Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

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Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT), an advanced method of destroying cancer cells.

SPDT begins with the administration of SP Activate, a nontoxic sensitizer that responds to specific wavelengths of both light and sound. Structurally similar to chlorophyll, SP Activate remains in cancer cells but is released by healthy cells.

When SP Activate is exposed to the correct light and sound frequencies, it “explodes” into free radical oxygen, which destroys the cancer cells. The inflammation caused by this “explosion” attracts the immune system to get involved, amplifying the effects of the treatment. Because healthy cells are unharmed, SPDT does not cause side effects.

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy Testimonials

Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy
Battling Cancer with Light

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy- Relevant Research and News

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