Fundraising: 8 Mindsets and 14 Tips to be Effective When It Comes to Medical Fundraising

Ryan Luelf
Ryan Luelf has overcome stage 4 cancer TWICE and is the founder of The Cancer Shift and Chasing Certainty, the Ryan Luelf Podcast. In his work, Ryan coaches people around the world, helping them overcome the “cancer” in their lives.

At the end of the day, it’s just as important to know WHY you are fundraising as it is to know HOW!

Mentality, self-confidence, personal growth, and a belief in yourself for what you are doing will go a long way. Combine these with practical tools, human understanding, and a vision that captivates the heart of your audience and you are well on your way to funding your campaign!

Whether you follow a protocol from home, go to a specialized local clinic, or looking to go abroad for medical treatment:

Here are 14 practical tips to see better results when it comes to medical fundraising.

1. Ask people 37x to donate. This is the number of times it takes subconsciously for people to say yes. So ask creatively in many ways and often (social media, text, videos, emails, phone calls, etc.)

2. Involve people emotionally through pictures & videos.

3. Take people’s objections away by showing exactly where the money is going and what it is going to do for you or the person needing the money.

4. Give updates constantly.

5. Show the good, the bad, and the ugly.

6. Be vulnerable, transparent, and unashamed.

7. Get creative with your asks. For example, 250 people who say YES to a $100 donation get us to our goal of $25K.

8. ASK BIG of organizations, leaders, and people in financial abundance positions. Ask for $10K or $50K and do it with confidence.

9. Remind people of your cause constantly by keeping your name in front of them all the time.

10. Have no individual expectations of anyone.

11. Let go and don’t “care” about who gives and who doesn’t.

12. Expect to raise the money you need.

13. Remind people that all donations matter even if it’s only $10.

14. Keep asking. Keep asking. Keep asking. Don’t STOP until you get the money you desire for your goal or need.

It is important to be the person you would want to give to. If you haven’t been, be honest with others and be willing to become that person.
Free yourself of trying to please all the opinions of those looking on, and go for it with all your gusto!

Fundraising… a Trigger?

For many, fundraising is a trigger point for a sense of embarrassment, failure, or lack of ability to do what one needs on their own.

Fundraising goes against their current belief system, cultural norm, or way of thinking that simply says you don’t ask for money or help even if your circumstances call for it.

This can also be an opportunity to disqualify yourself and reinforce how you feel about yourself, such as, “I am not worthy,” “I don’t deserve to be supported,” or the bogus idea that it’s better to stand on your own two feet than allow others to help in a time of need.

All of these limiting beliefs can stand in one’s way of the basic and practical idea that you need money and asking the abundant world for help makes a ton of sense.

More times than not I see people who could benefit so greatly from fundraising for medical treatment, but cannot get over the stories in their heads about why they can’t do it or why it won’t work. This is what stops more people from receiving the funding they need or desire more than any other thing I have come across.

Being successful with fundraising starts with a shift in mindset

Here are eight mindsets that will make a huge difference in your funding campaign and results.

1. Asking for help is a sign of courage, not weakness.

2. Receiving money, support, and donations to help you in your time of need is not an embarrassment or a sign that you are failing at life. Instead, it’s a sign that you are human and that no one makes it through life successfully alone.

3. Being bold and brave gives permission to others to do the same.

4. To receive is as much a blessing as to give.

5. Know your worth. Be worthy to receive from others, God and the universe.

6. Letting go of stories in your head is a vital piece of fundraising and healing.

7. Shift out of lack consciousness into abundance consciousness.

8. Money is energy. You attract based on what you put out into the world.

9. BONUS MINDSET: Decide upfront that you will not stop asking until you have the money.

Not seeing fundraising results the way you’d like? Ryan offers his all-inclusive Freely Funded course here. 

Searching for treatment and not sure where to start? We can help.

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Searching for treatment and not sure where to start? We can help.

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