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Oasis of Hope Hospital is a full medical-surgical facility equipped with an intensive care unit to provide care for patients at any level of care required.

The clinic has treated over 100,000 patients from 60 nations over the last 57 years. Fully staffed with oncologists, hematologists,  internists, radiologists, nutritionists, nurses, a psychologist, and pastors. It is recognized as one of the top body, mind, and spirit medical centers in the world.

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About Oasis of Hope

Oasis of Hope Hospital was founded in 1963 and was the first alternative cancer treatment center in Mexico. It has treated over 100,000 patients from 60 nations over the last 57 years. It was the first center in Mexico to offer laetrile/B17, and it is fully staffed with oncologists, hematologists,  internists, radiologists, nutritionists, nurses, a psychologist, and pastors. It is recognized as one of the top body, mind, and spirit medical centers in the world.

Oasis of Hope Hospital is a full medical-surgical facility equipped with an intensive care unit to provide care for patients at any level of care required. 

The hospital accepts a maximum of thirty patients per month to deliver concierge-level personalized care. 

It is located just two blocks away from the Pacific Ocean and has beautiful views of the Coronado islands to the west, and downtown San Diego, California to the north. 

In addition to the medical protocols, patients receive education sessions Monday through Friday to learn about the therapies and a healthy lifestyle.  Our pastor provides devotions, prayer, and music Monday through Friday and Sunday service for those who wish to partake. 

Our psychologist facilitates two group sessions per week and gives individual counseling when requested. The education, devotions, and counseling are all provided at no additional charge.

Oasis of Hope is serious about providing healing foods. We grow our own organic produce in our rooftop garden. Our chefs and cooks are all culinary school graduates and serve beautiful, delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Our nutritionists and teaching chefs provide hands-on cooking lessons at our food preparation training sessions four days a week.

For patients looking for wrap-around holistic care at the center with 57 years of clinical experience, Oasis of Hope Hospital is the place for you. 

For an in-depth explanation of the therapies we will recommend to you and the cost, please request a free treatment plan, and we will deliver it to you with a cost breakdown within 48 hours.

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Cancer survival rates at Oasis of Hope Hospital

Oasis of Hope integrative cancer protocol, combines alternative and medical therapies proven to increase the patient’s success rates up to 3x times over the US national averages.

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Oasis of Hope Cost and Additional Expenses

  • Core Program -18 days: $33,950 (USD)
  • Enhanced-20 days with Dendritic Cell Vaccines: $37,950 (USD)
Included in the Price:
After Care Program
  • 3 Month supply of home treatment
  • 5 year follow up
Airport Transportation
  • Free airport pick up, using the fast medical lane
  • Organic
  • Individualized for the patient
  • 3 meals a day
In Patient
  • 24/7 available medical care
  • Private room with 2 beds
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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

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Available Treatments at Oasis of Hope

Meet Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD


Francisco Contreras, MD

Dr. Contreras serves as director, president and chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital. A distinguished oncologist and surgeon, Dr. Contreras is renowned for integrating conventional and alternative cancer treatments,  with emotional healing and spiritual care,  to provide patients with the best possible treatment outcomes. In his career of more than thirty years, he has treated more than 25,000 cancer patients.

After graduating from medical school at the Autonomous University of Mexico in Toluca, Dr. Contreras specialized in surgical oncology at the University of Vienna in Austria, where he graduated with honors.  Dr. Contreras has authored fifteen books concerning integrative therapy including 50 Critical Cancer AnswersThe Hope of Living Cancer Free, The Coming Cancer Cure, Beating Cancer and Dismantling Cancer.

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What Patients Say

"The experience was unreal first time being in a facility like this. The staff were all wonderful."
Ramiro Ortega
Sqauamos cell carcinoma and prostate cancer
"It was welcoming and everyone was kind and respectful. From the moment you arrive you are taken care of. We had different classes we can attend on things to help you with your journey to wellness."
Sandi Lee Brown
CLL Lymphoma
"Oasis of Hope is an amazing place! They target cancer in every direction including emotionally and spiritually. Dr. Contreras is a wealth of knowledge concerning cancer and overall health in general."
Breast Cancer, Stage 3

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Oasis of Hope Hospital, Paseo Playas de Tijuana, Playas, Terrazas, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

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Learn more about the clinic

Dr. Francisco Contreras discusses available treatments for stage 4 cancers.
Oasis of Hope: Alternative cancer treatment in Mexico
Oasis of Hope featured on Christian Broadcasting Network – describing the experience cancer patients have while seeking body, spirit, and mind treatment.


Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Oasis of Hope Reviews

23 reviews
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June 2023
Ramiro Ortega
Medical Condition sqauamos cell carcinoma and prostate cancer

The experience was unreal first time being in a facility like this. The staff were all wonderful. Anything we needed they provided. Meeting clients from around the world and country was another awesome experience. Met some new friends and the food was excellent.

Diet Vegan
Improvements General mood
4 people found this helpful
February 2023
Doug Neely
Medical Condition Stage 4 metastatic

Experience at the clinic was fine.
At home treatment and follow-up I do not rate well.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Keto, Organic, Dairy Free, Vegetarian
Improvements No improvement
2 people found this helpful
January 2023
Sergio I Martinez
Medical Condition Stomach /Peritoneal Stage 4

Clean facility. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and respectful medical and ancillary staff. Super nutritious plant-based food. Daily Christian-faith based devotionals. Weekly educational presentations on cancer, treatments, nutrition, art. Meeting others going through similar trial was therapeutic. Completed first phase of treatment, e.g., 20-day inpatient. Gained strength and have gained 5 lbs. Prior to going to Oasis I was dropping pounds weekly for a total of 20 pounds in less than 6 months. Was weak and light headed. Now on home treatment program. No setbacks thus far. Praise God. Still keep in touch with patients we met at Oasis and look forward to seeing them again at Oasis in three months. Almost forgot, our trips with other couples to the beach and to the mall were also great.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Improvements Appetite, Blood results, Digestion, General mood, Sleep
4 people found this helpful
January 2023
Manorath R Morrison
Medical Condition Melanoma stage 3

I did a three week outpatient treatment. Took all of their treatments except the coffee enema. Couldn't accommodate for that because I didn't have a room.
The surgery listed below was to remove the melanoma site on my left calf and to biopsy my lymph glands in my left groin area. I requested that they take only the Sentinel lymph gland and leave the rest. Results have been very good; on my last pet scan it was gone.

Previous Treatments Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Keto, Organic, Vegetarian
Improvements Better scans CT, Blood results, MRI
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January 2023
Sandi Lee Brown
Medical Condition CLL Lymphoma

It was welcoming and everyone was kind and respectful. From the moment you arrive you are taken care of. We had different classes we can attend on things to help you with your journey to wellness. Each morning at 10:00 am the pastor would come to the infusion room and sing, give a short sermon and pray. It was very uplifting and healing. You made friends and everyone shared their stories. We saw and heard stories of healing and met people from all over. We were at dinner one night and we prayed for someone about to have surgery. It did not matter what religion you were, everyone just joined together to pray. We would recommend this place to everyone.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Improvements Better scans CT, MRI
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June 2022
Medical Condition Colon Cancer Stage 4

** UPDATE December 2022**
Oasis of Hope 3 & 6 month update. After 3 months of home treatment protocol, Oasis of Hope doctors reviewed my 3 month PET scan with me. My scan showed all of my cancer spots on my liver were gone. My lymph nodes reduced back to normal size and my colon tumor reduced in size. Hallelujah thank you Jesus! They said I didn't have to come back for treatment at 3 months but if I wanted to they would make a custom 7 day Oasis of Hope treatment plan for me. I took the offer just because I know how sneaky and relentless cancer is. I met many wonderful new friends and the week went by quickly. I continued the Oasis of Hope home treatment for another 3 months and went back to Oasis of Hope at the end of October for my 6 month treatment. My 6 month PET scan showed no cancer spots or activity in any of my organs and my colon tumor was gone! This is truly unbelievable after only 6 months of treatment and it is indeed miraculous. The doctors and staff were just as excited as I. I am truly blessed and prayers answered to have found and called Adam at Heal Navigator for recommending Oasis of Hope for alternative immunotherapy treatment.

*June 2022*:
Heal Navigator recommended Oasis of Hope and we decided it was the best fit for me. Oasis of Hope is Christian based and was a big factor for choosing treatment there. Oasis of Hope “Total Care Approach” caring for the whole person…body, mind and spirit mission statement is what this clinic does. What I really like is the doctor’s thorough patient assessment before any treatment. Having Dr. Francisco Contreras review your medical history and recommend your personal treatment gives you new hope in beating cancer. Treatments and therapies are given by friendly, professional nurses and doctors. Meeting all of the other patients from all over the world was one of the best experiences at Oasis of Hope. Haven’t received treatment results back yet, but regardless of what they are, I’m very pleased that I went to the Oasis of Hope clinic.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Diet Organic
Improvements General mood
4 people found this helpful
March 2022
Medical Condition Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer

My son Jeremy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer in November after a PET scan revealed 15 spots and his oncologist ordered palliative care. Adam at Heal Navigator felt that Oasis of Hope would be a good fit. It certainly was. The people , the environment, the treatment and the great food were all exceptional. Most significant was that Jeremy had a follow up PET scan on Friday. The result's showed only 3 diminished spots left--A MIRACLE!!. Thank you Adam for your referral. You helped save our son's life.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery
3 people found this helpful
January 2022
Lorraine P. Boissonneault
Medical Condition Breast cancer, 11 years ago, metastasis on upper sternum with a little open wound 1/2 cm diameter, cancer spread to lungs and plura

Well I’m still alive and feeling good. I have noticed though since yesterday that my breathing capacity is challenged as I go for daily walks and noticed yesterday was harder . (I must add that the snow was soft, making it harder thus more energy required.) As a matter of fact I didn’t have much energy for the rest of the day and went to bed at 8 o’clock! But this is the first time I’ve had a down since October, when I last went to the hospital Oasis of Hope.
I would love to go back but we have no more funds. Yes it is expensive, but I owe these last happy, lively months to the Oasis and God, of course!
What I loved the most about the Oasis is the staff! There are therapists for the soul, for our emotions , for our spiritual life and our physical life. Every one is friendly. We feel valued, important, loved, hopeful when we go there. And, our health improves with all the treatments and the good, healthy foods they serve us! Also I must add that the fact that there is a common dining area we get to meet people from all over and make new friends. Most of us have terminal cancers and hope that the Oasis can help us because the medical system where we come from cannot help you. Some were wise as they chose the Oasis as their first choice!

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy, Radiation, Surgery
Improvements Appetite, General mood
4 people found this helpful
November 2021
David Lupinsky
Medical Condition Stage 4 breast cancer

My Mother just attended Oasis of Hope and is here with me now on her death bed across the border at Kaiser SD. As someone that works in the medical profession, I by no means can defend all that happens within western medicine. One of the programs that I oversee for my profession is related to Chronic pain patients. The opioid epidemic is a great example of western medicine gone wrong and something I have been heavily involved with! What we have found with a lot of those chronic pain patients is that the psychosocial domains are not addressed and that clinicians have only looked at them from the bio-medical perspective. Many of these patients are what we deem “cure-seeking” in that they have a belief that there must be SOMETHING within western medicine to take away their suffering, which leads to overuse of pills, procedures and surgeries. Unfortunately we see many in western medicine that are “over-cooked” with treatment. For the patients in our program, we start to look at the often unaddressed psychosocial issues. One of the behavioral health theories that we talk about often is the acceptance commitment theory. Allowing patients to accept that this may be as good as medicine can get them from a bio-medical perspective can actually be freeing! Then the conversation becomes more about management of the condition and what the patient can do vs. just searching for a cure to fix them.

My Mom was able to do what many patients are unwilling to do, CHANGE HER BEHAVIOR. She wasn’t eating sugar and took every measure she could to help self-manage her condition. Unfortunately as the cancer spread the opportunity to take a more aggressive approach at care had passed. This was the time for the medical system to advise that there was not anything else that could be done. Unfortunately as patients are searching for hope, this is also a time when the vultures will come out as is what happened with my Mom. The Oasis of Hope promised her an 80% chance of recovery. They performed a needless surgery on my Mom which not only reduced her quantify of life, it reduced her quality during the final weeks. They took the majority of her savings $40K) and then charged her $2500 as they sent her in an ambulance to get care across the border to Kaiser. When asked about a refund on these medications since she never touched them we were told they don't do refunds.

Please beware of this facility! I understand that many are searching for hope, but theses predator practices will just leave you physically and fiscally ill.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Organic
6 people found this helpful
September 2021
Medical Condition Prostate Cancer Stage 2

It's too early in the treatment process to give ab outcome here. After 20 days at the clinic one is sent home to do 4 months of treatment at home. This includes chemo in pill form, and 15 other daily drug protocols. Buying all the drugs from them before leaving was another 4k. Very time consuming and not much follow up from the clinic. Then back for another week at 9K which happens twice a year until cleared of disease. I have not yet had a follow up scan to determine efficacy.

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy
Diet Organic, Vegan
3 people found this helpful

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