Transfer Factors

What is transfer factor? A transfer factor is a substance extracted from a person or animal who has gained immunity (protection) against a certain disease. 

Until now, transfer factors for a variety of diseases have only been developed in laboratories for research purposes. Researchers want to know if transfer factors can impart immunity to people who need it. 

Transfer factors are administered as injections or orally.



What to Expect from TF Therapy?

Transfer factor from one person’s white blood cells may elicit a specific immunological response when injected into another person’s skin since it is a chemical created by some white blood cells.


Possible Side Effects

· Fever

· Tenderness

· Pain

· Swelling

Transfer factors are likely safe when utilized for around two years in adults.


A Clinical Summary of the Therapy

The therapy is still in its early phases of effectiveness and application in cancer treatment centers. 

Some preliminary research suggests that patients with early-stage lung and cervical malignancies had an increased survival rate. 

 However, the evidence for treating more advanced tumors is still ambiguous and in the experimental stage.



What Types of Cancer Can TF Therapy Treat?

Lung Cancer: In an attempt to create a hybrid treatment plan for cancer patients, researchers have combined transfer factor shots with traditional lung cancer treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy. 

A preliminary study suggests that transfer factor may improve survival in persons with advanced-stage lung cancer (Stage 3A or 3B) and patients with large cell carcinoma.


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