Metabolic Optimization Program (MOP)

Unlock the power of prevention

Our healthcare system falls short when it comes to prevention. We often rely on annual check-ups and blood work to detect disease  (such as cancer or diabetes), after it’s already taken hold. But what if we could do more?

What if we could detect potential health issues before they even arise?

Get peace of mind knowing you’re taking proactive steps towards a healthy, disease-free life with ongoing support from our team of experts.

Advanced Metabolic Cancer Prevention Program

The 3 Months Program Includes:

Bloodwork Panel

The comprehensive panel will provide deep insights into your health (metabolism, inflammation, insulin resistance and more). 

MD review

Detailed Telehealth Consultation with the physician to review your lab findings and discuss an action plan

Supplements and Medications

3 months of your individualized plan: supplements & repurposed medication delivered to your doorstep


You’ll get two sessions with a health coach to support your health plan and journey to optimal health

Package Price – $850

How does the Advanced Metabolic Program work?

Our blood work panel goes beyond what’s traditionally prescribed in primary care settings.

We can gain deep insights into your cellular and organ function, allowing us to assess your overall health and prevent potential issues before they arise.

We’ll look at your liver, renal, thyroid, methylation, and bone marrow function. We will also review lipid and fructose metabolism by looking at new, less well-known intermediates. We’ll also calculate your physiological age. 

We then develop actionable interventions that are tailored to your specific optimal ranges.

Understanding Your Physiological Age 

Take any lab test or medical questionnaire and you will surely be asked to fill in your birth date – age being a critical factor in any health analysis. But how many birthdays you’ve had doesn’t tell the whole story. Some people age faster than their chronological age, and some a lot slower. Genetics plays a factor, as do lifestyle choices. This is where the PhenoAge calculator comes in.

The PhenoAge calculator is a new health tool that gives a better approximation of actual physiological age, allowing insights into your overall health that were previously inaccessible. Crucially, it also enables us to measure your progress over time. If your PhenoAge is close to or higher than your chronological age, then our goal is to lower it over time. If your baseline PhenoAge is already lower than your chronological age, we aim to reduce it even further.

What blood work is performed?

We understand that traditional laboratory values only tell half the story. Instead, we ask the critical questions that drive to the heart of preventive care. What are the value ranges for optimal health? What laboratory values signal the ideal cellular and organ function that elevates health and prevents chronic disease?

The program looks specifically at lab markers that are most predictive for your future health; those that can detect the beginning of cellular and organ system failure. 

One example is: HOMA-IR  a test that can give a very early signal that your metabolism is becoming less efficient. It detects insulin resistance, a condition that is a causative factor in almost every chronic illness. Insulin resistance is a common problem, with estimates of over 80 percent of the U.S. population having some degree of insulin resistance.  Keeping your body sensitive to insulin (the opposite of resistance) optimizes cellular metabolism promoting critical cellular pathways like DNA repair, autophagy, and immune function. The good news is that insulin resistance can be detected easily and fixed if caught early.

Meet Your Professional Team

Dr. Charles Meakin Integrative Oncologist

Dr. Charles J. Meakin, MD

Dr. Meakin has over 33 years of experience treating cancer patients, using standard of care protocols and adding cutting-edge metabolic strategies in cancer care. Dr. Meakin worked at hospitals and private clinics (such as The Christ Hospital Cincinnati OH, Stanford University Hospital, CA, Caromont Health Cancer Center Medical Director, NC) and most recently served as the U.S. Care Oncology Clinic (COC) medical director.

Dr. Meakin uses effective, well-tolerated holistic adjuvants to supplement the standard of care and impact outcomes.

Travis Christofferson, MS

Travis Christofferson, MS, is the author of “Curable” and “Tripping Over the Truth” and received his undergraduate degree in molecular biology from the Honors College at Montana State University and a master’s degree in material engineering and science from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Today Travis is a full-time science writer and founder of a cancer charity. He lives in South Dakota.

Travis Christofferson Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a $850 quarter fee which includes the following: 

  • Health survey review and interpretation
  • Quest Lab order for MOP Panel ($400 plus value)
  • MD review and goal setting via zoom (30 minutes)
  • Supplements (5 critical ones) & possible pharmaceuticals sent to doorstep within days
  • Second- and third-month coach accountability call or zoom

No plan works without execution and accountability built into the process. We offer a follow-up coaching call at the 30-40 day and then 60-70 day windows to check-in. We also recommend repeated labs and M.D. to assess your progress 

Once a baseline picture of your health is established through the MOP blood work panel, we schedule a video consultation to review the findings. Then we will work together to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our aim is to design lifestyle changes that are proportional and pragmatic, and best match your personal physiology. This can include adjustments in sleep habits, stress reduction, and diet and activity levels. We will also look at the potential benefits of certain supplements and pharmaceuticals, should your blood work warrant their use.

Sure. Our advisors are here to help. Follow this link to find the time that’s best for you. 

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