The Most Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments

 A growing number of people choose holistic treatments for cancer—up to 40% of patients worldwide seek complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to help treat their cancer.

There are hundreds of substances and natural protocols that both patients and professionals use to fight cancer and other chronic diseases. While some of these therapies can be done at home, such as supplements, others require unique technology or skills, such as hyperthermia and IV treatments.

Some alternative cancer treatments have helped patients who were given no hope by their oncologists. While each therapy and each patient are different, we’ll share some of the most successful alternative cancer treatments available in clinics today.


How Alternative Cancer Treatments Work

Unlike conventional medicine, which typically uses radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, holistic cancer treatment looks at each cancer case as unique. What might work for one patient may not work for another. The most successful alternative cancer treatments consider not just the type of cancer but also you, as a person.

Alternative practitioners build a protocol designed specifically for you. Usually, when a patient arrives at an alternative clinic, they will get an evaluation followed by a personalized protocol. This protocol would most likely contain a few of the following treatments together, based on protocols the clinic has found most successful in the past.

An alternative cancer treatment protocol is dramatically different from traditional cancer therapy, which targets each tumor type with standard protocol regardless of other factors that could be influencing the onset of that particular patient’s cancer, such as their diet, toxin exposure, and more.


What Are the Most Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments?

These are the most popular ways to treat cancer naturally at leading alternative cancer treatment centers in the world:

  • Detoxification

Gerson DietDetoxification therapies help rid the body of toxins, such as heavy metals, that could contribute to cancer formation and proliferation. Such treatments include chelation therapy, which uses an injected substance, EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), to bind to heavy metals and remove them from the body.

Coffee enemas are another way to help stimulate the removal of toxins from the body and are a key component of Gerson Therapy (a dietary holistic cancer treatment). Coffee enemas help the liver increase its ability to detoxify the blood along with the Gerson diet.


  • Oxygenation

Did you know that cancer cells flourish in low-oxygen environments? This is why oxygenation is an important way to treat cancer naturally at alternative cancer treatment centers. 

Oxygenation therapy includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a chamber where air pressure is increased and allows the lungs to absorb more oxygen. This therapy can “decrease complications and improve mortality” for cancer patients. 

Ozone therapy is another oxygenation therapy that uses ozone gas to increase oxygen in the body and fight cancer. It can be administered as an injection or a chamber like HBOT. Ozone therapy is considered to be safe with minimal side effects when used appropriately. 


  • Strengthening and Supporting the Immune System

Your immune system is critical in controlling abnormal cell growth throughout your life. Cancer cells can run rampant when the immune system isn’t functioning properly. Fortunately, the leading alternative cancer treatment centers pay close attention to strengthening the immune system and consider the use of different supplements that may be beneficial.

For example, high-dose vitamin C, administered intravenously, has been shown to increase survival by up to 20 times longer than patients who did not receive this therapy. Vitamin B17 is another vitamin found in apricot kernels and bitter almonds, which may help stop the spread of cancer and safely kill cancer cells.


  • Non-Toxic Treatments Targeting the Tumor

There are ways to treat cancer naturally that still “kill” the cancerous tumor without leaving the patient with devastating side effects. Some of these alternative cancer treatments include:

    • Arcadia HyperthermiaHyperthermia. Most often used with other forms of natural cancer treatment for the most effects, hyperthermia treatment involves exposing the body to high temperatures without damaging other cells. “Significant improvement in clinical outcome” has been demonstrated for bladder, breast, cervix, head, and neck tumors with hyperthermia.
    • Stem cell therapy uses your body’s healthy stem cells to target cancer at its source by empowering the immune system to destroy these malignant cells without harming healthy tissue.
    • Dendritic cell vaccine. Commonly used as part of a holistic cancer treatment strategy, dendritic cell vaccine is a type of immunotherapy that uses your own body’s tissues to create a one-of-a-kind vaccine that helps fight your specific type of cancer. 
    • Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Also called IPT, this therapy uses low doses of chemotherapy with alternative cancer treatments to target cancer cells. Insulin is used to lower your blood sugar, which weakens cancer cells and makes the chemotherapy more effective.
    • Cryotherapy uses very cold temperatures to kill cancer cells by freezing them. It doesn’t harm healthy cells, and the body will naturally get rid of the dead cancerous cells after treatment. New research shows that Cryotherapy can be an alternative to a lumpectomy in early-stage breast cancer. 


  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

Changing your diet is a significant part of many strategies that alternative cancer treatment centers require. While the protocol may be different for each specific person, most would include fresh, organic foods, low sugar, low meat, and low dairy and gluten. 

Some clinics offer diet as their core treatment, such as clinics specializing in the Gerson diet or the Budwig protocol.

    • The Gerson diet consists of eliminating processed foods and eating organic fruits and vegetables, with lots of juices and raw vegetables, with the elimination of alcohol, sugar, and flour.  
    • Budwig protocol. Developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, the Budwig protocol uses cottage cheese and flaxseed oil to increase the blood’s oxygenation. 

The Benefits of Alternative Cancer Treatments

The Most Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments 1While there is no “magic pill” for those diagnosed with cancer, many successful alternative cancer treatment centers have treated patients who were terminal with a combination of these treatments for success, all without debilitating side effects or compromised quality of life. 

One of the best benefits of alternative cancer treatments is that you aren’t limited to specific therapies such as chemo, radiation, or surgery. You can choose to go to a full-service clinic, follow at-home protocols, or use special home devices to receive the treatment you need.


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