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About Centrum Hyperthermie

The treatment center, Centrum Hyperthermie, nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, was founded in 2007 as an initiative of the Hyperthermia Foundation. We aim to promote research and treat patients using hyperthermia.

Despite the weight of decades of research and undeniable scientific evidence backing its efficacy, the Netherlands has been slow to integrate clinical hyperthermia treatments into mainstream medicine. However, in stark contrast, many other nations globally are progressively recognizing hyperthermia as a cornerstone in oncology.

In our facility, the emphasis is profoundly placed on patient-centric care. With a physician perpetually in attendance during treatments, our patients’ comfort and well-being are at the forefront. Our adept practitioners, always within arm’s reach, prioritize open communication, ensuring patients are well-informed and can promptly signal if any discomfort arises, allowing for immediate adjustments to the equipment.

We proudly house three state-of-the-art devices tailored for local hyperthermia treatments: dedicated instruments for superficial, medium, and deep treatments. In addition, we are equipped with a device specially designed for total body hyperthermia treatments.

It’s noteworthy that our devices are solely patient-focused, ensuring that companions accompanying patients face no side effects, making them welcome guests in the treatment room.

Post-treatment, our center offers facilities for patients to refresh and shower. For those facing mobility challenges, we provide a wheelchair to ease their movements within the clinic.

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Centrum Hyperthermie Cost and Additional Expenses

  • Local hyperthermia  €295
  • Whole-body hyperthermia €295
  • Local+ whole-body hyperthermia done at the same day €395
  • Vitamine C infusion 25 gram = €90 / 50 gram = €110


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Available Treatments at Centrum Hyperthermie

Meet the Doctors


Dr. Z. Bachrach (MD)

Medical director

In 2007 I started the Center Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia can mean a lot in oncology. I would like to take the time to listen to you and explain about hyperthermia. From my experience as a surgeon in a university hospital and from general practice, I can give balanced and broad advice. I studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam


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Dr. R. Srámek (MD)


Born in Prague and raised in the Netherlands. Trained as a radiologist in Heerlen. During 15 years, as a radiologist in a peripheral hospital, I have always devoted myself to the oncological patient. I have continued this commitment to the oncology patient at the Hyperthermia Center since 2019, benefiting from my clinical and radiological experience and will do my utmost to help you.

BIG: 09039734301AGB: 03092218RGS: 1504360 (Registration Medical Specialist)

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General Information


Baron G.A. Tindalplein 91, 1019 TW Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Putting the Heat on Tumors
Hyperthermia and Immune system. Hyperthermie en immuunsysteem
What is a hyperthermia treatment? Wat is een hyperthermie behandeling?


Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Centrum Hyperthermie Reviews

8 reviews
March 2021
Medical Condition Pancreatic cancer

My pancreatic tumor is not growing anymore. The doctors did help me to choose the right treatment. If the pancreas stays stable and there are no metastasis, the hyperthermia treatment gives me a good prognosis.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Diet Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Vegetarian
Improvements Better scans CT, General mood, MRI
October 2020
Medical Condition Cancer stage 4

The staff (doctors and assistents) are so nice, they treated me with full attention. My illness is slowly going away.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Radiation
Diet Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian
Improvements Appetite, Better scans CT, Blood results, Digestion, General mood, MRI, Pain, Sleep
Google Reviews
Vicky Enea
Vicky Enea
My experience at the Centrum Hyperthermie was very positive. Michael especially was kind, attentive and always professional.As well as hyperthermia treatments, the high-dose IV Vitamin C infusions were most helpful. I would recommend this Centre because there is an emphasis on caring for clients rather than just treating them and sending them on their way.
My experience to go for treatments here is very positive. The doctors and assistants are so loving and caring. Recommend it to all in difficult times with your health.
Ina Mouthaan
Ina Mouthaan
Excellent and good guidance
What a great service, we actively think about treatments. All time and attention is given to a personal approach.
Very friendly people and very warmly received by Hyperthermia Center. All treatment options were clearly explained and the doctors were very well prepared with the file. We thank you for the support.Greetings Besfort
Best service! They help you when someone else says your life is over. We are from Belgium and the doctor at the hypertermia center immediately looked at my husband's file and advised us to first try to see a doctor in Belgium because my husband is weak for Such a long journey, if necessary we will still go to the Netherlands for further support. My deep respect for the Dutch hypertermia team! 🙏🏼🍀🙏🏼 Kind regards, Nancy

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