Verified Clinics

Verified Clinics

We've done the research, so you don't have to.

At Heal Navigator, your health is our focus.

We meticulously select clinics and verify doctors’ involvement to ensure you receive attentive care.

With transparent pricing and a commitment to timely communication, we connect you with reputable facilities globally.

Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and informed healthcare experience, backed by the confidence of those who’ve walked this path before you.

&#10003 Dozens of verified clinics
&#10003 55 available therapies
&#10003 Free doctor consultation
&#10003 Facilities in the USA, Mexico, Europe & Asia
&#10003 24 Hours response time

&#10003 Dozens of verified clinics
&#10003 55 available therapies
&#10003 Free doctor consultation

&#10003 24 Hours response time
&#10003 Facilities in the USA, Mexico, Europe & Asia

What is Heal Navigator Verified?

We've interviewed the doctors and verified they're involved in the daily operation of the clinic

The clinic is offering the treatments listed on the page

Inquiries that are made through Heal Navigator will be answered within 48 hours

Our team has toured the clinic, its treatment rooms and facilities*

We interviewed current and past patients who provided us with feedback about the clinic

Prices are as listed on our site. No surprises!

4.9 Star Average Review On Google

Heal Navigator Verified Clinics

Oasis of Hope Hospital
Tijuana, Mexico
Immunocine Cancer Center
Cancún, Mexico
Hallwang - Private Oncology Clinic
Dornstetten, Germany
Medias Klinikum
Burghausen, Germany

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What patients say about our service
“I just want to say thank you for all you have done for me, guiding me through my journey that lays ahead and the blessings you send me every time we speak. I have hope thanks to finding you and the clinic. I could never express the appreciation and positivity you have instilled in me. You are a true blessing. Much love”
Heal Navigator Verified Clinics 1
Brenda Tillier
“An extraordinary personalized service!!! Efficient, responsive, attentive to our needs to know how to adapt their research, guide us, and put us in touch with integrative clinics in Europe. From the first contact, our request was taken care of quickly. I recommend this service! Thank you to your great team for your amazing support!”
Heal Navigator Verified Clinics 2
Maribel Rodriguez
“I’d like to thank you for the help in choosing the right hospital . I’m back from the hospital, totally satisfied with the care given there. Heal Navigator Care Team was unexpected ! To me it was like an “angel” sent from heaven, guiding me in my research. And FREE! I don’t know how you do it, but I thank you!”
Heal Navigator Verified Clinics 3

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