Can apricot kernels be used to treat cancer?

Apricot kernels are a single seed that is found within the stone of an Apricot. Some people consider apricot kernels a “superfood” that has cancer-fighting and detox-enhancing qualities.

Apricot kernels look similar to small almonds. The kernels are rich in protein, fiber, and oil.


Can apricot seeds help to fight cancer?

Scientists believe that Amygdalin, a compound found in apricot kernels, may be able to eliminate tumors and prevent cancerous cells from reproducing.

A rodent study (2011) showed that rats suffering from liver fibrosis were given 1.5 mg of ground apricot seeds three days a week for four weeks. Researchers discovered that there was an improvement in their liver function.

2005 laboratory study suggested that Amygdalin could inhibit genes that lead to cell growth.

The results of recent in vitro studies are promising and indicate that Amygdalin has an oncopreventive effect, although this must be confirmed by in vivo studies and clinical trials (2019).


vitamin-b17-foodsOther reported benefits of Amygdalin

  • It works alongside vitamins A, E, and C to eliminate toxic cells.
  • Reduces pain from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
  • It boosts white blood cell levels, which improves immunity.
  • Low blood pressure and hypertension.


What is Amygdalin exactly?

Amygdalin is a component of Apricot Seeds, which can be converted to Cyanide by the body.

It can also be found in the seeds of many other fruits, such as cherries, plums, and apples. Amygdalin is also found in lima beans, sorghum, and clover.


How to consume apricot seeds/Amygdalin? 

For many people, the easiest method is eating apricot kernels.

Laetrile proponents claim that about ten kernels per day are sufficient.

According to estimates, consuming 50-60 apricot kernels could result in a fatal dose of Cyanide. A meta-research concluded that there is “a considerable risk of serious adverse effects from cyanide poisoning after laetrile or Amygdalin, especially after oral ingestion.”


So what are some other consumption methods?


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