Fenbendazole Cancer Success Stories

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Breast Cancer

Maria Milner
March, 2022

In 2018, I experienced heavy fatigue most of the time. It almost felt as if I got weaker and weaker as the days went by. I felt this lump on the side of my breast and got it checked out right away.  I received the news that I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer Mets to lymph nodes, liver and bone In my upper shoulder.

After I had a full examination, they told me that it was incurable cancer meaning, there is no cure, my only chance would be getting ongoing treatment for the rest of my life. So, I knew I had to find an alternative protocol. After extensive research, I came across the fenbendazole protocol  and decided to give it a try.


I have been following the Fenbendazole Protocol for just over a year before I had my first scan. I was over the moon to find out that my liver was clear – no new growths, even some shrinking, and my blood work was normal. This brought a lot of hope to me and motivated me to continue for about another year with the protocol before I had my PET scan, which showed there was no evidence of disease!


The protocol I’ve been using alongside Fenbendazole, is different supplements and a healthy diet. I do practice western medicine, due to my tumor being estrogen fed (hormonal). Here is the protocol I’ve been following:

  • 2 to 3 tablets/day of Fenbendazole on an empty stomach,
  • Serrapeeotaste (Mago7)
  • Tudca at night alongside melatonin before I hop in bed,
  • High dose of Vitamin D along with Vitamin K2 to maintain & support my bone density health.


This is my story and I will religiously continue to follow this lifestyle as a lifelong commitment to ensure that the cancer doesn’t ever return! Do not give up hope, radical transformation is possible if you believe in it.

Georgina Fallwood
June, 2021

Three years ago I received a lumpectomy, which is when the cancer gets removed from a part of the breast tissue. The surgery was successful and I was declared free of any cancer back then, till about two years later I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with Mets to lymph nodes, bones, and bone marrow. It basically spread all over my body. This was terrifying at the time and I felt there was no way to win this battle.

With no options left, I decided to go onto the Joe Tippens protocol, and followed it for a whole good year before I received my PET scan results stating that I am cancer free! And to make this even more insane to think of – I wasn’t receiving any form of chemo or radiation ever during the recovery process, the only medication I consumed alongside following this protocol was hormone blockers.

I however got very sick in the beginning stages of using this protocol and started using Serrapeptase (an enzyme) along with it, which seems to have taken all side effects away. I gained my strength back and my blood tests were normalized on every account. After being only 6 months on the protocol more than half of my cancer disappeared. Here is a brief idea of what my protocol looked like:

  • Serrapeptase (as I wake up)
  • Fenben, Vit D and Vit K, Quercetin with Zinc (at noon)
  • Turkey tail mushrooms & Letrozole (also at noon)
  • RSO (before bedtime, but a very little amount)

I only removed refined sugars and corn syrup from my daily diet and other than that, I just continued with my activities of daily living. This combination of supplements along with the fenben really did the magic and I will continue to follow this lifestyle to prevent any evidence of disease to show up!

Bladder Cancer

Erica Longwood
December, 2021

From high grade, urothelial carcinoma to no evidence of disease in less than a year – thanks to fenbendazole! I was diagnosed late 2021 with tumors the size of my thumb growing on the inside of my uterus. The tumor was removed as soon as possible with several immunotherapy BCG treatments that followed (delivers immunotherapy drugs directly to your bladder through a catheter).

With the hopes in my heart for a better result, I went back a couple of months after and found out that another tumor was busy developing next to where the other tumor was removed. This was it for me. I had no option but to start immediately on fenben. As nervous as I was to do the unknown – I knew I had nothing left to lose to fight this cancer. I combined the use of fenben 222 mg along with some specific supplements I was guided to take on a daily basis. Just after three months from when I started to use fenben along with more immunotherapy treatments I received – today, my scope confirms that I am clear from any tumor growth. To be honest, this was unexpected. I expected the worst. Yet, here I am today and I will continue to use Fenben for the rest of my life.

Kidney Cancer

Anna-Lise Kingston
November, 2021

In the beginning of 2021 I was diagnosed with stage three kidney cancer followed by stomach cancer a few months after.

I did not want to go for any radiation or chemo knowing the adverse effects it will have on my body. I jumped onto a fenbendazole course immediately which I followed for a good 6 months and got the incredible news that I am completely cancer free!

Along with fenbendazole (started 2000 and went up to 2500mg (daily) I also follow a strict vegan diet and focus on my mental health. 

This is the lifestyle I will pursue for the rest of my life to make sure the cancer never returns again. If you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices in the lifestyle you currently follow, then healing is absolutely possible – you just need to believe that you can do it along with the support from friends and family and the right guidance.

Erica Lemmington
December, 2021

In 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in my kidney and abdomen alongside a secondary diagnosis of follicular lymphoma. The Oncologist predicted that if I am lucky I will have 6 months left to spare. 

I declined any medical help that came my way and decided with dedication and faith to take the natural path to healing from the very beginning of my cancer journey.

It has been a challenging journey for me the last year and I thought I might not make it at one point. But, then, everything started to change and my symptoms were fading slowly but surely from using various methods and eventually ended up taking fenbendazole and following the protocol religiously. I started off on a dose of 150mg and kept on increasing it from there over a period of four months. I showed symptoms when I hit the 600mg dosage and was very concerned that it might not be the best approach and even though I kept on increasing the dose over a reasonable amount of time and took a break off of it for a couple of days before I would continue on it again. 

Over the last month the swelling in my face seems to have decreased and I don’t experience anymore pain in my eye, and the lymph nodes were busy disappearing up to the point of not being visible anymore. My persistence and belief in the protocol paid off, this is the least I can say!

I still have a long journey to walk, but I am more motivated than ever and I attribute all the success to the use of this protocol and encourage everyone to give it a go! Do not lose hope.

Liver Cancer

Henry Johnsons
September, 2021

I was given less than two years to live in 2020 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 HCC liver cancer. I received radiation directly onto the tumors and went for immunotherapy which did not bring any improvement to my state I was in. My wife and family did research and came across the fenbendazole protocol. I had nothing left to lose, so I decided to give it a try.

I used 2000mg of fenbendazole every day of the week. I was supposed to get my last course of chemotherapy on 5 tumors in mid 2021 and the doctor has found only one tumor showing up. About a month after I had to go in for a MRI scan to see what was going on and the doctor again confirmed NED, no active trace of cancer in my liver was found, only scar tissue and a bit of inflammation present. 

This was an emotional experience for me and I truly believe that fenbendazole saved my life! 

Miley Stone
September, 2021

In 2021 the doctor discovered a tumor growth at the end part of my colon. The test results declared a colon tumor with some small lesions on my liver back then. This was a lot to take in considering the thought of having to go through surgery and a colostomy. I have been a super active person for almost all of my life, taking my vitamins on a daily basis as I start my day – I never thought that something like this could ever happen to me.

After I made peace with what was happening inside my body, I gathered myself and started seeking for the best possible advice/guidance out there on any alternative approach other than putting my body through all this stress. I managed to start a protocol on: 1mg FECO, RSO oil which I used on the daily, and supplements at night along with some juicing which includes soursop & green tea, 20000mg Vit D, 5000mg Vit C & Vit K, 800mg grape seed extract, 2100mg ashwagandha, 1950mg curcumin with ginger & black pepper, sea cucumber extract, and 2000mg Fenbendazole on a daily basis (½ in the morning; ½ at before bed).

I never told my doctors about this and continued with treatment alongside the use of this protocol. A few months has passed since I started this journey and I received my results again later that year, showing no presence of any tumor. It completely vanished into thin air! After only four chemo treatments the doctor could not comprehend how the cancer just managed to disappear like that, and so quickly too – considering the time period for chemo to work to be proven to take much longer before it actually starts working. 

Lung Cancer

Diana Boyce
March, 2022

In 2020, I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung carcinoma. The Oncologist found a big tumor growing on my left lung along with a massive tumor inside my chest cavity so big that it started constricting my heart arteries. 

They started me with radiation right away followed by weeks of intensive chemotherapy, and I got so sick that they had to lower the doses and frequency to half of what they originally had me on.

Several months went by of receiving chemo with no improvements and as a result led me to researching alternative treatments/options such as the fenbendazole protocol. Here is a list I will provide you with the supplements I use:

  • Soursoup and wormwood, 
  • Curcumin 
  • C, A, B, Complex with Folic Acid, 
  • K2,
  • Fenbendazole, and
  • Claritin.

It’s been about three months since I started the protocol – receiving my first scan, confirming that the cancer has disappeared! 

I believe that through prayer and following this protocol, my cancer was cured!

James Collins
November, 2021

About three months ago my wife was diagnosed  with metastatic cancer on her lungs and gave her a 3 months prognosis. She had five aggressively growing nodules.

A friend reached out to me about the fenbendazole protocol that she was following at the time. Today my wife came back from a visit to the Oncologist with test results showing a major improvement on the growths – only two small nodules were found! This is truly a miracle and a blessing! 

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Patrick S.
April, 2021

In 2020 my cancer returned, low grade lymphoma in the neck and chest. I refused to go on another course of chemotherapy and followed the Fenbendazole protocol instead. I decided not to inform the doctors on the protocol I will be using as they would argue that it is a crazy belief with no proof of success.

It is almost a year later today that I received my second biopsy and PET scan results coming back completely clear from any disease, meaning there were no signs of lymphoma found from the neck lymph node that was removed.

The doctors could not understand this miraculous recovery. 

I trusted and put my faith in Fenbendazole and today I am living a new improved life thanks to the changes it brought to my health. I still consume Fenbendazole on a weekly basis just on a lower dose to keep my levels consistent and prevent any cancer from returning.

This was an emotional journey for me, but it all comes down to good faith and the right lifestyle changes.

Katherine Duncan
December, 2021

My twin sister was diagnosed with stage 2 non-Hodgkin’s B-cell double hit lymphoma a few years ago, which is known to be a very aggressive cancer out there. She won the battle, but not so long ago found out that the lymphoma has returned.

As a family we had to weigh the options and see what the next best approach is to this fight against cancer and so her journey started on Fenben. Here is a list of the protocol and other supplements she used and still use today:

  • Fenbendazole (222mg for the first few months and the increased the doses to 444mg/double)
  • CBD
  • Curcumin
  • Vitamin E
  • Additional supplements (recommended by doctors in Mexico)

After she finished her second round of chemotherapy – the PET scan confirmed that she was cancer free, again, after being on the fenbendazole protocol along with the treatment she has been getting since. She still consumes fenbendazole as a preventative measure to ensure the cancer does not return ever again! 

Multiple Myeloma

W. Scarf
January, 2022

I was diagnosed with borderline active Multiple Myeloma about 5 years ago. As the symptoms got more they wanted to put me on chemotherapy but refused. I eventually got diagnosed with several other diseases like Lyme disease, Morgellons disease, RA, chronic skin conditions, Fibromyalgia, etc. I was in such pain. This is when I decided I had enough and got word of the fenbendazole protocol and decided to give it a go.

As time went by being on this course, I saw improvement with every trip to the doctor. I eventually became more functional and could start returning to my life after being under for a few years. 

I then had to relocate due to work and it took me almost a year to find another oncologist to check my results. He was completely amazed after hearing my story and confirmed to me that I fully recovered from Multiple Myeloma. This is a miracle. I told the doctor that I have been using fenbendazole and even the doctor was astonished by my past results, stating that I am in a better condition than ever before! 

The doctor still monitors me today on my fenbendazole usage which I take every day to ensure that my M-count does not spike. I am grateful and thankful to be pain free today. This is all thanks to fenbendazol.

Prostate Cancer

Peter Woods
March, 2022

I received the awful news two years ago from my Urologist that I have prostate cancer. The doctor wanted to prepare me for surgery immediately, but I refused to go for surgery. I was very afraid and gave up hope at some point till I discovered the fenbendazole protocol. Thanks to reaching out to a couple of people who have been on the course before and after sharing their stories with me I decided to take the protocol on with full commitment.

To my knowledge, this protocol is scientifically based and safe to use for anyone who suffers with cancer, along with the other supplements prescribed to use with fenbendazole. About just over a year after starting on the protocol I went for an MRI scan and the results came back with little to no count of any cancer to be present! The doctors confirmed that I was free of any prostate cancer. This was the biggest blessing I could have ever received.

R. Phemister
June, 2022

After having two scans and a biopsy and being told that I have stage 1 prostate cancer .I was told by a friend about Fenbendazole. After taking it for a year I had another M.R.I. and biopsy and the cancer is gone. Like a miracle.
Used:  Fenbendazole , Vitamin E

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Marcel Longwood
May, 2022

In September 2021, I went to the cancer clinic to get my second PET scan done after receiving the news in March 2021 that I have been diagnosed with cancer, and learnt that day that my tumor has shrunk to half the size it first was. There were still signs of lymph nodes increasing or being classified as unknown results. I continued the use of the fenben protocol along with a whole bunch of other supplements to take on a daily basis, as within 5 months results improved in comparison to a whole year of fighting off the protocol before with little to non improvement in results. I strongly believe in this protocol and in case you wondered – I am not on ny chemotherapy/radiation/immunotherapy or any other western medicine use – this is a full on natural and holistic journey I went on, and I am happy to share my current protocol with all cancer patients out there:

  • Serrapeptase (at midnight) 
  • Vit D & K2, Tudca 500mg, Graviola 1ml (on an empty stomach)
  • Varies supplementation with breakfast (like Vit C & B complex, probiotics, fish oil, curcumin, etc. along with fenben 888mg)
  • Multi-vitamin, turkey tail extract, fenben 888mg, and B17 apricot seed (with dinner)
  • Some more other supplements just before bed (like magnesium, Vit C, Graviola, high dose of melatonin, coffee enemas, etc)
  • Detox baths (1 x week)
  • Frequency music (before bed designed to kill cancer cells)
  • Mainly following a plant-based diet
  • Protein intake is limited to certain meats
  • Fresh whole foods/vegetables
  • Healthy fats only

I trust that this protocol I am following will guide a lot of people out of their state – just belief and trust the process along with the support from others who have been through this before. Good luck.

Skin Cancer

Jane Donovan
January, 2022

At first me and my partner were unsure about trying alternative treatments in addition to the radiation my partner receives. With the help from a holistic healer and referrals from a couple of people in our community, we found out about the fenbendazole protocol and started to add the protocol along with a few other supplements to my partner’s daily intake/routine to aid in fighting the skin cancer on his neck.

It has been about 4 months since he was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2021, and a week ago he went for his first scope, which showed no evidence of any tumor like seen on the previous scope. Two weeks after he received his PET scan and the reports showed that all organs were clean from any Mets. 

We are grateful that we started this protocol of fenbendazole at an early stage into his cancer journey. We call out to everyone out there that suffers from cancer, to not hesitate on introducing fenbendazole to your daily living. Fenbendazole, along with a high dose of melatonin and other supplements will be part of the rest of his life. 

Throat Cancer

R. Johnson
December, 2021

I never knew that the day would surface for me to find out that I got diagnosed with cancer. My life turned upside down in seconds that day and ever since I have been doing research upon research – reading and gathering all the information I could get on the prognosis of my cancer and the treatments that are out there to help fight what is called HPV Squamous Cell Carcinoma (throat cancer). I ended up taking fenbendazole (dose of 2000mg) after a consultation with a holistic doctor who examined it with added supplements to the fenben protocol the doctor has put me on.

My tumor shrunk 1cm in one month from using fenbendazole which was also before I had to start with several radiation treatments and doses of cisplatin chemotherapy to come. As the radiation and chemo journey started for me, I could not tolerate what it was doing to my body any more and decided to stop with it completely and just commit to my health and take fenbendazole along with the individualized supplements suggested for me to use. This took not just a lot of commitment but a lot of faith in the matter! A few months past and near to the end of 2021, I received my follow up PET scan with the greatest news ever – I am completely cancer free – and still today! With results of significant response to the treatment. 

Without saying a word to anyone out there, I pursued this journey and with experience I can say that fenbendazole can definitely cure cancer!

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