Integrative Oncology Consultation

Integrative Oncology Consultation

A professional nurse is a call away


An integrative oncology nurse (RN) will personalize a detailed plan for you. You’ll get comprehensive information about integrative science-based options to support your health.

Some of the topics that may be discussed during your consultation:

  • Supplements 
  • Repurposed/off-labeled medications  
  • Herbal medicine therapy  
  • Nutrition and life style changes

We support you through the protocol:

Phone / Video Consultation

1:1 consultation with a registered oncology nurse to answer all of your questions and build your personalized holistic plan

Full Medical Review

The nurse will review your health history, symptoms, current treatments, and potential medication interactions

Individualized Protocol

Get your tailored protocol detailing advised products and supplements + Get 20% + discount on your order


Single follow-up via email OR ongoing support (depending on the package you select)

Starting $180!

What patients say about the consultation:

“The session was excellent!! The nurse did a wonderful job of listening to my symptoms, my journey and concerns. She explained treatment options, and she shared a suggested protocol. An outstanding service for those seeking alternative treatments!”
trina page integrative consultation review
Trina Page
“The nurse was SO GREAT. Kind, helpful, lots of good tips and resources. Really listened and answered all of our questions. A great feeling to know there is someone that is available for questions and explain the process of everything. Especially on the alternative medicine side when your regular oncologist really can’t recommend things out of the 'standard of care options'.”
Nature Works Best
“My consultation with Joani was short of a miracle, she just has been a god send and I’m so very grateful that I have her as a resource and will continue to use her wisdom and knowledge as I start on this new journey to heal. ”
Integrative Oncology Nurse Consultation 1

Meet Our Nurses

Integrative Oncology Nurse Consultation 2

Elizabeth Sherwood


Integrative Oncology Nurse Consultation 3

Joan R. Jackson


Integrative Oncology Nurse Consultation 4

Kate Hansen


Integrative Oncology Nurse Consultation 5

Kristin Wohlschlagel


Integrative Oncology Nurse Consultation 6

Madhavi Parikh


Alison Childs RN

Alison Childs


Betty Lee RN

Betty Lee


Have more questions?

Pick a convenient time and our advisor will call to answer your question about the consultation with the Integrative Oncology nurse

Frequently Asked Questions

The one-time consultation Price is $200, which includes the initial 1:1 call +  a detailed protocol. The subscription is $180 a month and includes a 1:1 call +  a detailed protocol, + unlimited support during the month. You may cancel this subscription anytime. 

The nurse will send you a zoom invitation link prior to the consultation date. If you prefer to do the consultation over the phone, the nurse will call you at the appointment time.  

Yes, the Heal Navigator nurses can consult with residents of other countries. 

The nurses offers one complimentary follow up by email. You may purchase subscription for ongoing support and follow up consultations here.

You may cancel your consultation appointment for a full refund, up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled consultation.

All reviews have been submitted by patients after seeing the provider.

134 reviews
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June 2024
Christine O'Brien
Medical Condition Cancer
My consultation with Madhavi went very well - I was very impressed with her wholistic approach for treating and battling cancer.
She provided very detailed notes of our conversation, which outline in detail her recommendations for diet, supplements, Fenben and Ivermectin protocols, resources for all products and lab work. I will definitely reach out yo her again for a follow-up consult.
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May 2024
Debbi H.
Medical Condition Cancer

Kristin is an awesome communicator and extremely knowledgeable about my diagnosis. My visits with her bring me comfort.

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May 2024
Medical Condition Cancer

Madhavi was absolutely fantastic! She was knowledgable on virtually every question we had. This continues to give our step father options,  hope for the future, and confidence! Thank you for what all of you do!

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May 2024
Sueanne Pierce
Medical Condition Cancer

Elizabeth was awesome, we look forward to keeping her involved as we navigate my health care.

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May 2024
Steve Bertucci
Medical Condition Cancer
Our visit with Kate was good. We have since written to her with questions and she responded quickly and thoroughly. There is much to appreciate about Kate not least of which is her recognition that the pursuit of health is not compatible with a "one size fits all" approach. We appreciate her work.
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April 2024
Sonja Ellingson
Medical Condition Stage 4 renal cancer
I (we) are beyond thankful for the information that Elizabeth gave us. The call was regarding my brother-in-law who was actually in a health crisis situation that Elizabeth recognized. We got him to the ER and her advice quite possibly saved his life. He had pneumonia with sepsis that would have gone untreated. Thankfully he is getting better each day and we hope to get him back on his natural cancer healing protocol. We were planning to take him to Oasis of Hope in Mexico but he was too ill to travel. I will be continuing to communicate with Elizabeth for guidance going forward. I will be recommending your website to anyone searching for help regarding holistic treatment for cancer .After 4 days of hospitalization I spoke with Elizabeth and we started him on a slow pace back to his FenBen protocol. He was moved to a transitional care center after 7 days and is slowly improving. We're looking forward to getting him home and back on a full strength protocol. Fighting stage 4 renal cancer and not stopping!!
I will be continuing to communicate with Elizabeth as we continue this journey. Forever thankful.
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April 2024
Ifeoma and Mario Harper
Medical Condition Cancer

The consultation with Elizabeth was great! She has a wealth of knowledge and explained many things that I was unaware of. She provided feedback on Mario’s current healing regimen as well as feedback on his supplements and recommendations for anti-cancer supplements specific to his cancer type. I am grateful that Elizabeth is going to be a resource during this journey.

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April 2024
Donna Greis
Medical Condition Esophageal Cancer
Our talk with Nurse Kristin was so informative. My husband has esophagus cancer, so we were very impressed with her knowledge of cancer, biology, drugs nutrition and overall wellness. She helped us get a better understanding of what we are in for...but also giving us hope!
It was truly enlightening to speak with someone who took the time to explain all our questions.
April 2024
Chirstopher Pender
Medical Condition Cancer

Very positive consultation. Madhavi agreed with most of what I am already doing plus some recommendation on other supplements and a few variations to the Fenbendazole protocol I have been following. Madhavi is very easy to talk to and I am sure such consultation would be beneficial to everyone in my position, especially those with limited knowledge of health and nutrition. Glad I found you guys!

March 2024
Sharon Weldon
Medical Condition Cancer
Joan was truly a Godsend. Thank you so much to Heal navigator.
To anyone thinking of booking an appointment don’t hesitate. Joan was so kind helpful and I believe amazingly knowledgeable. Joan was very comforting and her follow up contact is excellent. I have booked the ongoing monthly contact with Joan which I know will be such a support knowing she is there for any of my questions and advice. As a Mum trying to help her son who is on a cancer journey it’s good to know someone is only a click away even though we are across the other side of the world in Australia. Thank you so much Joan.

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