What is Thalassotherapy?


Thalassotherapy is a complementary therapy that uses the sea’s calming characteristics. The name is derived from the Greek word “thalassa,” which means “ocean.


How does Thalassotherapy work?


Thalassotherapy is an effective therapy that occurs when a person’s skin comes into touch with seawater, allowing sodium and chloride to infiltrate and enter the body, according to a 2019 review. It can then affect skin cells by changing the pressure inside of them, which may prevent cell death.

The air near the sea is also cleaner than city air and contains less allergen. 

A number of plant and animal chemicals found in the sea, according to the study, have beneficial characteristics. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in salmon oil and cod liver oil, for example.

Other health-related activities, such as exercise and relaxation time, are included in certain thalassotherapy programs. This could help to explain why it’s so popular as an alternative therapy.

Sea air, according to proponents of Thalassotherapy, can be beneficial. When individuals breathe in, it contains microscopic particles of seawater, which they ingest. This could indicate they are ingesting little amounts of minerals in this way. No research has been done to support this.


What is the duration of Thalassotherapy?


The treatment’s intensity and duration mostly determine Thalasso therapy’s effectiveness. Consider the following scenario:

• Three to four treatments each week are advised throughout six weeks.

• For a week, three to four treatments per day are recommended.


What are the benefits of Thalassotherapy?


· Stimulating endocrine functions, including thyroid, adrenal, parathyroid, and sexual glands.

· Improvement of blood circulation.

· Increased sweating.

· Increase in red and white blood cells.

· Smoother, unobstructed breathing


What are the Types of Thalassotherapy?


• Mineral-rich spa bath: Relaxing bath.

• Seaweed bath: Luminaria replenishes the body’s trace components.

• Hydro massage: A type of bath in which jets control the direction of the water flow to target troublesome regions. Muscles, joints, and circulation are all relieved.

• Seawater Affusion sprays: Seawater contains negative ions, which are good for the respiratory system, allergies, inflammation, and overall re-energizing of the body.

• Lymphatic system stimulation with an underwater shower Improves circulation, aids weight loss, and relieves gouty joints.

• Baths for the hands and feet: Improve circulation and relieve joint gout.


What conditions is Thalassotherapy used for?


· Fibromyalgia

· Skin conditions

· Musculoskeletal conditions

· Stroke

· Chronic Pain


What research has been done on Thalassotherapy?


The efficiency of Thalassotherapy has only been examined in a few scientific studies. However, proponents argue that it is helpful because of the chemicals found in seawater. A number of minerals are abundant in seawater, including:

· Sodium

· Chloride

· Magnesium

· Potassium

· Calcium

· Iodine

The video by Plan B HTS International Healthcare, mention key points about Thalassotherapy and its benefits:


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