The Forgiveness Healing Process™

Pamela Gregory

Pamela’s unique, proprietary approach guides individuals (and their families) in identifying and healing core traumas that have contributed to the cause of their dis-ease.

Pamela Gregory, Therapist and EFT Practitioner 

About Pamela

Pamela Gregory began her career in the health and wellness industry over 30 years ago where she worked as a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. In 2003, her focus shifted to emotional fitness and the healing impact forgiveness has on one’s health. By blending the science of psychoneuroimmunology, (the study of how the mind and emotions affect the immune system), and the spiritual practice of forgiveness, she developed a unique protocol called The Forgiveness Healing Process™.

Pamela’s unique, proprietary approach guides individuals (and their families) in identifying and healing
core traumas that have contributed to the cause of their dis-ease.

Her intensive work with cancer patients at Utopia Wellness helped Pamela fine-tune her protocol to
quickly ascertain the unique root cause of each patient’s unhealed trauma, allowing them to achieve results where other methods have failed. Whether working in a cancer clinic or conducting private sessions, Pamela’s approach is equally effective.

Having created life-changing impact with her approach, Pamela has: Assisted cancer patients in 
becoming cancer-free; Helped clients resolve grief due to death, suicide, loss, or divorce; Assisted individuals in preparing for successful organ donation while imparting knowledge that healing doesn’t end with the transplant; Mastered identifying and clearing root causes of issues that are linked to disease of body, mind, and spirit; Taught individuals how forgiveness and love heals deep rooted issues where nothing else can; Guided individuals in resolving stress and the emotional drivers shown to be contributing factors to dis-ease of all types.


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Read Testimonials

Angus Tylor
London, UK
Following a bad cancer prognosis in 2010 a close friend introduced me to Pamela. Despite the very dire outlook provided by previous physicians who advised I would be lucky to see out 2010 – I am still here – never did chemo or radiation – I just changed everything else. Working through quite a bit of emotional baggage with Pamela was pivotal in the process of my well-being.
Guy Harvey
Fairfield, Iowa
Pamela was the first person that truly taught me how to use forgiveness to heal deep unresolved issues in my life. Forgiveness practices are the cornerstone of any healing regime and Pamela is master of this field.”
Caryn A.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I was introduced to Pamela after my husband's suicide. Though I'd been to therapists to heal my grief, nothing worked and I was still in bed after six months. After just one session with Pamela, she helped me see how the suicide wasn't my fault and I let go of the guilt once and for all. I'm forever grateful to her and how Forgiveness Healing impacted my life.

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