● Cancer

I found Liz to be extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, resourceful, kind, friendly, compassionate, and interested. I so appreciate and trust the knowledge base that Liz draws her information from as she has interacted and spoken with many cancer survivors, especially breast cancer women. My comfort level has also been elevated speaking to Liz, as I know that Liz has had a plethora of consultations with people who, like myself, have run into difficult situations and it is of paramount importance to me to be able to sometimes speak with an individual who is positive, calm and so nice to speak with.

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