Advanced Metabolic Program (AMP)

Amplify your cancer treatment with our Advanced Metabolic Program.

Our tailored approach combines pharmaceuticals and metabolic therapies that aim to limit the ability of cancer cells to metabolize energy, which can help to slow down or even stop their growth.

 You’ll get a personalized course of treatment using predictive laboratory values and biometric measurements.

Dr. Charles Meakin Integrative Oncology

Unlock the Power of Metabolic Optimization:

Metabolic health is all about how efficiently our body processes the things we put into it. 

When it comes to cancer treatment, metabolic optimization is key. 

By stressing cancer cells while supporting normal cell function and recovery, we can give the body the energy it needs to fight back.

A Closer Look at Our Comprehensive Program​

Bloodwork Panel

Comprehensive blood work panel will provide detailed insights into your health: metabolism, inflammation, insulin resistance, and more. Based on your unique needs we’ll develop a personalized plan

Virtual Meeting with an Oncologist

Telehealth meeting with an expert MD to create a personalized metabolic treatment plan based on repurposed medications that have demonstrated success in treating your specific type of cancer.


3-month prescriptions that can be delivered to your door.

Please note – The medication cost is not included in the enrollment fee. The average medication cost is $50-$150/mo, paid to the pharmacy.

Nurse Consultant

Unlimited ongoing support by an integrative oncology nurse (RN) through emails and a monthly zoom meeting. 

Your nurse will work closely with you to discuss supplements, nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, and other strategies for minimizing side effects and enhancing the effectiveness of your treatment.

Package price for the initial 3 months program – $1050

After your 3-months program, you may choose one of our follow-up care programs starting at $300 per quarter

Meet Our Expert Medical Care Team

Dr. Charles Meakin, MD

Dr. Meakin has over 33 years of experience treating cancer patients, using standard of care protocols and adding cutting-edge metabolic strategies in cancer care. Dr. Meakin worked at hospitals and private clinics (such as The Christ Hospital Cincinnati OH, Stanford University Hospital, CA, Caromont Health Cancer Center Medical Director, NC) and most recently served as the U.S. Care Oncology Clinic (COC) medical director.

Dr. Meakin uses effective, well-tolerated holistic adjuvants to supplement the standard of care and impact outcomes.

Advanced Metabolic Program 1
Alison Childs RN

Alison Childs


Advanced Metabolic Program 2

Kate Hansen


Holly Rochford RN

Holly Rochford


Betty Lee RN

Betty Lee


What patients say:

Dr. Chuck is just the best! He helped me heal my Stage 4 Rectal Cancer with his up to date knowledge in medicine and lifestyle changes. Most importantly he is a pleasure to work with and is always up for a laugh. Thanks so much for offering your service to help me navigate my cancer treatments, leading to my remission. ​

Dr. Chuck Meakin genuinely cares about his patients! I was referred to him shortly after received a stage IV ovarian cancer diagnosis with metastasis to the lung. Although I chose to utilize an oncologist that prescribed the 'standard of care' treatments, I knew that metabolism was a significant factor in healing. His guidance, knowledge of conventional and metabolic interactions close the gap in becoming healthy again. I appreciate the work he does immensely!​

"The consult was remarkably dense with info, but the doctor provides great summary notes. I could see that Dr. Meakin was trying to avoid words like ""disease"" and ""cancer"" and instead preferred to zero in on specific test abnormalities and how to address them in a way that would yield improvements. I found that logical and refreshing. Overall, he inspires great hope without promising the moon. I do believe this protocol will one day be a standard part of all cancer treatment plans."

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Professionals

You’ll be treated by a team of knowledgeable and compassionate oncologist and integrative oncology nurses with years of experience with the metabolic approach for cancer patients.

Individualized Program

The Heal Navigator repurposed medications program is not limited to using a determined number of medications. The Oncologist will prescribe any medication researched and found to be safe and potentially beneficial for your condition. 

Full and Ongoing Support

Direct email/ text access to your highly trained RN oncology nurse, to discuss test results, symptoms, side effects, and any questions you may have about your protocol + a monthly call with your nurse 

Entirely Online

You can access our program from most states in the US, without having to worry about traveling to a physical location.


You don’t need to wait long or be n a waitlist to start the treatment you need now.

Our partnership pharmacy will deliver the repurposed medications ordered from the consultation and possible supplements to your doorstep within days. (Pharmacy cost not included in enrollment fee and will be collected by pharmacy directly and varies depending on medications but averages $50 to $150 per month)

The consultation is done via Telehealth from wherever you are in the United States. 
The only excluded states are – Delaware, Rhode Island, Alaska, Hawaii & New Mexico. If you currently reside in any of those, or not in the USA, please reach out to us here to discuss some more options

After completing the quick and secured online payment, you’ll be automatically directed to fill in a medical questionnaire and schedule the first call with your case manager.

Now! We understand that time is of the essence.

You can book your first appointment and start the program within a couple of days.

Have questions about becoming a patient?

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