Can Rife Machine Cure Cancer?

Royal Raymond Rife, a bacteriologist at John Hopkins University, observed that bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells all had their own resonance frequencies in the 1920s and 1930s.

His research was based on studies by Dr. Albert Abrams who believed that all matter vibrates. That vibration is what we call – frequency. Vibrations are specific to the material and type of matter.

Dr. Abrams’ research was the basis for Dr. Rife’s belief that outside electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) could target cancer cells. This was the origin of the rife machine, which matches the frequency of cancer cells and sends low-energy electromagnetic waves directly to the body. The cells would then undergo apoptosis or cell death. 



Royal Rife Machine Research

The American Medical Association (AMA) stopped research with the rife machine. The research did not resume until the 1980s. Barry Lynes published a book entitled The Cancer Cure That Worked in 1987. This book revived the subject within alternative therapy circles.

Researchers are still testing the rife machine today. Although there have been no long-term studies of its effects, scientists believe low-frequency electromagnetic waves can inhibit tumor growth.

Although studies are still ongoing on the effectiveness of the rife machine, it is a popular alternative to traditional cancer treatments. It is important to understand how the rife machines work to understand their effects on cancer.



How the Rife Machine Works rife machine

Dr. Rife likened his experiments to an opera singer breaking a wine glass with her vocal cords. The glass would vibrate and shatter if the sound of striking the right musical note (frequency), was held.

Every cell in the world has a natural frequency. The rife machine was created to match the frequency of cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, and viruses. The rife machine emits a frequency that targets cells, causing them to undergo apoptosis.



How the Rife Machine Works on Cancer Cells

Dr. Rife’s research shows that cancer cells vibrate at low frequencies while other cells within the body vibrate at higher frequencies. The rife machine targets cancerous cells at low frequencies (while the rest of your body is not affected). 



The Rife Machine Treatment Process

The patient can either place electrical pads on their hands and feet or hold onto a tube of plasma.

These tubes or pads are connected to the machine that generates an electromagnetic frequency for a specific type of cancer. The frequency that is used to target cancer cells is transmitted into the body once the rife frequency generator has started. 

You can perform rife machine therapy in a few minutes each day or several times per week. A professional can help you determine the best frequency and duration of administration. Every patient with cancer will have a different treatment plan, so it is important to consult your doctor before you try new treatments.



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Searching for a rife machine and not sure where to start? We can help.

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