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I’m here to help you find a safe and effective supplement protocol to follow during your treatment –  A protocol designed to help you strengthen your immune system and lessen side effects.

Dr. Francisco Martinez

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Your Consultation includes:

Full Medical Review

Scans, lab results, other conditions

Follow Up

During the first month

Personalized Plan

Detailed plan based on integrative and alternative best practices + prescription when needed

Fully Remote

1:1 Video or Voice call

Consultation Price $130

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About the Doctor

Dr. Martinez has been researching and practicing the benefits and potential of combining conventional and alternative medicine to achieve a quicker and better outcome for the patient. 

Dr. Martinez believes in the importance of taking the time to personally explain the current situation of the patient, the treatment protocol, and the outcome. 

Peace of mind plays a major role in the patient’s recovery. 

Dr. Martinez studied integrated medicine at the General Hospital in Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico. After that, he worked at Oasis of Hope Hospital, Hope4Cancer Clinic, and Biomedic Hoxsey Clinic.

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