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About Immunotherapy Institute

Why Choose Immunotherapy Institute?
The Immunotherapy Institute is diligent in its research and selects the best alternative cancer treatment programs. They are confident that their patients will thrive at Immunotherapy Institute because of the depth of their staff’s experience, professionalism, and compassion.

We can Assist When No one else can
The team has spent many years creating the best natural treatments for cancer. Because they are able to apply proven and non-conventional treatments that are not available anywhere else, stage IV cancers are the clinics’ specialty. Patients are protected from radiation and chemotherapy side effects by using the immune system. The Institute’s doctors are true pioneers and are available to patients who have been told that they are not able to receive treatment.

We are a Technologically-Advanced Medical Facility.
The clinic uses top-notch technology that one won’t find anywhere else in Tijuana. They make use of unique advanced technology one can only get at this center. It is fully customizable to meet their needs and those of their patients. Multi-disciplinary expertise allows them to identify the best technologies for whole-patient healing.

Our Doctors are World-Class.
The clinic is the only holistic treatment center in Tijuana that has a board-certified, certified oncologist on staff. All of their doctors are also leaders in their fields. The Institute is home to many innovators who have revolutionized cancer treatment in the last few decades. Many of the doctors were educated abroad and have completed fellowships at renowned universities such as Stanford University, Yale University, and the University of California in San Diego (UCSD).

We’re Affordable
The Institute is not like other cancer treatment programs in the US. They are always trying to improve their processes and increase efficiency to reduce our costs. This allows them to pass savings on to their patients. The clinic is located in Tijuana and has significantly lower overhead costs. Patients are often shocked to discover that the Institute offers an affordable alternative to cancer treatment. As an added benefit, they work with an independent patient advocacy organization that assists their patients in recovering some of their costs from private insurance.

Backed by an internationally-recognized Hospital 
The Institute is backed by an internationally-recognized hospital – Angeles Hospital, which is part of Mexico’s largest private hospital network. All the facilities and services available at major hospitals are available to their hospice and emergency patients, including 24-hour inpatient care and accreditation of staff and facilities.

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Immunotherapy Institute Cost and Additional Expenses

  • AUTOLOGOUS IMMUNOTHERAPY- This focuses on the Autologous immunotherapy it is a 2- visit 5-day program and has a cost of $10,000 USD
  • CORNERSTONE PROGRAM- This focuses on our top 2 treatments against cancer, the Autologous immunotherapy, and systemic perfusion hyperthermia, it is a 2-visit 5-day program and has a cost of $13,500 USD
  • FULL PROGRAM- This fully personalized cancer program includes the elements of our cornerstone program plus IV therapies, detox, metabolic treatments, etc. This is an 18-day program and has an average cost of between $21,000- $24,000.
Included in the Price:
Airport Transportation
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Available Treatments at Immunotherapy Institute

Meet Medical Director: Dr. Ariel Perez Carbajal


Medical director: Dr. Ariel Perez Carbajal

Director of Functional Medicine

Dr Perez is a functional/integrative physician, specializing in the treatment of chronic illnesses. He graduated from Baja California’s State University U.B.C. as a General Practitioner. Additional training and certification followed at the Institute for Functional Medicine, where he finished at the top of his class. His studies also include orthomolecular medicine, cellular nutrition, hyperthermia, hyperbaric chamber, ozone treatment, bioenergetics, exercise, and applied kinesiology.

Dr. Perez has developed many functional medicine programs for hospitals, where he normally also takes on the role of department head of functional medicine services.

“My mission is to improve patient outcomes through prevention, early assessment, and comprehensive management of complex, chronic disease by identifying and healing the underlying clinical imbalances of chronic disease, creating momentum towards health.”

Degrees & Professional Affiliations

•Graduate, Baja California State University, U.B.C.

•Member, National Board of General Practitioners

•Member, Tijuana association of GPs

•Certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine ( ACCME®)

•Certified in Bioenergetics by the Vega academy Germany

•Certified in Hyperthermia by the Heckel Academy Germany

•Certified in Medical Ozone Therapy by the Medical Society for Ozone

•Certified on applied Kinesiology by the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara


Alejandro Martinez Nava, Clinical Oncologist
Dr. Alfonso Martinez, Lead Treating Physician
Dr. Andres Meraz, Treating Physician
Cesar Amescua, Pain Management Specialist
Dr. Jose Guadalupe Rios, Hematologist / Clinical Internist
Nancy Miranda, Onco-rehab, physiotherapist
Anette Solorio, Clinical Nutritionist
Cynthia Sanchez, Head Nurse
Luis Chavez, Nurse
Yessenia Jaquez, Patient coordinator
Gabriela Rodriguez, Lead Case Manager
Cintly Zabicky, Follow Up Coordinator

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Avenida Diego Rivera 2339, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

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Hope Renewed: Stage 4 Colon Cancer Patient Trip to Mexico for CAR T-Cell & Autologous Immunotherapy


Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Immunotherapy Institute Reviews

27 reviews
January 2024
Elsie Schulz ,Ontario connect with Elsie Schulz
Medical Condition Non-Hodgkins Mantle Cell Lymphoma Stage 3

I received Hyperthermia, Autologous Immunotherapy and CAR-T-CELL therapy at the end of July 2022. They are absolutely wonderful at the Immunotherapy institute in Tijuana. I felt so well taken care of.

The PET scan October 28, 2022 showed Deauville scores of 1 and 2 with no active Lymphoma.

Previous Treatments None
Improvements Appetite, Better scans CT, General mood
1 people found this helpful
September 2021
Medical Condition Stage 1, Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 1, carcinoma in situ. As it was found very early, it was only 1.7 cm when it was diagnosed.
I had already researched Immunotherapy Institute previously for my father (Stage 4 colon cancer, 2012) and Father in law (leukemia, 2019) neither would consider alternative therapies and both passed very quickly and in much pain.
When I was diagnosed I immediately knew where I would go. Previously with both my father and father-in-law I contacted the clinic and had fantastic consultations with Dr. Arial Perez. (he spent well over 2 hours each time)
I reached out through the webform, and Gabriella, the intake coordinator, recognized my name and called within about an hour! She quickly arranged a consultation with Dr. Perez for me.
About a month later I was in Tijuana for their 3 week treatment.
They arranged my lodging and provided a custom diet while I was there. The staff is wonderfully friendly, caring and make you feel like family, but are also very professional.
I joked with them often that I felt like I was on vacation (aside from my constant IVs)
One notable difference from treatment in the US, the doctors there in the clinic are always available. They don't sit in private offices. They sit in the treatment room with the patients, where they have one desk area and are never far away. They have time to come and sit, chat, make jokes and in general be friendly.
Everyone from the receptionist, Yessenia, Nurse Nancy, the follow-up coordinator Cintli, Dr. Alfonso, - yes, first name basic with everyone - were very friendly and welcoming. Even my driver Adelmo was so fun! I practiced Spanish on him, and amused him greatly.
Unlike some of the other clinics in the area, I was able to video ALL of my treatment. There is a documentary about cancer treatments where a patient went to another clinic, but they would not allow that. Dr. Perez gave me full permission to record all I wished.
I'm just starting to upload the videos to my YouTube Channel, The Larry and Cara Show, hopefully I will be finished by the end of October 2021
I enjoyed my time there so much I felt sad to leave when my time was up.
They have continued to follow up with me by email and by phone since I came home.

One other note, my friend came to spend part of her vacation with me there and was able to have a stem cell treatment for her diabetes while at the clinic with me. Within a few months she no longer had diabetes.

After I left the clinic I wasn't able to get another MRI when I got home, as my oncologist didn't think it was necessary. She did tell me that my ultrasound showed the tumor to be smaller. She says that the tumor is now around .7 cm. She believes it to be shrinking, and it is definitely not growing. Thermograms don't show it at all!

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy
Diet Organic
Improvements General mood
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January 2020
Mike Monahan
Medical Condition n/a

Marginal value for cost.
Poor dietary protocol.
Nice staff but limited program.
Overall some improvement and time will tell more.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements General mood
June 2019
Rachelle Vallevand
Medical Condition Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer

This clinic definitely saved my husband’s life...however, you need to be prepared for less timely and reliable customer service once they get your money, and especially if you need to go back for follow up treatments. When you try to talk to them about this, the response is, “I’m so sorry you feel this way.” No accountability and no reparation. Although they initially come across as being 100% about caring for people, please remember that it is still a business to them. It is still about the money. Just a head’s up so you’re not disillusioned like we were.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements Digestion
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Google Reviews
Janice M. Wood
Janice M. Wood
I have learned more about my disease and what I did wrong up until this point.I’ve also learned the importance of what to do moving forward.
Bohc Corp
Bohc Corp
What do you say about place that treats you like it your fault after the results comes out different than what they hoped.
Bohc Corp
Bohc Corp
What a wonderful experience of healing.
Daniel Raphael
Daniel Raphael
After researching many clinics in Mexico to optimize my health, I intuitively decided to go to Immunotherapy Mexico. The team was incredible, especially Diego who not only coordinated everything and answered all my questions but truly cared as a human being and helped me get the best treatment. I left feeling more clear, alive and empowered than ever before and my energy levels, work, and life have all been improving after spending 5 days at their clinic. Super grateful and definitely recommend them to all. They are the real deal and their treatments are unparalleled!
Eric Graham
Eric Graham
Their practice is based on science they told me. I spent 2 hours on the phone with their Doctor convincing me that all their treatments revolve around science. I got all my appointments set up to see them and fly into TJ, and they send me this in an email."Our COVID protocol is the following:For patients/companions that have not been fully vaccinated we ask for a PCR test no more than 5 days prior to arrival.For patients/companions that have been fully vaccinated we ask that you please bring proof of vaccination and a negative antigen (rapid test) result of no more than five days prior to arrival. For this option to apply, second dose (for two dose vaccine) or one dose (for a unidose vaccine) must have been administered at least 4 weeks prior to arrival for treatment."I don't really care about anyone's opinion on how scary this pandemic was throughout the world. What I care about is a clinic that works with science and doesn't just sell it as a marketing ploy. The Country of Mexico deactivated the nationwide system that even discusses Covid. At this point in most of Mexico Masks are not required. Testing isn't required but this Science based Clinic is requiring it. How odd that is. How can anyone trust a place that is worried about a 0.03% chance of dying from a bug that is less harmful than the flu?I was ready to spend $30,000 with this place. I had no issues with it until the fine print was sent to me. I never once had to get a COVID test for my treatments even during the big scare for doing Chemo for 6 months in 2021 in the USA at Kaiser Permanente. Why would that be? Why would Kaiser not require this when they have far more to lose then a little Tijuana Clinic in Mexico?I sent many emails back and forth with Karen. She wouldn't forward me onto the Doctor I spoke with. Why is that? Why would a company make Karen a NON-Doctor the gatekeeper? Or was she just applying her own bias? I just wanted an answer and all I got was this is our policy. You be the judge if you want to spend your hard earned money with a clinic that empowers the receptionist to answer the hard questions.
I have been coming to Dr since I was a baby. The center is honest, friendly and will always do their upmost best to provide great service to you.
A great place and friendly environment! The staff and doctors are brilliant! Even greet you on a first name basis… Thanks.
Phillip Palmer
Phillip Palmer
Dr has been attending to my family for over a decade. He is a caring and thoughtful doctor, always putting you at ease with his detailed explanations.
They always take care of me and I love their activities,I just hate when they give me instead of my ensure.
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz
Great!She’s so very well trained and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I found her. The clinic is very clean, modern, and friendly. You can’t go wrong!
Neil George
Neil George
Best medical center within 100 miles, I’ve been recommending to all of my friends and family. The technicians really know how to inject fillers without the pain that normally comes with it.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
State of the art facility. Safe, disinfected atmosphere and clean. Outstanding customer service. Thank you.
Monika Kustosik
Monika Kustosik
The medical center staff here make you feel at home and comfortable. I’m thankful I found this facility.
Adalyn Johnson
Adalyn Johnson
Very well behaved, good service really Appreciateable
Greata Lendio
Greata Lendio
All the staffs are helpful and the facility is quite favourable.Immunotherapy Institute was a very nice.
Very good services at fortis medical centre... Had been here for a health check up.... Thank you... Keep it up
Tushar Goel
Tushar Goel
Stuff behaviour and support are good. Patient management is good. Overall experience is good..
Excellent doctors I recommend them very good service
Dr. Andy Mraz
Dr. Andy Mraz
definitely the place where I have been able to carry out my profession in an incredible way, a place where I have grown in all aspects as a professional and as an individual, where I have the opportunity to be closer to my patients and empathize with them.
I've known about Dr. Perez and his team for over 15 years and have seen first hand the great things they are doing with their patients, from their personalized treatment plans to their relaxed but fully equipped facilities, they absolutely have hit the marker when we talk about what cancer care should be like!!!
Jocelyne Solis
Jocelyne Solis
Steve Vincent
Steve Vincent
I spent most of May and all of July at Immunotherapy Institute in 2021. My experience was absolutely wonderful!All of the staff was focused on the care of the patients. No matter what it was that we needed, they would take care of it for you. They sincerely are looking out for the patients best interest. This is the type of care that we all wish for, but seldom if ever experience it.Dr. Alfonso Martinez was the main doctor on the floor overseeing everything that was happening in the treatment area. He has a lot of knowledge in a lot of different areas and it was great to learn so much from him.The nurses, dietician, physical therapists and psychotherapist were all very professional yet personable at the same time. They all appreciated the opportunity to be the one giving you the care you came to receive.Dr Alejandro Martinez was my oncologist and he specialized in the treatment of the type of cancer I had. (Head and neck) He did an amazing job at eliminating the two large growths I had on my neck with low dose chemo and low dose radiation without the use of risky surgery.Dr Ariel Perez, Carlos Zavala, and Miguel Barajas have put together an incredible team of people who work very well together. Dr Andres Meraz was also an upbeat physician who always had time to share a story or answer any questions for you.My wife and I have referred a number of people to look into this facility for care for their cancer and will continue to do so. Yessenia Jaquez went above and beyond to help us with anything we needed!( Even a sugar free gluten free birthday cake :) Cintly Zabicky continues to contact us and keep us informed of anything she feels would help benefit us.If you are looking for an amazing place for treating your cancer needs, give this place a call and find out for yourself! We highly recommend this team!Love and Gratitude,Steve Vincent
Pamela Defronze
Pamela Defronze

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