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Can Rife Machine Cure Cancer?

Royal Raymond Rife, a bacteriologist at John Hopkins University, observed that bacteria, viruses and cancer cells all had their own resonance frequencies in the 1920s and 1930s. His research was based on studies by Dr. Albert Abrams who believed that all matter vibrates. That vibration is what we call – frequency. Vibrations

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Can apricot kernels be used to treat cancer?

Apricot kernels are a single seed that is found within the stone of an Apricot. Some people consider apricot kernels a “superfood” that has cancer-fighting and detox-enhancing qualities. Apricot kernels look similar to small almonds. The kernels are rich in protein, fiber, and oil. Can apricot seeds help to fight cancer? Scientists believe

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Essiac tea

Essiac Tea for Cancer Patients

What Is Essiac Tea? Essiac tea is an herbal remedy that has been used for hundreds of years by Ojibway Indians.  Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, started researching this herbal formula in 1922 following a cancer patient testimonial about the curative properties of the tea.  The original recipe contained four herbs:  1.

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FECO oil

Everything You Need to Know About FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)

Cannabis, specifically the cannabinoids and terpenes within, is known as alternative medicine that provides potential relief for many health conditions — such as pain, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Current and ongoing research points towards cannabis as a potential medicine for cancer patients, which begs the question of which cannabis-based product is

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Rife Machine: Spooky2, TrueRife or Alixxor?

Which Rife Machine should you buy?   First – What is a Rife Machine? A Rife machine is a device that emits electromagnetic waves at a low frequency. Doctors and patients worldwide use the machine to help treat conditions like cancer, Lyme disease, and more.    How Does a Rife Machine Work?

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How to Choose the Best CBD Oil (for Medical Use)

With the legalization of CBD in many countries, getting your hands on a CBD oil is easy, but there are so many CBD oils and suppliers; how do you choose the best one?  Not all cannabis formulations are equal for medical use. What are the differences? Which would have the most benefits

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Alternative treatments

The Most Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments

 A growing number of people choose holistic treatments for cancer—up to 40% of patients worldwide seek complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to help treat their cancer. There are hundreds of substances and natural protocols that both patients and professionals use to fight cancer and other chronic diseases. While some of these therapies

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The Connection Between Your Mental Health & Physical Health

The term “mental health” gets thrown around a lot, but that’s because it matters. Mental health is everything related to your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. If your mental health is suffering for any reason, it can affect not only your job and relationships but your physical health as well.  The Relationship Between Mental

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Fighting Cancer During COVID-19

It is truly incredible to witness how much the world has seemed to change overnight. With the onset of COVID-19, we have entered an unprecedented time in human history. This is a troubling and challenging time for everyone, but for those who are already battling a life-threatening disease, it has created an

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3 Celebrities Who Used Alternative Medicine to Fight Cancer

More than ever before, people around the world are turning to alternative treatments when diagnosed with cancer or an autoimmune disease. While alternative protocols seem unusual to some, the growing amount of success stories from people who use them are helping normalize unconventional treatment options.    Survivors are stepping forward to speak

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