Viatical Settlements for Integrative Cancer Care

Cancer Care can be expensive, with out-of-pocket costs ranging from $50,000 to $120,000. Integrative cancer care may require additional funds, and accessing the necessary treatment may be challenging without financial assistance. While fundraising can help, it may only cover part of the cost of care.

Selling a life insurance policy through a viatical settlements offers a valuable financial asset. You may get up to 80% of the death benefit in cash. This money can be used to cover cancer care costs and expenses.

For cancer patients struggling with medical expenses, a viatical settlement serves as a financial option.

A viatical settlement involves selling the life insurance policy to a third party for a lump sum payment. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals with life-threatening illnesses like Stage 4 cancer. Sellers can get 50-80% of the benefit as immediate cash. This money can be used for cancer care expenses, income loss, travel costs, and bucket list experiences.

Let’s understand what a viatical settlement is, how it works, what to expect, and how it can benefit you.

What is Viatical Settlement?


A viatical settlement is a contract between a life insurance policy owner (the seller) and a third party (the buyer). The seller agrees to sell the policy to the buyer for a lump sum. In exchange for cash, the buyer becomes the policy owner and pays the premium costs. When the seller dies, the buyer receives the full death benefit.


Who is eligible?

Viatical and life settlements are typically used by people who are terminally or chronically ill. To be eligible, you must meet two criteria:

  • Have a life insurance policy with a death benefit of at least $50,000.
  • Be a resident of the United States.

You can typically sell a term policy, whole life policy, universal life policy, and some group policies. The process can take 4-8 weeks from start to finish.


What are the benefits of a viatical settlement?


Financial support: Viatical settlements provide the much-needed funds to cover the expenses of cancer care. This service provides financial assistance to people with medical expenses. This support enables them to receive the treatments they need.

Peace of mind: Having access to cash through a viatical settlement provides financial security. Insurance can help with income loss if you are unable to work. It can also cover travel expenses for treatments or consultations. It can even help bring personal dreams and experiences to life.

Stress reduction: Cancer patients already face immense physical and emotional challenges. Removing financial burdens through viatical settlements alleviates stress, enabling individuals to concentrate on their healing journey and overall well-being. It provides the peace of mind necessary for a positive recovery experience.

Tax advantages: Unlike many other financial transactions, viatical settlements are generally tax-free. You can keep all the money you receive from selling your life insurance policy. This maximizes the financial help available to you.


How do I find a viatical settlement broker?


If you are considering a viatical settlement, you may want to work with a broker to guide you through the process. A reputable broker will explain the advantages and potential drawbacks, ensuring you make an informed decision. They will also assist in finding the ideal buyer for your policy, ensuring a fair and beneficial transaction.

When choosing a viatical settlement broker, consider the following factors:

  • Experience: Look for a broker with a proven track record in viatical settlements, preferably with experience specifically in assisting cancer patients.
  • Reputation: Research the broker’s reputation and read reviews or testimonials from previous clients. A reputable broker should have a positive reputation and a history of providing quality services.
  • Fees: Consider the broker’s fees and commission structure. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the costs involved in the viatical settlements process to make an informed decision.
  • Access to buyers: Ensure that the broker has access to a wide network of potential buyers. This increases the likelihood of finding a buyer who will offer a fair price for your policy.
  • Licensing: Verify that the broker is licensed to sell viatical settlements in your state. This ensures compliance with regulations and protects your interests throughout the transaction.


Viatical settlements can help cancer patients with their medical expenses and provide the funds they need for integrative cancer care. This financial support reduces stress, gives peace of mind, and allows patients to focus on healing. Working with a trusted viatical settlement broker ensures a smooth transaction and the necessary financial assistance.


Life Policy Solutions is a licensed and trusted viatical settlement broker located in California. They have a 95% success rate in selling viable policies, making them a reliable choice for cancer patients seeking financial assistance.

  • The average viatical settlement sale price achieved by Life Policy Solutions is 74% of the death benefit, providing substantial financial support.
  • The company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, indicating its commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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Find the Value of Your Life Insurance Policy through Viatical Settlements

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Find the Value of Your Life Insurance Policy through Viatical Settlements

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