What is Auriculotherapy?


Auricular Therapy or Auriculotherapy, also known as auricular acupoint pressure or ear stimulation, is a way of diagnosing and treating ailments by stimulating certain acupoints on the external ear with various types of needles, seeds, and magnetic balls. Auriculotherapy, a kind of acupuncture, is regarded as a safe antiemetic method to control the side effects of chemotherapy.


What clinical evidence is there about Auriculotherapy?


Auriculotherapy began as an Eastern Chinese holistic practice in the early centuries and is now regarded as an alternative kind of cancer treatment. It’s frequently used in conjunction with more traditional therapies. One of the uses of Auriculotherapy is to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). CINV usually arises within 24 hours- 4 days of receiving chemotherapy. Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) has been shown to help with nausea. However, the data on its usefulness in relieving other chemotherapy side effects is mixed.


What are the potential Side Effects of Auriculotherapy?


The most common adverse effect of auricular acupuncture is the piercing sensation that happens when needles are put into the ear surface or when intensive electrical stimulation is delivered to an ear acupoint.


How is Auriculotherapy performed?


Auricular point acupressure (APA), is a non-invasive technique that uses adhesive patches. The patches contain hard, smooth, round objects (e.g., botanical plant seeds or metal/magnetic pellets) and are placed on the front and back surfaces of the ear. The use of these patches on specific spots can stimulate the acupoints. Patients can be taught to manage their symptoms at home using APA.


What are the benefits of Auriculotherapy?


· Reduces Pain

· Boosts Immunity

· Provides energy

· Relieves Anxiety


The video by Life Balance Clinic gives some insight into what Auriculotherapy is, what it includes, and the benefits of pursuing this type of treatment:

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