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What is Heal Navigator Verified?

One of our team members interviewed the doctors and verified that they are involved in the day to day operations of the clinic

The clinic is offering the treatments listed on the page

Inquiries that are made through the Heal Navigator website will be answered within 48 hours

A Heal Navigator team member toured the clinic and ensured the facility operates in a safe environment (in most cases)

We interviewed current/past patients who provided us with feedback about the clinic

Prices are as listed on our site. No surprises!

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Since 2018, heal navigator team has been researching alternative treatments and clinics around the globe.

We have been fanatically reading the latest news and scientific research, interviewed alternative doctors and patients. We have been verifying clinics, and have visited many clinics to get a better sense and impression of what they are like. We do that, so you don’t have to spend precious time on research and digging for information. We can help you!

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Verified Clinics Spotlight

Verita Life Mexico

Verita Life offers scientific integrated cancer treatments focused on personalized care. Patients of the clinic gain access to leading-edge medical technologies and over 20 different treatments.
Verita’s physician led team has over 50 years of collective experience in integrative oncology, and use targeted, integrative treatments that harness the body’s own powerful healing mechanisms.

Biocare Hospital

For almost 50 years, Bio Care Hospital has been practicing integrative and holistic protocols to promote healing and optimum health. 
The hospital offers an array of safe and non toxic cancer therapies. It operates a 24/7 inpatient facility with rooms equipped for the patient and a companion.

United States
Brio Medical, Arizona

Brio Medical offers many advanced, research-based and non-toxic treatments. Their customized approach treats the underlying cause of the disease rather than just the symptoms, and they serve patients diagnosed with complex end-stage medical conditions who have become unresponsive to standard cancer care. 

Dr. Kleef Hyperthermia, Hungary

Dr. Kleef’s unique cancer treatment combines hyperthermia with immunotherapy and other complementary therapies. In the past three decades the clinic treated more than 20,000 patients , crafting individualized therapy plans specifically for every patient’s needs.

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