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About Immunocine Cancer Center

Immunocine: Pioneering Personalized Immunotherapy
Established in 2021, the Immunocine Cancer Center is nestled in the serene landscapes of Cancun, Mexico.
Its founding mission was clear: provide groundbreaking immunotherapy to those unable to access ongoing FDA Clinical Trials.
The genesis of Immunocine’s approach traces back to 2006 within the prestigious confines of the Houston Medical Center. Dr. Matthew Halpert and a team of cancer immunologists focused on the development of double-loaded Dendritic Cell Treatment, which has since demonstrated its effectiveness both in meticulous laboratory studies and heartening real-world patient stories.
With a track record of over 150 patients spanning 25 diverse cancer types, Immunocine offers new hope in the battle against cancer.
Immunocine’s treatment is currently going through clinical trials in Texas for pancreatic cancer and brain cancer. However, as only a fraction of patients are admitted to those clinical trials, many patients are left without access to these emerging therapies. This gap in treatment accessibility led to the creation of Immunocine in Cancun, Mexico, designed to provide critical therapies to those unable to participate in clinical trials in the United States.
Why Choose Cancun, Mexico?
Cancun was selected for Immunocine not only for its geographic and aesthetic appeal but also for its strategic importance in offering accessible cancer treatments. This decision acknowledges the challenges associated with the FDA approval process and aims to provide an immediate solution for those in need. Moreover, Cancun’s recognition as a center for medical tourism, with advanced healthcare facilities, makes it an ideal location for such an innovative clinic.
For those at the crossroads of cancer care, searching either for a final ray of hope or the very forefront of immunotherapy, Immunocine stands as a dedicated partner, combining scientific rigor with compassionate care.
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Elizabeth's Stage 4 Ovarian Healing Journey

Witness the extraordinary story of Babette, a stage 4 ovarian cancer warrior, as she embraces a groundbreaking journey with Immunocine clinic. Follow her remarkable path to remission filled with hope, innovation, and relentless spirit. Read more>>

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babbet Immunocine journey

Immunocine Cancer Center Cost and Additional Expenses

The treatment is spread over six weeks, which includes a biopsy and three individual treatments, each two weeks apart.

Patients can either choose to stay in Cancun for six weeks or visit twice for two weeks at a time.

The cost of the treatment is $88,000.

The price includes:

  • Medical Personnel: Oncologist, Radiologist, Internist, Hematologist, Angiologist, Phlebotomists, Nurses
  • Scientific Personnel: Molecular Biologist, Cell Culture Technologist, Cancer Immunotherapist
  • Procedures: US-Guided Injections of Personalized Vaccine, Scans and Imaging, Biopsies, Pathology,  Central Line, Aphaeresis, Blood Draws, Vaccine Development
  • Medications
  • Coordination with home medical storage of Boost Dendritic Cells

Treatment is done at a private full-service hospital that includes: cGMOP ISO-7 Laboratory, Procedure Rooms, Imaging Center

Patients will also receive pre- and post-treatment bloodwork, biopsy analysis, and CT Scans.

Included in the Price:
Airport Transportation

Dedicated concierges to assist with travel to and from Cancun, as well as any other needs such as hotel recommendations and booking.


After Care Program

Thorough post-treatment check-up process to continue coordination with the patient’s physicians for updated analysis.

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Available Treatments at Immunocine Cancer Center

Double-Loaded Dendritic Cell Therapy

With this therapy, we harness the body’s own immune system to fight cancer more effectively and naturally.

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Gathering Intelligence
The journey begins with collecting a small sample of your white blood cells and a piece of the tumor. Through advanced techniques, we break down the tumor cells to extract crucial information: mRNA and cancer antigens. Think of mRNA as the detailed blueprint of the cancer cell, while antigens represent its unique fingerprints.

Step 2: Training the Elite Force
Next, we introduce your dendritic cells, a key player in your immune system, to the cancer’s mRNA and antigens. This is where the “double loading” comes into play.

The mRNA, inserted inside the dendritic cells, acts like a virus alert, providing a comprehensive cancer blueprint. Simultaneously, the antigens, attached to the outside, highlight specific targets. This dual approach equips your dendritic cells with both the face and fingerprints of the enemy, ensuring they know exactly whom to target.

Step 3: Launching the Counterattack
Armed with this knowledge, the dendritic cells trigger a powerful immune response. They analyze the information, inside and out, and upon finding a match, they signal the rest of the immune system to attack. This includes rallying Natural Killer cells and Killer T cells to locate and destroy the cancer cells. This targeted assault is meticulously designed to seek and eliminate only the cancer cells, sparing healthy tissue and reducing side effects.


  • The treatment takes 14 days of laboratory work to create and is then injected into each patient by an Interventional Radiologist to carefully target lymph nodes near the tumor location.


Main Advantages of Double Loaded Dendritic Cell Therapy

> Precision and Personalization: By targeting cancer cells based on their unique markers, this therapy ensures a highly personalized and precise treatment, tailor-made for your specific cancer.

> Natural and Safe: Utilizing your own cells minimizes the risk of side effects and avoids the introduction of foreign substances or genetically modified cells into your body.

> Lasting Defense: The therapy not only fights existing cancer but also trains your immune system for ongoing vigilance, reducing the likelihood of recurrence.


Meet the Doctors


Dr. Luis Ferbeyre, MD Chief Medical Officer & Oncologist

Dr. Luis Ferbeyre earned his Medical Degree from the Medical University of Havana. His early work in oncology focused on Mixed Tumors of the Salivary Glands. Subsequently, he studied Cervicofacial Cancer at the University of Paris and furthered his expertise in Head and Neck Cancer at the National Institute of Oncology and Radiology.

In addition to his specialized studies, Dr. Ferbeyre has contributed to research on the Genetic and Molecular Basis of Cancer and delved into Reconstructive Oncological Surgery for the Head and Neck. He has 31 peer-reviewed articles to his name and has been actively involved in multiple clinical trials.

Professionally, Dr. Ferbeyre is affiliated with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the European Society of Medical Oncology.

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Dr. Matt Halpert, CEO

Dr. Matthew Halpert earned his doctorate at the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) and then spent 10 years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston as a Cancer Immunologist. During his research, Dr. Halpert published research in some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals, has been cited over 300 hundred times, and became one of the leading experts in regard to cutting-edge cancer immunotherapy.

Additionally, he has founded a cancer-focused charity called Cancer Cures 4 Kids and Diakonos Research, which is currently studying its revolutionary Dendritic Cell Treatment in multiple FDA clinical trials.

In 2021, Dr. Halpert left Baylor College of Medicine to found the Immunocine Cancer Center, which leverages the Dendritic Cell Treatment currently being studied by the FDA. His singular goal in this effort is to provide this revolutionary cancer immunotherapy to patients that cannot wait for treatment.

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Conditions Treated

  • All types of solid Cancers –  Using a novel process replicating a viral infection, Immunocine’s unique treatment initiates a rapid and aggressive immune response against cancer cells throughout the body

General Information


Boulevard Luis Donaldo Coloso (Av Tulum) Manzana, Cancún, Mexico

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Dr. Matt Halpert | Cancer Research Discovery Opens New Possibilities


Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Immunocine Cancer Center located?
Immunocine is located in Cancun, Mexico. The clinic works in partnership with the world-renowned Galenia Hospital, which is internationally accredited and one of the most advanced hospitals in the world.
How does Immunocine Treatment work?
The Immunocine Treatment stimulates your body to destroy the patient’s specific cancer, with a breakthrough approach to Immunotherapy that is completely natural, targeted, and unique. Treatment starts with collecting both a sample of the patient’s tumor and their own Dendritic Cells. In the Immunocine Laboratory, the team educates these Dendritic Cells to recognize and initiate a comprehensive attack against the cancer cells.
How much does treatment cost?
Cost of treatment is $88,000USD. Treatment is spread over six weeks and includes a biopsy, three individual treatments, all medical expenses and transportation within Cancun. Patients will additionally receive pre-and post-treatment bloodwork, biopsy analysis, and CT Scans. Additionally, Immunocine uses a thorough post-treatment check-up process to continue coordination with the patient’s physicians for updated analysis.
Is Immunocine an inpatient clinic?
Immuncine is an outpatient facility located a short drive from many hotels. The Immunocine Team includes two dedicated concierges to assist with travel to and from Cancun, as well as any other needs such as hotel recommendations and booking.

Immunocine Cancer Center Reviews

7 reviews
In 2022 I was diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer (squamous cell carcinoma). I went through a Proton Radiation and Chemotherapy regiment in April last year in Seattle Washington USA. It was there where I met a wonderful Dr. who was giving me supportive treatments while in Radiation and Chemo therapy. It was that doctor who put me in touch with Immunocine and Dr. Matthew. After I found out that my disease had traveled to other parts of my body even though they eradicated the main tumor in my neck. My Dr. was very confident that my next steps must be with Dr. Matthew and his Immunocine team. (I like to call Dr. Matthew the Scientist to my friends and family 😊 ).From my very first contact with Immunocine I received outstanding assistance as all my reports and documents needed to be reviewed by the Immunocine team. After I got the news that my cancer had traveled in my body, I was very confused and frazzled so the help I received from the team was a blessing. Nicole at Immunocine completely took care of everything gathering all my documents from my many doctors and treatment centers. After talking with Dr. Matt and Dr. Zago over Zoom I felt very confident I was in very good hands !!!. And the science of Immunocine just made so much sense to my family and myself.I arrived In Cancun late Sept and finished my Treatment Early November. The moment l left my home to start of my treatment I was embraced in amazing care. I felt absolutely stress free knowing how well the team was communicating with me. My entire treatment time in Cancun was of the very highest care and professionalism. The stress-free organization and the “over the top” care and professionalism allowed me to relax and just allow the amazing science of the treatment to heal my body. I know and feel completely confident my immune system is fully activated and now targeting and fighting the cancer. I was blessed by meeting Dr. Matt in person while I was in Cancun. We spent a good deal of time talking about the science of the Immunocine Dendritic Cell therapy and how it trains the immune system to attack the total cancer cells.Along the way I have had many questions and fears come up as they do. Dr. Matt and the team at every moment answered all my question extremely fast, again giving me such deep confidence in the process !!!! . Now that I am at home after the Immunocine treatment the team is in constant contact with me coordinating with my care here and checking on my health and concerns. The team also helps with information on good diets and supplements promoting greater healing. Many blessings to the Immunocine team … Thank you 😊
Babette Lamarre
Babette Lamarre
My cancer is finally completely gone - and it was Stage Four Ovarian, generally speaking a death sentence. I did a six week treatment with Immunocine starting in mid-November of 2023, and here we are October almost a year later with no more evidence of cancer in all testing. The various clinical facilities, hospital, lab, and equipment were all state of the art and pristine. Medical procedures were carried out in completely professional fashion. Logistical/support staff as well as medical staff were excellent and caring. Clean, comfortable air-conditioned transportation to facilities was provided.I had consistent access to all medical staff from the beginning so I could ask questions and clarify my understanding of procedures, symptoms, etc. I still have access and think of Immunocine as part of my A team now. They are very smart, caring medical professionals who commit to your well-being. They really care.The cancer is gone - what more is there to say? I would give 100 stars if I could. Thank you for giving me my life back, Immunocine!!!
Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
In early 2023 at the age of 38 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer in the sarcoma family called DSRCT. I underwent two rounds of chemotherapy before finding out about Immunocine through a personal connection. I was able to meet with members of their medical team via Zoom before deciding to commit to their program, and I underwent their procedure in Cancun, Mexico from early May to the end of June '23.From top to bottom, everyone involved with Immunocine has shown the utmost professionalism and, more importantly, immense care for my wellbeing. Even today as I write this - 3.5 months removed from my last treatment visit in Cancun - their team has followed up with me to see how I'm doing. They have also been more than happy to coordinate with my oncologist so that I may engineer the best outcome.While I'm still within the 'wait and see' window, I am positive and hopeful that this cutting edge treatment from Immunocine was the best decision for me long-term. And aside from the treatment itself, Immunocine is very much on the progressive side of cancer treatment insofar as promoting conversations about diet, lifestyle, and supplements that are rooted in research as being beneficial to helping the body in the fight against cancer.
Rodolfo Lozano
Rodolfo Lozano
The Immunocine Team is an amazing team, very humane, they are very knowledgeable, and very honest, straight forward, they make feel every patient like they are the only patient in the world, the time and effort spent on every case is absolutely outstanding, I'm amazed by the science behind the treatments, the dendritic cell work is done in a state of the art laboratory facility with very professional and knowledgeable staff with all the necessary credentials.I trust my life or any of my family members to undergo a treatment like this one, I fully trust the whole medical team, all the specialists that take care of the patients, plus the treatments are done in state-of-the-art and high-end hospital facilities in Cancun.What else can you ask for? A very advanced treatment in beautiful Cancun, this is the best combination you could ever find!Simply Amazing!
Randy Botnick
Randy Botnick
I have never experienced the level of personal care before that I am receiving from Immunocine, and I am not yet a patient, though I have been accepted and plan to be one once completing chemotherapy. Dr. Halpert and his team have been very generous with their time helping me to better understand their treatment as it specifically applies to me in developing an individual treatment plan.
Peter Colbourne
Peter Colbourne
As someone who has been involved in cancer research for more than 35 years, I am excited by the research that is constantly evolving. Cell and gene therapies being developed today have shown great promise in addressing some of the most serious life-threatening diseases. I am very familiar with the advanced therapies being developed at the Immunocine Cancer Center and the enormous potential and promise they hold.
Lynn Ritchot
Lynn Ritchot
I had the enormous privilege of being a patient with this organization. Its always scary going somewhere that you are not familiar with and not knowing what you are getting into. I dont even know where to begin with just how amazing my experience was with the Immunocine team. They were professional, kind , caring and treated me with nothing but respect. I was kept well informed throughout my whole treatment , and felt good about how upfront and honest they were with me at all times. I decided on this treatment as an attempt on an extension of life as my cancer is terminal. I have lived the last year with my treatment on board and my quality of life eventhough I have had chemo all along has been great . I have coped so well and felt so good, my quality of life in my opinion has been due to my Dendretic cell treatment, I know this is why i have done so great and I cannot reccomend this team enough. If your considering this treatment dont hesitate absolutely do it, you wont be sorry. They never tried to sell me something that wasnt real, they are trustworthy and as I said upfront and honest always. Thanks Immunocine for giving me a quality of life I never would have had without you. Keep up the great work.❤️Lynn Ritchot

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