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The Arcadia Praxisklinik in Bad Emstal, Germany is a treatment center for integrative medicine and cancer therapy, where the latest findings from scientific research and experience-based naturopathy are combined. Dr. Henning Saupe has developed a signature “Arcadia Way to Health” approach of activating, detoxifying, and revitalizing the immune system that is holistic, effective, and individualized.

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About Arcadia Clinic

Arcadia clinic is specialized in complementary, integrative, alternative, and naturopathic treatments of cancerous diseases and other chronic illnesses. 

Over the years we have helped patients from more than 50 countries.

We offer a broad variety of treatments for patients with cancer including our special anti-inflammatory / anti-cancer diet, hyperthermia, ozone-and oxygen therapies, botanical or orthomolecular anti-cancer IV infusions, laser light therapy (PDT), insulin potentiation therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), classical massage, lymph drainage massage, Tibetan singing bowl massage, orthomolecular medicine, detox therapy, psycho-educational counseling and more.

Arcadia clinic is located in a little curative village 20 km outside the city of Kassel, surrounded by a park, close to the woods and meadows and serene nature. Bad Emstal got a governmental certificate as a “Lufkurort”, a place that is officially recommended for recreation because of its pure air.

Arcadia has altogether 10 guest rooms and welcomes you with an atmosphere of a health resort.

For international patients, we offer a telephone or Skype consultation with the doctor that we arrange for you. Before the consultation, we send you our questionnaire and ask you to answer it and send it back together with your most recent medical findings (latest blood test and CT- or MRI-scan results).

You are welcome to discuss all further details with the service team.


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Arcadia Clinic Cost and Additional Expenses

The cost of stay is very individualized and depends on your diagnosis.

The range may be 6,135€ – 9,465€ per week.

Programs are around  3 weeks.

Included in the Price:
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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

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Available Treatments at Arcadia Clinic

Meet Dr. Henning Saupe MD


Dr. Henning Saupe MD was born in 1964 in Germany. He studied medicine at Ulm University, Germany and received his medical license in 1992. In 1995 he received his doctorate in medicine. He is a board-registered physician in Germany and Sweden.

Dr. Saupe frequently lectures about complementary cancer treatments in Europe and was a keynote speaker at the Annie Appleseed CAM conference in West Palm Beach in March 2019. As a founder and medical director of Arcadia Clinic in Germany, he provides holistic cancer treatments for patients with cancerous diseases of all stages.

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What Patients Say

I was at Arcadia september 2020, for 3 wonderful weeks. The staff is so caring and nice, and i felt very good and safe. The treatments was great
Heidi Hansen
Cervical Cancer
I felt comfortable and right for me and I am forever grateful for the Arcadia team and the healing I have experienced both physically and spiritually during each of my three visits at the clinic.
Maike Blazek
Stage III invasive Breast Cancer
I have been at Arcadia clinic 3 times to get help with breast cancer. They have both knowledge and compassion. I think it is one of the best cancer clinics in the world. I will strongly recommend it.
Ann-Mari Brevik Adiels
Breast cancer stage 4

General Information


Am Kurpark, 34308 Bad Emstal, Germany



Learn more about the clinic

The Arcadia Clinic Healing Philosophy
The cancer creating field - and what to do to change it
Changing the Cancerogenic Field


Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Arcadia Clinic Reviews

11 reviews
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April 2024
Birgitte B - B.B ,Denmark, Copenhagen connect with Birgitte B - B.B
Medical Condition Breast Cancer Stage 2

Breast cancer – from shock to choosing the road less traveled:
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the hospital January 16th and operated January 19th 2024 my default way of trying to cope was to seek as much information as possible about the subject.
Some of the items on the “to do list” was to activate both my health and critical illness insurance and
to book different kind of treatments such as zone therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy besides going to the standard follow-up appointments at the hospital.

I let fear keep me busy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
Looking back I can see it was rooted in the belief that “doing” would make it possible to go back to “normal life”.

Arcadia-Praxisklinik in Germany
I became aware of Arcadia located 2 hrs drive from Frankfurt Airport.
After an initial call with MD Henning Saupe and by listing to his book “Holistic Cancer medicine” I just knew this was the path I wanted at this point in time.

At Arcadia I read “There´s a Hole in my sidewalk” by Portia Nelson whilst waiting for the first session. It resonated with me and continues to do so…

The individual treatment plan at Arcadia is created based on the medical record and relevant tests are done when arriving at arcadia. Tests continues to be done on an ongoing basis during the stay to ensure the best possible treatments every step of the way.

During the 2 weeks I stayed at Arcadia I could feel a shift of energy. From feeling restless and full of fear to waking up feeling connected to something “new and yet perhaps familiar”. It felt like a small seed of bubbly curiosity full of light, hope and a sense of courage.

Back home
I have no longer the need for trying to get back to “what was normal life” before being diagnosed with breast cancer. It also means I for the second time have said no thank you to start on chemotherapy, radiation and tamoxifen offered by the doctor at the hospital.

To embark of the path of healing at Arcadia is the most beautiful place to start the journey due to the people and the heart felt vibration.
I will always be grateful to everyone at Arcadia and I sincerely wish patients from all over the world will continue to benefit from the holistic approach to health and healing which Arcadia is based on.

Previous Treatments Surgery
Improvements Appetite, Blood results, General mood, Pain, Other
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October 2023
Shay Dusky ,Canada
Medical Condition Colon Cancer
Previous Treatments Surgery
Improvements No improvement
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October 2023
Medical Condition Gist cancer with metastases to the liver

At Arcadia you are met for who you are!!! the doctors and the rest of the staff are all very competent, professional and full of love....I felt completely safe and open to healing. I highly recommend this wonderful place.

September 2023
Medical Condition Breast Cancer

I am here with my daughter for treatment of Stage 3 breast cancer. After 10 days, her tumor size shrank from 3.4 to 1.9 cm! The clinic offers all of the best integrative cancer treatments gathered from the world. The staff is amazing, the area is beautiful, and I wish that I could give 10 stars rating.

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January 2022
Medical Condition Cancer

The worst experience of my life, I have lost my mother in this clinic. Just don't go

December 2021
Medical Condition Cervical Cancer

I was at Arcadia september 2020, for 3 wonderful weeks. The staff is so caring and nice, and i felt very good and safe. The treatments was great, and i had almost no side effects, a little nausea. I came to Arcadia full of anxiety and fear, and i left feeling so much stronger both phsicaly and emotionally. The very best part of everything is that the cancer unbalance in my body dissappered. I am NED, and so very thankful to this clinic, the staff and God, for giving me the tools, that my body and mind needed to heal.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Radiation
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Improvements Appetite, Better scans CT, Blood results, Digestion, General mood, MRI, Sleep
June 2021
Medical Condition Cancer

Do not go there!
I stayed there for 3,5 weeks. Super friendly staff but they do not seem to know what they are doing (the doctors does not, the nurses are great).
Nothing worked on me. Zero results after paying 30 000euros.
One other patient died during my stay, one got severe side effects from the treatment, one other got worse. I acutely got worse too. My cancer kept on growing like nothing had happened in Germany. (They take in up to 10 patients at a time so the statistics are really bad) I do not recommend this clinic. (And they do not tell you about the risks of side effects)
They have no statistics on successful or non successful cases because they do no follow ups. If they do not collect the data it is easier to say that everything is going really well. Crazy place.
Do not go there.

Response from the Clinic:

Hello Lars,

we read your comments here about your experience at our clinic and we are surprised to read that your expectations were not satisfied.

We would like to understand what happened. We offer you to speak with us and sort out any possible issues. We want to understand what went wrong. Please contact us for an honest and open conversation.

Dr. Henning Saupe, leading physician Arcadia-Praxisklinik

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Surgery
Diet Vegan
Improvements No improvement
September 2020
Maike Blazek
Medical Condition Stage III invasive Breast Cancer

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to start my healing journey in the manner, I felt comfortable and right for me and I am forever grateful for the Arcadia team and the healing I have experienced both physically and spiritually during each of my three visits at the clinic.

The entire team is very knowledgable and caring. My husband and me always felt very comfortable, seen and heard at all times. They limit the amount of patients at a time so that each patient gets the time, care and attention they deserve.

Accommodation, three meals a day as well as bi- weekly laundry service are provided.

It definitely does not feel like you are staying at a hospital or somewhere you are going for cancer treatments. I really appreciated the warm and almost family like vibe from everyone, while still getting the necessary care.

We live in Hawaii, USA but consider the Arcadia clinic my primary care and can honestly say we have never trusted a doctor more than we trust Dr Henning Saupe and his team. I am in Remission since beginning of this year and still look forward to returning for a "boost up" treatment.

I wish you well and hope this review gives you a little insight and comfort to choose Arcadia clinic for your healing journey too.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Surgery, None
Diet Low Sugar, Organic
Improvements Better scans CT, Blood results, Digestion, General mood, MRI, Pain, Sleep
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August 2020
Medical Condition Breast cancer stage 4

I have been at Arcadia clinic 3 times to get help with breastcancer. They work integratively, they combine the best methods from conventional treatements and alternative treatments. They have both knowledge and compassion. I think it is one of the best cancer clinics in the world. I will strongly recommend it.

Previous Treatments Surgery
Diet Low Sugar
Improvements Blood results, Digestion, Sleep
August 2020
Medical Condition Breast Cancer- Multi-centric Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Diagnosed in 2016 in the USA, I consider Arcadia in Germany to be my primary place for care. It was recommended to me by a cancer counselor when I was in that initial confused state of trying to navigate all the choices ahead. She said "Just go to Arcadia. I have visited them all and it is the best." I followed her recommendation and have returned many times to a welcoming, competent, responsive, caring staff. I joke about wanting to immigrate to be near this peaceful place (located in a park!) though in truth the distance (and language) has actually not interfered with the consistency of medical attention and positive results. From the moment I am greeted at the airport, I experience a total immersion into all aspects of healing- mind/body/spirit. They take a maximum of 10 patients with everything managed seamlessly. I have heard of clinics where you need to find housing, deal with your own meals, laundry, etc. Nothing at all like that at Arcadia!!! I will forever be grateful that Arcadia has partnered with me in my healing, actually in my life. I was given the book "Radical Remission" by Dr. Kelly Turner to read at Arcadia, and I now work with and share these healing factors I have learned about and experienced. Arcadia launched this for me and is in total alignment with my path. I now say the same thing that was said to me. "Just go to Arcadia!”

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Vegan, Dairy Free
Improvements Blood results, General mood

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