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Alternative treatments

The Most Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments

 A growing number of people choose holistic treatments for cancer—up to 40% of patients worldwide seek complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to help treat their cancer. There are hundreds of substances and natural protocols that both patients and professionals use to fight cancer and other chronic diseases. While some of these therapies

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The Connection Between Your Mental Health & Physical Health

The term “mental health” gets thrown around a lot, but that’s because it matters. Mental health is everything related to your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. If your mental health is suffering for any reason, it can affect not only your job and relationships but your physical health as well.  The Relationship Between Mental

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Fighting Cancer During COVID-19

It is truly incredible to witness how much the world has seemed to change overnight. With the onset of COVID-19, we have entered an unprecedented time in human history. This is a troubling and challenging time for everyone, but for those who are already battling a life-threatening disease, it has created an

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3 Celebrities Who Used Alternative Medicine to Fight Cancer

More than ever before, people around the world are turning to alternative treatments when diagnosed with cancer or an autoimmune disease. While alternative protocols seem unusual to some, the growing amount of success stories from people who use them are helping normalize unconventional treatment options.    Survivors are stepping forward to speak

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This is How to Raise Money to Fund Your Medical Treatments

  So you did the research, called different clinics, consulted with past patients and now know more than you ever thought you would about cancer and alternative treatment methods. At this point, many patients feel like they are ready to make a decision and move forward but one giant thing often seems

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How to Minimize EMF Exposure

A body that is fighting disease requires all of its resources to regain health. There are many ways in which you can do this. One well known practice is to commit to eating clean, organic, and unprocessed food. Another is to detox the body. As you begin to do these things, taking the time

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Rivi and Tova Litvin

Why Don’t Alternative Clinics Give Success Rates?

“Do you have statistics you can give us on your success rate?” “No.” I looked up from the floor I had been staring at in the doctor’s office in Tijuana, Mexico. The tile was white and I hated it. It felt clinical in sharp contrast to the huge oak desk the doctor

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What You Should Be Doing to Optimize Your Health

Today, probably more than ever before in human history, we have access to an enormous amount of information, which can at times be misleading and overwhelming. Often when diagnosed with an illness, or when seeking to improve our health, it is hard to know where to begin. Over the years I have

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Things You Can Do To Fight Cancer Today

Just diagnosed? The word “cancer” is enough to send anyone into a heightened state of anxiety. When you first get a diagnosis and are trying to understand it all, it can be scary and confusing. Between waiting for doctors, trying to get a second opinion and learning a slew of new and

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