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About Health Institute de Tijuana

Health Institute de Tijuana has been operating since 2001 (first as “Baja Nutri Care” and since 2015 as Health Institute de Tijuana.)

Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.) is an intimate in-patient facility offering an alternative approach to living. It is the only facility in Mexico licensed by the Gerson Institute. Dr. Alicia Melendez was trained in the Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson in 1977 and has been practicing this therapy since.

The facility houses 10 patients and their companions at a time. This allows us to offer each guest the benefit of the highest quality of care. A team of licensed medical doctors and registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nestled in a seaside neighborhood of Baja California, just 30 minutes South of San Diego International Airport. Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.) offers a picturesque setting for true convalesces.

Walking distance to the beach. Patients can enjoy the sounds and sites of this coastal town. Whether enjoying a stroll along the beach or meandering through the garden setting of Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.), peace, and relaxation are always within reach.

Each of our comfortable rooms is designed to meet all of our guests’ needs during their stay. Equipped with WiFi access, cable television, Netflix and DVD player making it easy for guests to stay connected with family and friends.

While Health Institute de Tijuana (H.I.T.) isn’t a home, we do everything we can to make patients and their companions feel at home.

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Health Institute de Tijuana Cost and Additional Expenses

We require each patient to stay at our facility for a minimum of two weeks. The cost per week is $6,000 USD.

This cost covers:

  • Lodging for the patient and one companion, plus three vegetarian meals and juices for patient and companion.
  • A weekly lab, daily medical consultations, nursing care 24 hours a day 7 days a week plus nutritional supplements for the patient based on the protocol designed for the patient by his/her treating physician.
  • Weekly yoga, meditation, and group counseling are available.

Adjuvant treatments can be added based on the request of the patient and the approval of his/her treating physician.

Maintenance and follow up:

Patients must continue therapy at home.

Monthly follow up consultations are highly recommended.

  • Patients that went through immunotherapy should return to the clinic after three months.
  • It is highly recommended that patients return to Health Institute de Tijuana for a week of follow up care. A reduced rate of $4,500 will be offered per week for returning patients.
Included in the Price:
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Dr. Pedro Cervantes

What Patients Say

I was feeling down and my blood pressure was high, but when I left, I had all the energy and my blood pressure was normal.
Cecilia Gonzalez
Had the most amazing experience.
Angie Cooper
The care I received there was outstanding.
A True Skeptic

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Avenida del Agua, Playas, Costa, Tijuana, Baja California, México

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HIT Dr Pedro Cervantes Talk About Exploring Adjuvant therapies
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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of treatment?
Cost of treatment is $6,000USD and includes accommodations for the patient and one companion, plus three vegetarian meals and juices for patient and companion a day, weekly lab, daily medical consultations for the patient based on the treatment plan designed by the treating physician. Weekly yoga, meditation, and group counseling are also available.
Is there a minimum stay?
Health Institute de Tijuana requires a minimum stay of two weeks.
What kind of food is served at H.I.T.?
The clinic serves three full plant-based meals freshly prepared from organically grown fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Thirteen glasses of fresh raw carrot-apple and green juices are also prepared fresh and served hourly. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables are available throughout the day for snacking.
What is the follow-up protocol after treatment?
After treatment, patients are required to follow up with therapy at home. Patients who undergo immunotherapy should return to the clinic after three months. All patients are strongly encouraged to continue with monthly consultations and return to the clinic for a week of follow-up care.

Health Institute de Tijuana Reviews

11 reviews
March 2019
A True Skeptic
Medical Condition Prostate cancer

I had received a prostate cancer diagnosis, Gleason score of 8-9. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic tried to hustle me into having a radical prostatectomy. I experienced high pressure and fear tactics from mayo and other doctors when I sought another opinion. I first learned about The Gerson regimen while watching the series the truth about cancer. Additional research on the efficacy of the Gerson regimen and the abysmal side effects of traditional cancer treatments where the catalyst for me going to the clinic in Mexico. From my initial contacts with representatives of the Gerson Institute I was taken by there low pressure, thoughtful and considerate approach to potential clients. I had some concerns about going to Mexico, but when we arrived at the clinic those worries quickly subsided. It is located in a very nice location in the Playas neighborhood 4 blocks from the beach. The staff was absolutely lovely and dr. Cervantes was incredible. The care I received there was outstanding and I am on my way to a full natural healing.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements General mood
March 2019
Angie Cooper
Medical Condition Stage 4 Melanoma

I attended the only certified Gerson Clinic in Mexico. I arrived 11th May 2013 as a stage 4 terminal cancer patient. I was very sick and malnourished but with a huge will to live.
I spent three weeks at the clinic and had the most amazing experience. Although I was at the clinic fighting for my life I was treated with such respect and felt that everyone working at the clinic were there to help me get better. I had daily consultations with my Doctor who would explain the therapy and discuss my treatment going forward. The nursing staff did daily follow ups to check on my health and vitality whilst at the clinic. The meal times were the best for me, all the patients would meet for breakfast lunch and dinner and we would share our stories from our health to our families, it became a family unit one I was honoured to be a part of. The clinic itself was well run and from the ladies cleaning our rooms daily to the ladies helping us with the therapy from juicing to making our meals and coffee enema solution, they were all really lovely happy and caring people. I followed up with my Gerson Doctor on a monthly basis by forwarding to him my monthly lab work. A phone consultation was organized and my Doctor would discuss with me any adjustments that needed to be made to my treatment according to the lab results. I have no regrets in choosing this clinic and feel my healing was helped along by making this decision

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Surgery
Diet Vegan
Improvements Appetite, Blood results, General mood
March 2019
Cecilia Gonzalez
Medical Condition Nutrition

I was feeling down and my blood pressure was high, but when I left, I had all the energy and my blood pressure was normal.

Diet I don't follow a specific diet
Improvements Digestion, General mood
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Tijuana Health Institute
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Dr Vickers told my mom they had great success with Lymphoma. Her treatment has not worked out. Their response is to do conventional treatment. These people are snake oil salesmen at best who cannot practice in the us. STAY AWAY. Trash humans praying on people at the worst point in their life.
Great reviews
Thanks to this diet, breast cancer disappeared.
Wonderful experience! The doctors, staff and facility exceeded my expectations. The food and juices were amazing. Learned how to do the Gerson protocol once I got home. Two blocks from the beach full of dolphins. This place will instill hope back into your mind. Very loving environment.
Compassion, kindness and true health support are just a few of the doctor and staff’s attributes. Agape Love that I’ve never felt before. God’s little helpers for us here on an unhealthy earth. Thank you all for your unconditional love and support. Want to extend my stay will see if I can. I’m healing so fast I want to keep up the momentum. God Bless you H.I.T. And Doctor Max Gerson and Kathleen Blake on Facebook Gerson Therapy Support Group. 😊❤️

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