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About Euromed Foundation

The George Protocol was created and put into use as a result of the Euromed Foundation’s dedication to the safe and effective treatment of cancer while boosting the immune system. One of the foremost experts in the world on the use of insulin potentiation therapy to treat cancer was Dr. Frank George. With this strategy, the professionals at the Euromed Foundation can target cancer cells with precision while only administering a small portion of the hazardous chemicals used in conventional chemotherapy. The body retains a lot of its power for healing and continuing the battle against disease by leaving healthy cells intact. The holistic approach is used in the practice at the EuroMed Foundation. Patients benefit from their collective expertise and experience since they work together as a team throughout practice.

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Available Treatments at Euromed Foundation

  • Bio-Well GDV Camera
  • Blue Scorpion Venom
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Electro-Lymphatic Therapy
  • German Auricular Medicine
  • Harmonic Frequency Color Therapy Hyperthermia

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Frank George, MD
  • Dr. Hayle Aldren, MD
  • Dr. Elliott Dean Schmerler, MD
  • Dr. Ruth Tan Lim, MD

General Information


34975 N Vly Pkwy #138, Phoenix, AZ 85086, United States

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Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Euromed Foundation Reviews

15 reviews
I can't say enough great things about EuroMed in PHX. I have nothing showing up on a PET scan for the last 10 YEARS as I continue with their maintenance program! Their care, support, help with supplements, detox, and the entire IPT philosophy is brilliant. Don't let the standard of care scare or rush you...let EuroMed be your first call!
My family member is being treated for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma at EuroMed Foundation. The doctors are very thorough; helping the patient to learn to care for all facets of their health, including stress management, clean eating, good rest, exercise, hydration, nutritional supplements, and many integrative therapies for treating the cancer. From the front desk to the health care providers who administer the treatments, the entire team is upbeat and always willing to help. They are well scheduled so your waiting time before treatments is almost nil. In addition, the treatments are working for my family member. The family member has been productive during treatments and looks and feels well. My family and I are grateful for this team of health care providers who have found Insulin Potentiation Therapy, along with immune supplementation to be helpful in killing off the cancer in our family member. Thank you, EuroMed, for offering this type of treatment.
I was given the diagnosis of B cell Lymphoma 4 years ago, received regular chemotherapy, was very sick for most of a year, and had significant improvement which was very encouraging. My Oncologist was very pleased. However a year later I felt a lymph node in my groin, which was biopsied and found to be Lymphoma again. A CT scan showed new growth in several areas. I then decided to find an alternative treatment as I was not going to subject myself to that again. A friend of mine recommended Euro Med. I feel very fortunate to have found this clinic. The medical staff is excellent and I have had a great response. I am now in remission. My scan has improved by 75 percent. I have gained weight and feel great, eating well. If I had known what I know now I would have never received regular chemo.
Very very pleased. I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer in 2006, decided to use alternative medicine instead of the toxic treatments available through my regular doctor. Euromed has been excellent in managing my cancer. It had spread to my chest and liver, which is now only scar tissue. The treatments were very tolerable. I felt a little sick for the first couple of months, primarily nausea. After that I felt fine. I am living a normal active lifestyle now. The team of doctors there follow me closely with a blood draw each month and a phone call. I have returned periodically for treatment as a maintenance, which I am happy to do, especially in the winter months. I would highly recommend the Euromed team to anyone with cancer. I really do not think I would be here today without their help.
VERY pleased so far with my care, diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2008 that had spread to my lymph nodes and liver. I decided against standard chemo and surgery, went to Germany for immuno treatments, then to Mexico, then to Phoenix at EuroMed. The cancer continued to spread until I began treatment at EuroMed. I have been amazed how much the breast mass has gone down, to the point I can barely feel it. The latest scan showed no activity!! Regarding the treatments at EuroMed, I was a little sick in the beginning which was probably from tumor die off, but have felt fine since. I feel normal now. Great care, great staff, thank you!
I have had non small cell adenocarcinoma of the lung since 2007. I researched mostly all of the alternative clinics in US, Europe and Mexico. I never considered conventional toxic treatments. I first went to Germany, then Nevada, Mexico and finally Euromed in Phoenix. I can tell you that the care I have received at Euromed is far superior in my experiences, not even close. I have been under the guidance of multiple physicians at Euromed and have had a very positive response to their therapy. I have been in remission for the past 5 years under their care. Excellent care, great people, very happy.

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