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Welcome to Hope4Cancer™ Treatment Centers, where we provide personalized integrative and alternative cancer therapy. Our holistic approach addresses emotional, spiritual, and biological factors, going beyond just treating the disease.

Each treatment program is tailored to meet your unique needs, focusing on treating the root causes of cancer. At Hope4Cancer™, you are more than a statistic – we care about you as an individual, not just your cancer.

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About Hope4Cancer Treatment Center

Founded by Dr. Antonio (Tony) Jimenez in 2000, Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers currently operate two world-renowned integrative facilities, located in  Tijuana , Mexico, and Cancun, Mexico.

Offering both in-patient and out-patient programs, Hope4Cancer’s groundbreaking holistic healing approach is centered around advanced clinical research, patient education, and empowerment.

Personalized healing programs are tailored to each patient’s individual needs while strategically working through the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy to address the physical, mental, and emotional roots of cancer.

This comprehensive approach has successfully helped thousands of cancer patients overcome the odds of diagnosis, restoring the body’s natural ability to heal while directly targeting cancer cells. Home support is included in every Hope4Cancer healing program, giving patients the resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after their return home.

The 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy

Identified by Dr. Jimenez, the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy is Hope4Cancer’s foundational whole-body approach to healing the person rather than just treating symptoms of the disease.

Each principle addresses an aspect of the mind, body, or spirit that cancer effects. True healing requires every principle to be part of the treatment equation; when these elements work in tandem, quality of life improves and an internal environment which no longer supports cancer is created.

  1. Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies
    Non-toxic cancer therapies specifically target cancer cells while keeping vital tissues and organs healthy. The properties of these treatments work to strengthen the body and complement other principles rather than compromise the immune system and create debilitating side effects.


  1. Immunomodulation
    Hope4Cancer’s unique enhancement program uses biological vaccines to strengthen and stimulate the immune system, restoring its natural ability to recognize and fight cancer cells.


  1. Full Spectrum Nutrition
    A personalized meal plan developed by an in-house nutritionist is a central part of every Hope4Cancer treatment program. This assures balanced caloric intake and introduces a high alkaline diet for optimal cellular health.


  1. Detoxification
    Detoxification therapies act to complement the healing program, removing harmful metals and minerals that have built up from external pollutants and enhancing overall recovery.


  1. Oxygenation
    Incorporated into every treatment program, oxygenation therapies support healthy cells, prevent toxic buildup, and discourage cancer cell growth.


  1. Microbiome Restoration
    Many factors of modern life disrupt the body’s delicate balance of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa, causing them to become pathogenic and leading to a higher incidence of disease. Hope4Cancer treatment plans are tailored to restore healthy levels of microbes throughout the body.


  1. Emotional and Spiritual Healing
    On-site recall healing specialists provide emotional and spiritual healing, address the mental roots of disease, and increase positive emotions to aid patients’ physical responses.
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Hope4Cancer Treatment Center Cost and Additional Expenses

Hope4Cancer’s 3 week treatment program is usually advised, at a cost of $35,000 – 60,000 USD.

This comprehensive treatment program includes over 200 therapy sessions, lodging for you and a companion, your transportation to/from the clinic, your meals, assessments upon arrival, your immunotherapies, supportive therapies and IVs, 3-month home program, and two follow-up visits to come back to the treatment center for further assessments.

Included in the Price:
Airport Transportation

Pick up & Drop off at the airpot


Food and lodging for a companion are included in the price

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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

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Hope4Cancer Hyperbaric Chamber
Hope4Cancer Hyperthermia Therapy
Hope4Cancer Dr Tony Jimenez and patient
Hope4Cancer BEST Program -
Hope4Cancer doctors meeting
Hope4Cancer Localized Hyperthermia
Hope4Cancer personalized nutritional counsel to restore optimal health
Hope 4 Cancer Cancun Clinic

Available Treatments at Hope4Cancer Treatment Center

Meet the Doctor Antonio Jimenez, MD, ND


Antonio Jimenez, MD, ND

Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Hope4Cancer® Treatment Centers in Mexico (Tijuana and Cancun). After completing his undergraduate studies in the United States, Dr. Jimenez received his MD from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara Faculty of Medicine in Mexico, and his ND from the Trinity School of Natural Health.

A licensed medical practitioner in Mexico and Spain, Dr. Jimenez has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research and implementation of non-toxic and integrative strategies to treat cancer, chronic infections, and immune disorders.

A testament to over 25 years of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Jimenez’s most recent accomplishments include the authorship of Hope for Cancer: 7 Principles to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey. Based on the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, the comprehensive and integrative treatment protocol pioneered by Dr. Jimenez, the book outlines the groundbreaking foundation of the Hope4Cancer Healing Program, including the use of non-toxic and tumor-selective therapies such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, SuniveraTM Immunotherapy, and Salgena Immunotherapy.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jimenez has traveled to more than 70 countries learning, training and researching new approaches to treat cancer. His innovative and extensive work developing and refining such therapies can be found featured in several peer-reviewed articles and has earned him invitations to speak at various forums and broadcasts across the world, including celebrity Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Health Summit, UNIVISION’s First Impact, and the Ask Dr. Nandi show.

In 2016, Dr. Jimenez was the honored recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Ty Bollinger’s Truth About Cancer organization. He has been among a select group of integrative cancer therapy experts invited to speak at the Truth About Cancer’s 2016, 2017, and 2019 Live Symposiums, and was a featured participant in The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest (2015) and The Quest for the Cures… Continues (2014) docuseries.

Dr. Jimenez is a Diplomat of the Canadian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine, and an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians (IOICP), and the International Society of Medical Laser Applications (ISLA).

To learn more about Dr. Antonio Jimenez and Hope4Cancer® Treatment Centers, visit hope4cancer.com

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Conditions Treated

All stages of Cancer

What Patients Say

"I was very satisfied with the testing, the treatments, and the consultations. The staff is caring, well-informed, and professionally competent. We found that our experience at Hope for Cancer was encouraging and very helpful in developing a healthy lifestyle."
Prostate cancer
"I had to make a quick decision on where to treat my cancer after a reoccurrence in March of 2023. Deciding to go to H4C was the best decision in my life. The doctors, therapists, nutritionists, nurses, chefs, housekeeping crew, and all other key employees changed my life in every way imaginable."
"Cancun is a gorgeous place to heal and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this medical spa. I loved my doctor (Rodolfo) and the nurses and therapists were quite amazing also. Dr. Tony Jimenez is a wonderful, humble and intelligent Christian man."
Naomi Heidorn
Breast Cancer

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Av Del Pacifico 650, Playas, Monumental, 22504 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

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Hope4cancer approach to treating cancer
Discover the Hope4Cancer Difference: Mexico's Alternative Cancer Treatment Center


Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the survival rate at H4C?
The clinic conducted a quality-of-life assessment on hundreds of randomly selected cancer patients, mostly stage IV. The study found that over 70% of patients demonstrated sustained or improved quality of life in four categories: functional, emotional, social, and physical.
Does H4C take insurance?
Unfortunately, most insurances won't cover alternative treatments. However, it may be possible to get significant reimbursement on a PPO insurance plan. Click here for a free evaluation. https://www.medicalbillgurus.com/resources/heal-navigator/
What kinds of food are served during treatment?
Each patient meets with the in-house nutritionist and gets a personalized diet plan. The plan builds on the patient's blood test results, cancer type, and lifestyle factors. The chefs then prepare the meals based on the patients' needs. The basis of the full-spectrum nutrition program is a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish for protein. Some patients, however, will benefit more from a Keto diet. In addition to three meals daily, patients get lemon water in the morning, a wheatgrass shot, golden milk, and two green juices. Protein smoothies are also available to ensure patients' calorie intake. As for snacks, sprouted/dehydrated almonds and walnuts, dehydrated vegetables and fruits, and dehydrated bars made from ingredients like spirulina and coconut are always available.
What is the difference between Hope4Cancer’s two locations, Tijuana and Cancun?
: Hope4Cancer Tijuana is an in-patient facility and is better suited for patients who may need closer medical attention. The facility consists of three conjoined houses with living quarters scattered throughout. The day often starts as early as 6:30 am, and lights out occur at 10:00 pm, but patients have the freedom and flexibility to manage schedules to their liking. Therapy routines take place Sunday - Friday, with free time offered on alternating Saturdays, still allowing time for therapies. Hope4Cancer Cancun is an outpatient facility. Patients stay at one of the beachfront resorts just a few steps away from the modern clinic doors. Therapies are Monday-Saturday; patients are picked up by a shuttle system and arrive at the clinic around 7:30/8:00 am. Therapies continue until about 3:00 pm.

Hope4Cancer Treatment Center Reviews

38 reviews
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January 2024
Belinda Ruffel ,Oklahoma connect with Belinda Ruffel
Medical Condition Stage 4- squamous cell rectal cancer

I highly recommend Hope For Cancer. I was there for the 21 day protocol in May 2021. The they recommend a mostly keto diet and food was delicious there. Think I could have made the necessary changes on my own. We did at least six or seven treatments per day, including the hyperbaric chamber for an hour each day I made some progress. The tumor started shrinking,. The doctors recommended that I stay and do low-dose radiation, which I did. After 33 sessions, I rang the bell! My body was continuing to get healthier. Hope For Cancer gave me many treatments. I could do at home. I followed up diligently and received my no evidence of disease through bloodwork and colonoscopy in late October 2022! I am eternally grateful.

Previous Treatments None
Improvements Appetite, Better scans CT, Blood results, Digestion, General mood, Pain
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August 2023
Medical Condition Stage 3 Head and Neck Cancer
Previous Treatments None
Improvements Appetite, Blood results, General mood, Sleep
2 people found this helpful
August 2023
Paul Sobczak
Medical Condition Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Checked in 8/8/2023 and just arrived back home with great results. My tumors have stopped growing and the blood supply has been greatly diminished. EVERY returning patient had positive things to say about the direction their cancer was going. Highly recommend this facility for anyone who needs hope for dealing with cancer.

Previous Treatments None
1 people found this helpful
June 2023
Medical Condition Prostate cancer

I was very satisfied with the testing, the treatments, and the consultations. The staff is caring, well-informed, and professionally competent. We found that our experience at Hope for Cancer was encouraging and very helpful in developing a healthy lifestyle. David

Previous Treatments None
Diet Vegan
Improvements Blood results
2 people found this helpful
April 2023
Medical Condition Leiomyosarcoma

I had to make a quick decision on where to treat my cancer after a reoccurrence in March of 2023. Deciding to go to H4C was the best decision in my life. The doctors, therapists, nutritionists, nurses, chefs, housekeeping crew, and all other key employees changed my life in every way imaginable. I met some amazing friends that were dealing with all types of cancer. I can't wait to go back to see everyone. Because of the H4C program, I can now live an awesome, healthy life knowing that cancer doesn't define me and that this method of treatment was best for my circumstances. Thank you team. I miss you all! 🤗

Previous Treatments Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
Improvements Better scans CT, Blood results, Digestion, General mood, MRI, Pain, Sleep
3 people found this helpful
October 2022
Medical Condition Breast Cancer

Cancun is a gorgeous place to heal and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this medical spa. I loved my doctor (Rodolfo) and the nurses and therapists were quite amazing also. Dr. Tony Jimenez is a wonderful, humble and intelligent Christian man. I am blessed to have had a consultation with him. My reason for a rating of only 3 stars is because once you leave the program the follow up support ("Home Program") is extremely poor and once you leave the tx center no one from the center will help you. I have had some serious medical issues come up as a direct result of my treatments and cannot get anyone at H4C to help me. I also cannot seem to get copies of invoices to submit for an insurance claim. Struggling because I really, really want to give this place a high score but this part of the program which we paid for is so very lacking.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
Improvements General mood
4 people found this helpful
July 2022
Medical Condition Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Sadly my visit turned bad under 30days after leaving the clinic. I was constantly having to chase after my nurses or doctors for assistance. They wait until the last minute to do tests and give you results prior to your departure. They do NOT tailor a program to your specific case.
When I arrived I was stage 2/3 and within 60 days of their care the cancer aggressively spread and metastasized! (I am not the only case of this)

Disappointment doesn't begin to describe my time there. I have also spoken to several former patients who all got worse AFTER doing their treatments.
They are NOT equipped to deal with cancer and I would STRONGLY recommend finding another clinic if you want a chance of survival.

Their home support program is a joke. Impossible to speak directly to your MD or any practitioner you worked with. They won't even connect you with anyone in the administration office and they give a canned message each time.
This is not a place to go to fight for life. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!
Their nutrition plan is abysmal and dangerous. The give you foods that actually fuel the cancer (fruits such as bananas and pears should NOT be consumed if you are in active cancer phase) Rice pasta is NOT ok, especially for Breast Cancer patients (insulin spike-blood sugars MUST be balanced)

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements No improvement
4 people found this helpful
November 2021
Teresa Scott
Medical Condition Grade 4, stage 4b endometrial cancer

By the time I came to H4C, I was already technically “cured”. I didn’t learn about H4C until I was already in remission from my cancer, a year after my death sentence. Had I known about H4C, I would have definitely chosen it sooner. But H4C is part of my health maintenance journey today. I travel to Cancun for some much needed R&R about every 6 months. And at least one of those days each time, I come to the clinic and get some IVC or some olive leave extract, and some ozone, or whatever the doctors recommend for me. I’m 6 years out from my death sentence now, in November 2021. And my aim is to live for many more years, visiting twice a year to continue supporting my health and celebrate my gift of continued life.

Previous Treatments Radiation, Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Gluten Free
Improvements General mood, Pain
2 people found this helpful
August 2021
Medical Condition Hormone Positive Breast cancer, Stage 4

I went to Hope in Feb 2021 and left Mar after 3-week in clinic treatment at Tijuana. Cancer had metastasized to bones. My test before leaving showed improvements and a slight drop in cancer marker. I was sent home with an at-home protocol. I just had first follow up in July and cancer in bones are healing except for one spot on T5 so I was given similar home protocol to follow.
I love Hope4Cancer as it's a family atmosphere. The entire staff (medical, management, finance, kitchen, housekeeping) is friendly and kind. Most of all it's a spiritual environment and that alone helps to heal if you believe in Jesus.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Improvements Appetite, Better scans CT, Blood results, General mood, MRI
1 people found this helpful
February 2021
Shari Hall Smith
Medical Condition Metastatic breast cancer

Originally diagnosed in 1992 and then metastasize in 2014 I have done alternative combined with the Western medicine for many years Never opted for chemotherapy but have utilized oral/injection medication and radiation. I was treated with successful results in 2014 at a German clinic but what I found at Hope 4 Cancer is a comprehensive healing program that includes nutrition and emotional aspects. The facilities were up-to-date and clean but most impressive was the positive attitudes and compassion of every staff member. Staying across the street at Live Aqua was also an incredible experience with the facilities the staff and their willingness to accommodate diet and extend every added benefit. The three month home program @ H4C Has been comprehensive and individualized providing me with confidence beyond the 3 week clinic protocol. Going into my 29th year managing cancer I would encourage anyone navigating this disease to consider treatment with Hope 4 Cancer

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy, Radiation, Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
Improvements Appetite, Better scans CT, Blood results, Digestion, General mood, MRI, Nausea, Pain, Sleep
1 people found this helpful

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