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About Biocare Hospital

The Biocare Hospital uses an integrative approach to treatment and serves a wide range of patients with chronic diseases, from all over the world. The BioCare hospital operates 24/7 as an inpatient facility with rooms equipped for the patient and a companion.

Key principles and offerings:

Holistic Perspective: BioCare is a commitment to holistic healing. Recognizing the unique biological identity of every patient, the clinic ensures a tailored program after a meticulous medical and laboratory analysis.

Integrative Protocols that harness the innate healing power of the human body, utilizing an array of non-invasive yet potent modalities.

Non-Toxic Treatments: This emphasis on safety ensures that patients can undergo therapies without the burden of harmful side effects.

Diverse Treatment Modalities: we pride ourselves on offering a variety of treatments, including:

Whole Body Hyperthermia: Elevating systemic core body temperature to activate the immune system and enhance its effectiveness in fighting cancer cells.

Hyperbaric Oxygen: Providing oxygen therapy in a pressurized chamber to promote healing and support overall health.

Ozone Therapy: Utilizing ozone to combat cancer cells and promote healing in the body.

UV Blood Irradiation: Applying UV light to the patient’s blood to enhance the immune response and target pathogens.

Autologous Restorative Factors: Utilizing the body’s own regenerative components to stimulate healing and restore health.

Fighting Cancer cells using targeted treatments, designed meticulously to weaken and eradicate cancerous entities, reinforcing the body’s natural defenses.

Wholistic Systemic Support: Beyond targeted treatments, the clinic offers systemic support therapies to aid the body in its healing process.

At the heart of BioCare philosophy is a blend of personalized care, holistic methodologies, and safe, non-toxic treatments. Through a synergy of diverse therapies and the body’s inherent resilience, BioCare endeavors to empower patients, enabling them to confront health challenges head-on and reclaim their optimal health.

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Biocare Hospital Cost and Additional Expenses

$30,000 for a 21 days program

The price includes:

  • BioCare Hospital rooms are equipped for patients and a companion. The rooms have 2 beds, a large bathroom, Wi-Fi, cable TV, a basic kitchen, and a small work desk.
  • The treatment is done 7 days a week
  • Organic meals


Not included:

  • Check-up visit after  4-6 months
  • 3 Months supply of medications


Included in the Price:
In Patient
Airport Transportation
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Meet the team


Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD

Founder of the BioCare Health and Wellness System, is an internationally acclaimed and widely respected physician, with a successful academic career and author of many research papers, symposia and conferences. Four decades ago he entered the field of integrative medicine. With international post-graduate studies, he pioneered modalities now accepted as part of alternative, integrative, complementary treatment protocols built on a foundation that restores and uses the patient’s biological resources. Dr. Rodriguez is a worldwide recognized expert in integrative medicine who combines the latest treatments from international biomedical research and clinical practice.

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Javier Vazquez, MD

Dr. Javier Vazquez, a distinguished alumnus of the University of Baja California School of Medicine, is a beacon of excellence at BioCare. Specializing in family medicine, he plays a pivotal role in BioCare’s holistic healing programs. Beyond being a physician, Dr. Vazquez is a pioneer in research, significantly contributing to cutting-edge medical initiatives at BioCare.

Nationally recognized, Dr. Vazquez is a sought-after keynote speaker at health shows in the United States and Canada, enlightening audiences with insights on the future of healthcare derived from BioCare’s innovative strategies.

Despite his extensive commitments, patient welfare remains his utmost priority. Dr. Vazquez’s commitment is profound, both within and outside the clinical environment. Outside his professional realm, he’s an avid photographer with a keen eye for nature’s beauty and cherishes moments spent with family and friends.

At BioCare, Dr. Vazquez is not just a doctor; he embodies hope, expertise, and dedication. Connect with him for a unique blend of medical wisdom, experience, and heartfelt stories of overcoming health adversities. Your path to health and vitality starts with a conversation with Dr. Vazquez.

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Melba Romero, MD

Dr. Melba Romero stands as a beacon of excellence at BioCare, boasting a prolific career of over thirty years centered on the holistic treatment of ailments such as cancer, infectious diseases, and chronic inflammatory conditions. Alongside her monumental medical contributions, she cherishes her role as a mother, watching with pride as one of her children advances in the medical field.

To Dr. Romero, medicine isn’t just a career—it’s a lifelong philosophy. She staunchly advocates for treatments anchored in understanding biological individuality and achieving optimal performance. This dedication has substantially influenced BioCare’s healthcare approach, steering it towards innovation and personalization.

Patients’ success stories are a testament to her unique approach, with many highlighting her exceptional skills in guiding breast cancer patients towards recovery. Beyond the treatments, Dr. Romero builds deep, lasting connections with her patients, transforming their healing journeys into shared narratives of hope and triumph.

Today, the door to connect with Dr. Romero is open. Seize the chance to delve into her rich reservoir of knowledge and experience. Engage with a medical luminary whose contributions to healthcare remain unparalleled, and let her guide you towards a promising, healthier tomorrow.

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Victor Loustaunau, MD

Dr. Victor Loustaunau, a distinguished alumnus of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, has charted an exemplary journey in the medical field. His approach to medicine is characterized by a seamless fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary innovations, making him a pioneer in his specialty.

Dr. Loustaunau’s expertise was initially forged in surgical realms, laying a solid foundation for his career. Yet, it was his insatiable curiosity that propelled him towards exploring nascent medical modalities. His pioneering spirit is best exemplified by his instrumental role in the development of the revolutionary anti-cancer treatment, Whole Body Hyperthermia, a domain where his knowledge remains unparalleled. His prowess is regularly showcased at esteemed global forums dedicated to this technique.

The advent of the 21st century saw the rise of stem cell therapy, an innovation Dr. Loustaunau eagerly integrated into his practice. Collaborating with elite researchers at the National University in Mexico City, he’s been pivotal in refining procedures now integral to BioCare’s avant-garde protocols. Beyond this, Dr. Loustaunau’s medical toolkit encompasses a range of advanced treatments, like Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and Ozone therapy. Complementing these skills is his post-graduate specialization in Nutrition, a knowledge he adeptly merges with BioCare Hospital’s microbiome management and transplantation services.

Beyond being a remarkable physician, he serves as a beacon of expertise, poised to share invaluable insights and guide your path to optimal health. Initiate a dialogue today and set forth on a transformative journey to vitality.

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General Information


Azucena 15, El Prado, 22105 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Spoken Languages


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Why choose BioCare Hospital?
BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center Tijuana
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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the clinic located?
Tijuana, Mexico
What cancers are treated at the clinic?
Breast, Gastrointestinal, Colon, Prostate, Ovarian, Lung, Skin, Lymphoma, Chronic Leukemia, Brain, Liver, Kidney, Pancreatic, and Esophagus.
How much does treatment at the clinic cost?
The cost of treatment is $30,000USD for a three week stay. This price includes a hospital room equipped for patient and companion, treatments 7 days a week, and organic food.

Biocare Hospital Reviews

26 reviews
September 2023
Medical Condition Breast Cancer with terminal diagnosis

I am celebrating my 12 year anniversary of my treatment at BioCare Hospital.
Dr Vasquez and the entire staff gave the most compassionate and through medical treatment I have ever received.

Previous Treatments Surgery
Improvements Blood results, General mood, Sleep
May 2019
Danny Charlotte Hubbard
Medical Condition Colon cancer, stage 3

My wife and I went to BioCare in 2011 with her having stage 3 colon cancer. She has been cancer free now going on 7 years. Thanks to BioCare.
Before going to Biocare, In the US hospital in Alabama, she had colon surgery to remove much of her colon and then she had two treatments of chemo. The Chemo caused her surgery to fail and she had to do another surgery. Then she got staph infection.

We decided to go to BioCare after research and talking to others who had been. After a week at BioCare, BioCare cured her staph infection, of which the US doctors could not cure or control.

The care at BioCare was impeccable. Nurses at your beck and call whenever you needed them and no waiting like in the hospitals in US. Doctors in house all the time if you needed to talk to them. Food whenever you wanted some. Fresh fruits all day long. Friendly staff in all areas. Cleaner than you will find in any US Hospital. Clean several times a day. Take you anywhere you want within the area such as shopping. Walmart in walking distance.

PS. We are from the South so we needed our grits for breakfast. I finally figured out the Mexican term for grits: polenta.

We recommend BioCare to anyone needing treatments for many different ailments and not just cancer. The US doctors and oncologist frown at B17 laetrile treatments and alternative treatments. Why? Because it cuts into their profits. This treatment works and shame on the FDA and others in the US for not allowing this treatment in the USA!!!!! So many people suffering but needlessly.

Our pastor's wife had this treatment back in the 1980's for breast cancer and has been cancer free now for over 30 years. When you see the testimonials, read the posts and talk to those who have been, lose our skepticism and go. Do not wait too late and do not let someone tell you that BioCare is filthy, uses dirty needles and such for those are outright lies. Those doctors need to go there themselves and talk to the patients and hear from those who have done it before making such statements. A Doctor who wishes to fulfill their Oath to serve the people and care for the people needs to do their research before opening their mouth!!!!!

Thanks, Danny and Charlotte Hubbard - Been there, done that. It works!!

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September 2018
Medical Condition Colorectal Stage 4

My husband and I were met at San Diego airport by a driver from Bio Care who drive over the border to Mexico. A driver also took us over the border back to San Diego airport when my husband was discharged.
Upon arriving at Bio Carr we were warmly greeted by the nursing staff who got us registered and settled into our room. Soon after being admitted a doctor came to do review medical history.
My husband had various treatments while at Bio Care. It was a three week plan and we were housed on site of hospital.
Treatments he had consisted of Vitamin C, amino acid, nutrition IV; Vitamin B17 IV treatment which is said to shrink cancer tumor with use; hyperbaric chamber treatment for 15 each day; ozone therapy; he also did chelation twice. Because his disease is in his rectum the doctor thought it was best not to do the coffee enema because it would cause more discomfort then provide benefit.
The hospital also sent husband to do a chest x-ray before doing the chelation treatment.
There is also a nutritional diet plan that is provided to patient and companion.
Another thing that is done is a live blood cell analysis when you first arrive and another one before you are discharged. It shows the oxygenation of your blood which I thought was very cool to see and know.
There are other extra amenities available onsite like massage and acupuncture. You can even meet with a nutrition specialist if you ask. In a waiting room, there are two infrared saunas for patients and guests to use. This helps the body to release toxins through your sweat. I enjoyed sitting in the sitting sauna myself. I felt refreshed afterward.
The cafeteria provides snacks when asked.
The staff is all pleasant and helpful. I asked the receptionist for some recipes of certain dressings and meals that the kitchen prepared and it was given to me to make at home. I like that there are taxi drivers available to drop you off at shopping malls.
The hospital is conveniently located near a bank that has an atm machine that dispenses US dollars and there is also one of those cash exchange booths across the street of the hospital. A small shopping center with Walmart is conveniently located within walking distance.

Our overall experience at Bio Care Hospital was excellent. My husband’s immune system was improved by treatments he went through there. It is amazing to see other patients who come back for a five-day maintenance treatment for their cancer and to hear their testimonies; a lot of them did not do chemo and their cancer was managed the more natural path therapies at Bio Care. However, my husband’s cancer did not shrink, but his immune system did increase so he was stronger after going to Bio Care.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Improvements Blood results
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Google Reviews
Lina Blagonya
Lina Blagonya
Recommend it. This place helped me to fight ovarian cancer. This hospital was answer to our prayer.
Anna Foster
Anna Foster
International BioCare saved my husband’s life 10 years ago and I am beyond grateful. We just returned from a 2 week stay as a wellness check up. From beginning to end our experience was amazing! From Carmen’s communication, to all of the nursing staff- Jimena, Denise, Raul, Bianca, Rosalva, Elias and Max in the “chamber” and many more!! Dr. Ramero, Dr. Chaverin, Dr Najia, providing stellar care and Julio and staff providing wonderful food. We connected with many families that has been blessed by the treatments at IBC! Saved lives where there was no hope!! Don’t wait, this place offers hope and possibilities where there might not be any otherwise. On a personal note, I feel amazing and so happy to have taken action for my health wellness!!
I recommend this Hospital because I’m in remission after my second 4 week stay there.
Donny Butler
Donny Butler
The only reason iam still alive is the help of this clinic cannot say enough about the doctors and staff this is what we need in the usa
This clinic changed my life. I came for the first time a few years back severely sick with an autoimmune disease. I was taking handfuls of medications to keep my immune system from attacking my muscles, joints, connective tissue, skin, and lungs. I lived with chronic fatigue and pain making it extremely difficult to to lead a normal life. I was told that there was no cure for my condition. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this clinic. My first treatment didnt “fix” the issue but I did notice my fatigue was gone. I came back 6 months later for another round of treatment and then again 6 months later. After the 4th treatment I was completely off all my medication! In between treatments, I focused on eating a healthy diet, taking supplements, and juicing. This was also an import part of my healing. The doctors and specialists are great at walking you through all the at-home care if you request it. To conclude, 1. this clinic doesn’t offer a “magic pill”.. it never promises that. The treatments they use will take time to work because they focus on the root of the issue not just the symptoms. The initial stages of treatment included detoxifying your body to give it the tools it needs to begin the healing naturally, then they begin to add other forms of treatment to enhance the healing process. Therefore, you need to plan on coming a few times NOT JUST ONCE. 2. On top of biocare visits, your personal efforts in between treatments matter just as much! This includes healthy diet, exercise and supplementation. I cannot stress enough how important this is. 3. Everyone’s body is different and there’s no formula to health. At the end of the day, your body is unique and there’s no way of knowing to what degree the clinic can actually help you. I’ve met numerous amounts of patients at the clinic (with many different illnesses - not just cancer or autoimmune diseases) with amazing testimonies of healing! I’ve also met people who have had improvements in their health conditions and yet still take meds and have their struggles. In both cases, a lot of them end up returning to the clinic for booster treatments. Again, this is not a “magic pill” so maintaining realistic expectations is a good place to be. However, also be prepared to possibly see incredible results if you really commit. I happened to be completely healed of my autoimmune disease (praise God). My doctor in the states was shocked at my recovery. I was barely able to walk or even be in school because of my illness. I dropped out of high school, my life was hopeless. After being treated at biocare I regained strength, went back to school and recently graduated from a university with a bachelors degree. There is hope. I look forward to returning every year for a booster treatment. The clinic itself has a beautiful environment of positivity, hope and healing. The doctors, nurses and staff are friendly and have become very dear to me over the years. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude. Biocare hispital is a life changer.
Order Dept
Order Dept
Save your money. My friend had stage 3 colon cancer, she did the 30 day stay for $30k . She died weeks later after coming back home. My opinion, this place is a scam job with scam artist.

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