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Northern Baja Gerson center
“…I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary on March 1, 2019 …. My oncologist has said that I am doing exceptionally well and that I do not need any “conventional” treatments …”
Erica Murphy
Verita Life
“…The tumor has shrunk to half its size already in just a short time frame of 4 weeks. I feel great!! The staff treated us like family, they keep in touch as friends and they kept me laughing and happy the whole time I was there. They were AMAZING!!…”
Immunity therapy center
“…I was beat down and not getting any better until I went to ITC … I kid you not I feel normal again 4 years later and who knows if I would have lasted if I didn’t make this move?…. Here I am 5 years remission feeling great mentally, physically, and spiritually…”
“…In a nutshell, I am alive, currently have no evidence of disease, and I am feeling very well. Beautiful atmosphere of healing … The fresh air, spacious rooms, amazing healthy food, all contribute to the positivity. Caring medicine is practiced here. It is truly a world class healing center with patients from all over the world…”


Mexico holds some unique characteristics making it one of the densest places in the world for alternative cancer treatments.

Here are some of them:

1. Therapeutic Breakthroughs – Mexican physicians are free to use different methods as soon as they are available. In the US, alternative treatments are under heavy regulation – doctors who practice certain alternative methods may lose their practice

2. Affordable – In comparison to other places in the world

3. Accessible – Most clinics are in Tijuana, very close to the US border


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Around the world, there are hundreds of alternative clinics for cancer, as well as thousands of practitioners and healers. Alternative cancer healing is gaining a growing interest, especially for the cases in which conventional medicine does not offer any hope.

How can you find an alternative or holistic cancer clinic that is best suited for you? Most patients and their families find themselves going on a long and intensive journey of research, hoping to scrape any piece of information that can be found.

We believe cancer patients and their families should focus their time and energy on healing, and not research! 

HealNavigator’s goal is to give you all the information you need, in one place, making your decision making as simple and fast as possible. In order to do so, we have built a platform which has all the relevant information you need to know about holistic clinics for cancer (as well as some other chronic disease); treatments offered, costs, the leading doctors, contact details and most importantly reviews from people who have been to these clinics and share their experience.

Through our platform, you can now easily and directly contact any clinic or provider for an individualized offer, or even a free initial online consultation, that some clinics offer.




87.2% of cancer patients in the US use alternative and complementary treatments. Yet, there is hardly any research on these methods, which make this information so hard to find.

Some questions that typically arise are:

“Can alternative medicine cure my cancer?”

“What is the best alternative clinic for me?”

“What are the treatments offered in these clinics?”

“What are the costs?”

“Are there real reviews about these clinics?”

We hope you can find the answers to these questions and more, right here on this website! 



We need your help. Together we have the power. Let’s join hands to create a comprehensive platform, which will help thousands of people like you, in their healing journey. Share your alternative healing experience.  

Have you been to any of the clinics listed? – please submit your review! Thousands of people are eager for any drop of information. Help others. Share your experience. 

With your help, HealNavigator is already the most comprehensive online directory for Mexican alternative and integrative clinics for cancer and growing each week.  The platform will allow patients to explore alternative cancer facilities and find practitioners from around the world. 

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3 Reasons People Choose Alternative Clinics for cancer:


Alternative clinics may offer cure, where conventional can't

This is true especially when cancer has spread to other organs – stage IV cancer.  Advanced or metastatic cancer is viewed as incurable or even terminal by conventional medicine. In these cases, conventional medicine is focused on palliative care and slowing down the progression of the disease.

Alternative clinics seek to cure the cancer or put it in remission, even for advanced stage 4 cancer. 

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Alternative treatments are designed to strengthen your body

Chemotherapy and radiation have harsh side effects which may be intolerable for some, while others choose alternative treatment as their first line of defense. 

Alternative medicine uses mostly natural and gentle protocols. The main goal is to rebuild the immune system.  Among these non-toxic treatments are; detoxification, oxygenation, immunotherapy, nutrition, supplements as well as spiritual and emotional support.  

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Alternative clinic can clear your way for healing

Choosing the alternative road, even if it’s the only hope, is not an easy choice. The internet is flooded with suggestions about alternative home-protocols (supplements, herbs, teas, drops, ointments, powders…), making it all too overwhelming.

Choosing a clinic may help you overcome the confusion and hit the ground running. A clinic would take you by the hand and lead you through an individualized instructions for nutrition protocol, exercise, supplements etc., as well as various and unique treatments that each clinic is specialized in.

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