Rife Machine: Spooky2, TrueRife or Alixxor?

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Which Rife Machine should you buy?


First – What is a Rife Machine?

A Rife machine is a device that emits electromagnetic waves at a low frequency. Doctors and patients worldwide use the machine to help treat conditions like cancer, Lyme disease, and more. 


How Does a Rife Machine Work?

The Rife machine’s idea is that every disease in the body emits a particular electromagnetic frequency, and the energy in the body itself needs to be balanced to avoid disease. 

By introducing the disease’s exact electromagnetic frequency to the body, some claim that the disease can be cured. (See more on the technology behind the machine here.)

Proponents of the Rife machine point out that the Rife is easy to use. Compared to other devices that produce electromagnetic waves, such as x-ray technology, Rife machines emit very low radiation. In fact, a Rife machine can be utilized at home, by anyone, with little to no side effects and at a fairly reasonable cost. 

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that many people are interested in purchasing a Rife machine of their own, especially in a climate where many patients choose to undergo treatments at home. 

With all the models available on the market, choosing one can be an overwhelming task, so we’ve gone ahead and compared a few of the leading brands, highlighting their differences to help you make an informed decision on what’s best for your lifestyle and condition. 


User-Friendly and Easy to Use: Alixxor Rife Machine Alixxor-rife machine

Price: $1,995.00 (Basic units available for $1,495)

Warranty: 5 Years with online registration.


  • Extremely easy to use and set up (like an iPhone, it’s ready to go once you turn it on).
  • Preserves your history of usage, so you never lose a setting you used.
  • Their deluxe unit comes with a Colloidal Silver maker and Beck Blood Cleanser.

John Headifen, from Health Recovery Systems, New Zealand, explains that Alixxor has been making Rife machines for 25 years. They are conscientious about what was essential to include in a Rife machine, and what was, as he puts it, “just gimmicky.” 

Alixxor Rife machine comes with all the original Rife frequencies, as well as hundreds more that have been researched and community-sourced over the years. 

When you turn on the machine, you will come face to face with an A-Z list that consists of everything from cancer to detox to muscular discomfort, and you can easily choose which one to apply by going through them in alphabetical order. 

Special Features: 

Alixxor’s machine comes with a special “wobble” feature which allows you to – you guessed it – wobble across a frequency, to ensure that you are definitely getting the exact match to what you’re looking for. 

Example: If you want to use a frequency known to fight cancer, the frequency might be just the tiniest bit off in your body. The Wobble feature then proceeds to run up and down off each side of that frequency – inevitably ensuring that you receive the exact benefit you are looking for. 

Alixxor has also made sure to implement extra safety features in its model. Their machine only runs below a certain range to ensure that users cannot accidentally damage themselves with harmful frequencies. 

Buy Alixxor Rife Machine >>


Most Options and Add Ons:  TrueRife

Price: $3,585 for a starter kit that includes machine, software, a travel kit, and some accessories (Deluxe models go up to $6,159)

Warranty: 1 year. TrueRife will repair or replace the product for valid claims.


  • Simple to use – The user places the light near them and sets the desired frequency. Many TrueRife users use the machine as they sleep, getting hours of benefit without altering their lifestyle in any way. 
  • TrueRife has many options for add-on accessories such as a Truesilver generator and ozone amp, a color wand and TrueFocus – a “brain entertainment system” that the company claims can address insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Other add-ons include a neuro-matrix, a thermal matrix heaterand more. Most of these add ons enhance the reach of the machine, enabling the user to use it in specific areas more conveniently. 

TrueRife prides itself as a model based on Rife’s original machine, using light as its main healing source. The technology that TrueRife uses involves a particular type of lightbulb (a hammer bulb) that emits frequencies, as opposed to some other machines that have handles that are held by the patient and generate frequencies through patients’ hands and feet.

The hammer bulb is made out of filtered glass, and no UV is released from the bulbs, ensuring enhanced safety for the user.

Dr. Kevin Conners  (Conners Clinic in Minnesota, USA) uses the TrueRife machine as well as the GB4000 for his patients. “There are a lot of machines out there that I don’t think are Rife machines.” He says, “Rife used light frequency. So if it’s not light frequency, it’s not a Rife machine. It doesn’t mean it can’t help or still be beneficial, but I don’t call that a Rife machine.”

Some of the Conners Clinic programs include providing a programmed TrueRife machine for the patient to take home. The clinic programs each patient’s Rife machine to their specific diagnosis and condition, considering the patient’s genetics, detox pathways, and cellular functions. When the patient arrives home, the machine is ready to use based on these exact specifications. 

But, if a patient cannot afford to do a full program, Dr. Conners recommends that they purchase a TrueRife themselves and start using it regardless. “Occasionally, we get patients on a very tight budget, and they can’t afford any of our programs, and we still try to help them. We suggest they purchase a Rife machine and run some of the standard programs that are on there.”


Buy a TruRife Machine >>


Most Budget-Friendly: Spooky2


Price: ~$350 for a starter kit that includes a machine and some accessories. Software is free. (Deluxe units can go up to $924)

Warranty: 1 year if the machine was used correctly and a defect is found. 


  • Spooky2 has the largest frequency database on the Rife marketplace, with more than 50,000 programs and growing. 
  • Spooky Pulse and Spooky2 GeneratorX provide biofeedback scan abilities that claim to be able to discover the precise frequencies your body needs.
  • Spooky2 claims to be the first Rife system to offer all five frequency transmission modes: plasma mode, contact mode, remote mode, cold laser, and PEMF. More on what this means here
  • Spooky2 also has a Wobble feature that can be applied to all frequencies. 

Spooky2 has a large online community of users and a plethora of information in the form of blogs and newsletters available on their website to help new users navigate the many options that the machine provides. 

Buy Spooky2 >>


Do you use a Rife machine or have a preferred model not mentioned here? Let us know!


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