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I’m here to help you find a safe and effective supplement protocol to follow during your treatment –  A protocol designed to help you strengthen your immune system and lessen side effects.

Dr. Henriquez, MD

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About the Doctor

Dr. Jose A. Henriquez is a medical doctor with over 35 years of experience practicing alternative and complementary medicine to help cancer patients. 

Dr. Henriquez has been treating thousands of cancer patients over the years and is known for his professional and compassionate care. 

Alongside his full-service clinic in Mexico, the doctor is now offering personal online consultation. 

This consultation is best for patients who undergo conventional treatments and wish to incorporate complementary and natural medicine.


Patients share their experience

cancer treatments Mexico
Hermelanda T. Gutierrez
Lung Cancer
The doctor gave us all the time we needed in order to learn how to act in this situation. He was very professional and carrying, we felt that we are in very good hands. He was very focused and requested additional medical information that were missing, so he could have the entire picture.
Dr. Henriquez Integrative Protocol 2
Nora H
Breast Cancer
I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and while still trying to figure out my treatment protocol (with tests and some more tests...), I wanted to start strengthening my body immediately. I was so overwhelmed with information. Dr. Henriquez sent me a detailed protocol. I have ordered everything online, and within a few days, I have started following my supplement protocol.
Dr. Henriquez Integrative Protocol 3
Tom T
I have been following my supplement program daily for a few months. So far, I have been feeling well throughout the treatments with very, very few side effects! (I had just finished the 6 rounds of chemo last week). I'd definitely recommend anyone following individualized protocol to aid conventional treatments.

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