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Apr 28
Fenbendazole Cancer Protocol

Tippens protocol The Fenbendazole Cancer Protocol has been gaining rapid interest in…

Jan 04
Rife Machine

What is the Rife Machine?   A Rife machine is a device that emits electromagnetic…

Dec 14
Baking Soda and Cancer

Over two decades ago, an oncologist based in Rome named Dr. Tullio Simoncini proposed…

Oct 31
Pain Management – Medical Cannabis

Can Cannabis Help with Pain Management? Pain is a problem that hundreds of thousands…

May 07

What is GcMAF? GcMAF is a vitamin D-binding protein. The name GcMAF is short for…

Apr 29
Budwig Protocol

The Budwig protocol is an anticancer diet that was invented by Dr. Johanna Budwig in…

Feb 28
Stem Cell Therapy

Bone marrow is a soft fatty tissue that can be found in the bones. The bone marrow is…

Feb 28
Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Sono-photo dynamic therapy (SPDT) is a new, non-invasive treatment, designed to target…

Feb 28
Dendritic Cell Therapy

What is Dendritic Cell Therapy? Dendritic cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy that…

Feb 28

Cryotherapy is a localized treatment that aims to freeze cancer cells. The cold…

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