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Frequently Asked Questions - About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Our team has visited and researched many clinics and treatments. We would love to help you, and we’re here to help you find a clinic for your needs. Click here for more details about this FREE service.

A few clinics and practitioners offer remote protocols that you can do from the comfort of your home. Click here to learn more 

Absolutely! Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll help you set up a free consultation with a doctor!

Unfortunately, No. We understand that this is frustrating to hear. That being said, there are multitudes of accounts from people who were given no hope by conventional medicine and went on to be helped by these clinics. Testimonials are available on the clinic’s pages for you to explore and gain insights from firsthand experiences.

It is important to note that for most people who used alternative methods successfully to fight cancer, some drastic holistic changes had to be made in their lives. Changes can range from nutrition and detoxification to emotional and psychological support, etc.

Generally speaking, chemotherapy is the standard conventional offering for destroying cancerous tissue. Unfortunately, while doing so, it can damage the rest of the tissues of the body considerably, leading to harsh side effects such as nausea, weakness, a decrease in the strength of the immune system, mouth sores, and so on.

We live in a time where alternative treatment methods are on the rise as there is a growing number of people who are looking for ways to override these toxic effects.

Many patients prefer to pursue alternative treatments because of their low side-effects on the body and the improved quality of life that they can provide. For others, alternative methods may be the patient’s “last hope” after conventional medicine failed to get rid of their cancerous tumors.

Here are the top 5 reasons to go to Mexico for alternative cancer treatments

Most clinics treat a variety of health conditions and types of tumors. Unlike conventional medicine, most treatments are not designed for specific cancer or ailment, but rather designed for a specific patient. They will look into your personal condition, challenges, and medical history before choosing the treatment that is right for you. 

We highly recommend contacting the clinics of your choice (or a few clinics!) to get more information and advice about your specific condition.

Feel free to use our 12 Questions to Ask Alternative Clinics guide while you do so.

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