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About Verita Life Thailand

Verita Life Thailand is an integrative cancer clinic specializing in scientifically proven treatments and highly personalized care.

Treating the body as a whole and using a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer is the principal philosophy that underpins this unique clinic.

Verita Life Thailand is also part of the global group Verita Healthcare, with another cancer clinic in Mexico and preventative health facilities worldwide.

Verita’s Advantage: 

  • State-of-the-art German medical devices and protocols, such as Local Hyperthermia.
  • Internationally trained doctors, medical experts, and nursing staff.
  • A wide range of Intravenous and oral anticancer medicines, including supplements and herbs with proven therapeutic value.
  • Personalised treatment plans to suit each patient individually.

• Low dose chemotherapy in the form of IPT. This is a powerful and effective treatment without the harsh side effects of traditional chemotherapy.

• Highly effective immunotherapies to boost a patient’s natural responses, such as Dendritic Cell, NK Cell, and CIK cells therapies.

  • A personalized anti-cancer diet and an in-house kitchen.
  • In-house nutritionist and herbalist.
  • Concierge service which includes airport pickup, daily clinic transfers, and 24-hour on-call medical assistance.
  • Caring and supportive environment
  • Treats the patient’s body as a whole.
  • Follow-up care and take-home treatments after departure.


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Verita Life Thailand Cost and Additional Expenses

The intensive cancer program is about 4-8 weeks, and the price range is $6,500-$9,500 per week

The prevention program is up to 6 weeks.

The price includes:

  • Treatment plan
  • 3 meals a day
  • Airport pick up


The price does not include accommodation. A discounted accommodation can be arranged at a nearby 5-star hotel, for $3,000, for 45 nights.

* The Clinic offers a free consultation to review your medical history and complete a treatment plan to suit each person’s individual needs. Time and cost vary according to each patient.

Included in the Price:
  • 3 Meals a day
Airport Transportation
  • Pick up form the airport to your hotel
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Contact the Clinic

Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Available Treatments at Verita Life Thailand

Meet Dr Abdulla El Hossami, MD


Dr Abdulla El Hossami, MD

Dr. Abdulla El Hossami is a specialist in integrative cancer treatments and the medical team leader at Verita Live Bangkok.

Dr. Hossami use a protocol he created for immune cell therapy and supports his patients throughout their journey by providing guidance and emotional support.

He believes that patients should be treated like family members and provide support whenever necessary.

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Conditions Treated

Cancer (The patient has to be 16 or older)

General Information


Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

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Travelling to Thailand for cancer treatments

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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Verita Life Thailand Reviews

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May 2024
Julie Palmer ,Victoria Australia
Medical Condition Metastatic breast cancer

"Dr. Hossami, Julie Palmer, a patient at Veritalife Thailand, died on April 4th, 2024, after returning home with promising actionable scan results provided by your clinic to her metastatic breast cancer. However, Australian oncologists found severe discrepancies, indicating her cancer had exponentially and significantly progressed. Additionally and despite assurances from you, that Julie was on the road to recovery. Julie's health deteriorated rapidly upon returning to Australia causing admission to the ICU THE VERY NEXT DAY OF HER RETURN to Australia, eventually leading to her death. We both attempted to reach out for clarification, from Veritalife and you in particular for direction and assurance, but we received no response at all and this was all promised to Julie leaving you and your facility. This tragic outcome occurred after 19 weeks of intensive treatment at your facility when we were told that 6 weeks would be adequate. And raises severe medical concerns and question to your actual treatment regime. It also raises alarm bells to serious concerns about the care Veritalife and you provided Julie and towards the accuracy of the scan results you assured Julie were encouraging as she left your facility. Julie was aged 63, came home at 41 kg and her lungs were filled with fluid on return home but leaving AUSTRALIA she was approximately 65kg. She returned home in severe respiratory distress with 4 Ltr of fluid in one lung and one ltr of fluid in the other lung but so devastatingly sick, and you declared her fit to fly home and without oxygen , really Dr Hossami? When Julie was given the news here by the oncologist in AUSTRALIA , It completely broke her heart and shattered us all especially as she and I were expecting correlation to your scan results. She was told straight out that her cancer had progressed seriously and she would not survive and that they recommend palliative care immediately from this point on? Julie and I trusted Veritalife and you, only to be let down so Severely and devastatingly it is hard for us to comprehend . Ultimately we buried Julie on April 26th, 2024. This unethical behaviour has devastated our family not just to losing my dear wife but has broken my daughter on losing her mother, physically and spiritually. We are suffering financially now as a result as a family and this abomination demands accountability from you and Veritalife." Anthony Donnellan

Previous Treatments Biological therapy, Chemotherapy, Radiation
Improvements No improvement, Other
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August 2022
Medical Condition Stage 4 breast cancer

I have nothing but praise for all the staff at the clinic. They are kind, gentle and extremely professional. Every day they do what they can to give each patient their best day possible.
I am very happy with my progress after just six weeks.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements Blood results
1 people found this helpful
July 2022
Medical Condition Cancer of the brain

I absolutely recommend Verita Life Thailand. I went to Verita in July 5 yrs ago with brain cancer and I am now doing good,Dr Hossami and his team go above and beyond to find solutions and to make you feel comfortable and supported. If you're looking a safe, effective, personalised and integrative approach to treating your cancer, this is the place.

Diet Vegetarian
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December 2021
Medical Condition Metastatic Thyroid Cancer

Absolutely recommend. I arrived at Verita Life Thailand with stage 4 thyroid cancer. In Australia I'd had numerous neck surgeries and two rounds of Radioactive Iodine Therapy but the cancer was still growing and had spread to my lungs. I began a home protocol from Verita Life until I could get to Thailand and this alone showed some improvement. I travelled to Thailand to receive treatment and I am now in remission. The care I received from Dr Hossami and the staff was outstanding and I'm very grateful I made the decision to try something different to what was available to me here in Australia. The follow up care and monitoring of my condition since being home has been fantastic. At Veritalife you are treated as a whole person, not just a type of cancer, and I believe that has been key in my success.

Previous Treatments Radiation
Diet Organic
Improvements Better scans CT
July 2021
Medical Condition Lung cancer mesothelioma

They show a good impression, do everything they can to keep you comfortable and happy. They collect money every few days. Keep your payments up front. They are very expensive. I stayed 6 weeks spent circa 1 million Thai Baht. I had a PET scan before I started and another at the same hospital with the same radiologist doing the scan and report. My cancer had increased. They tried to persuade me to stay longer, spend more money.. I went back to the bangkok Hospital had radiation and immunotherapy, I have survived my cancer is reduced. Greig Ferguson ( on facebook ) who sat next to me during my time at verrita life and was there before I arrived, Stayed longer. He sold his house spent all his money there.. he died shortly after.. I don't recommend going there

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Diet Low Sugar
Improvements No improvement
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