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Fendazole for Cancer

Fenbendazole for Cancer

Fenbendazole (brand names Panacur C ®, Safe-Guard ®) is a veterinary medication introduced in 1974. Worldwide, veterinarians commonly use fenbendazole, FBZ, to treat a variety

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Complementary treatments for cancer

Is Alternative Therapy Right for You? Exploring the Benefits of Complementary Treatments for Cancer

Alternative Therapy/Treatment/Medicine. We’ve all heard these terms bandied around, especially in recent years. Technically, alternative treatment refers to any approach that is not considered mainstream or conventional. These may include natural remedies, dietary supplements, repurposed medicines, therapies like the Gerson Method and energy therapy, as well as a wide array of preventive

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Fenbendazole for cancer patients

Fenbendazole Side Effects in Humans: What You Need to Know

Fenbendazole is a medication used to treat parasites, mainly in dogs. While the drug was created initially and primarily as a dewormer in animals, through animal research, it has also been found to have benefits for combating cancer cells.  One such study found unexpected tumor growth inhibition in a group of mice

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Best diet for cancer patients

Best Diet for Cancer Patients?

Navigating the tenuous relationship between food and cancer can be a daunting task. As a society, we are constantly being bombarded with messages about which foods we should and should not eat. The info is continuously changing and often contradictory. There are new trends, old practices that come back into fashion, and

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PEMF for cancer

PEMF Machine Buyers Guide For Cancer Patients (2023)

What is PEMF? In just over 70 years, PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, has become one of the fastest-growing fields in medical therapy.  While this specific type of device is relatively new, its foundations are not. The use of magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes has been consistently used since as early as

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Alternative Heal Retreats And The Main Trends Around Them

Alternative healing retreats have become very popular for those seeking to restore optimal health, relieve stress, lose weight, and receive therapy for chronic illnesses. They are gaining popularity as individuals become more familiar with the reality that maintaining good health involves balancing their emotions, mind, body, and spirit.   Looking around some

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Fasting and cancer

Fasting and Cancer – 3 Surprising Benefits!

Fasting has always had an important role in history. For centuries, people have practiced fasting for religious and ethical reasons, even as a powerful form of political protest.  Medical fasting has been around since at least the 5th century BCE when Hippocrates recommended fasting for patients who exhibited certain symptoms of illness.

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8 Reasons to Consider Alternative Medicine For Better Health

 Alternative medicine is a broad term that encompasses various health-related practices such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, supplements, and homeopathy. Most people who seek alternative medicine are driven by the need to enjoy a holistic approach to their treatment program.   Besides treating illnesses, alternative medicine also addresses prevention approaches and underlying causes

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Alternative Cancer Treatments Covered by Health Insurance

Living with Cancer is very costly. The treatment costs and aftercare are high, and since you may not be able to work as much as you did before Cancer or at all, it can be challenging to manage the expenses.   While most comprehensive health insurance policies cover standard cancer treatments, not

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fenbendazole dose for humans

Fenbendazole Dosing for Cancer Patients

Many people with cancer are seeking alternative therapies. One such therapy that has recently emerged is the Fenbendazole protocol, following some inspiring fenbendazole cancer success stories   Fenbendazole (also called fenben) is a veterinary medicine used to treat worms and parasites in animals. It is often sold under the brand names Safe-Guard and

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