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About Paul D Rothwell, MD

Dr Paul Rothwell, M.D. launched Wellness and Longevity in January 2007 to bring cutting-edge IV therapies to the Oklahoma City area, as well as USA-made, pharmaceutical-quality supplements.  The clinic wants to act as a link between functional or natural medicine practitioners and traditional medical professionals.
Wellness and Longevity specialize in cancer, autoimmune illnesses, and anti-ageing adjunctive treatment, and offers IV therapies for patients who require stress relief, crucial nutrient replenishment due to poor diet or gut health issues, or who simply want a physical wellness “tune-up.”

The IV treatments for cancer patients are intended to help you regain your vitality, balance, and health.

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Paul D Rothwell, MD Cost and Additional Expenses

  •  20 minutes @ $110.00 

  •  20 minutes @ $120.00 

  •  20 minutes @ $130.00 

  •  20 minutes @ $140.00 

  •  30 minutes @ $125.00 

  •  1 hour @ $125.00 

    • 1 hour 30 minutes @ $150.00

    •  2 hours @ $175.00

    • 45 minutes @ $110.00 

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Head Doctors

  • Dr Paul Rothwell

Conditions Treated

  • Cancer

General Information


4400 Grant Blvd. Suite 109 (NW 39th and Kilpatrick Turnpike) Yukon, Ok 73099

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Lipoic Palladium Complexes - Effective Therapy in Late Stage Cancer - Paul D. Rothwell MD

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Paul D Rothwell, MD Reviews

24 reviews
Paul D Rothwell, MD
Based on 24 reviews
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I would recommend Dr.Rothwell, both PA’s , the nurses and receptionists in the clinic and the wellness and Longevity nurses. They truly care and give their best to every patient. I am truly thankful to God for the friend who told me about this practice.
Dr. Rothwell is so caring and takes the time to listen. He truly cares for his patients. His staff is also kind & caring.
This place is awful for a few reasons.First this place has the rudest staff of any doctors office I've ever been to. With 3 ladies at the reception area they will stay on their cell phones with personal calls while you stand there being ignored and waiting forever for your appointment!Second the doctor while kindly is not really a functional medicine doctor since he definitely promotes needing conventional standard of care to heal. He's not very up to date on what's needed for natural healing. I have hormone positive cancer and had to argue with him a few visits to get the Dutch test because he said it was unnecessary since I already knew I was hormone positive. Only that's especially when you need it to you know where your hormones are having a problem. He also wouldn't tell me the proper days to do the Dutch test since in his mind I didn't need it so I had to call the company ofering the Dutch Test. The ironic part is after the test results were returned. He read my results then acted like the test was his idea and it provided helpful information.. smh. He really only pushes his specialities of IV C and different tests he does so he's not really meant for someone who has anything extreme wrong with them.Another issue is he could refer bloodwork through my primary care physician to help save me costs but has no regard to do so. Which is important to someone like myself fighting cancer as costs can really add up.Third he has patients come in after their initial consultation without purpose and because of insurance deductibles this means we had to pay him $100 just so he can ask how I'm feeling??? I'm sorry but I have cancer you won't know how I'm doing without testing anything first. So having patients come in and not scheduling any tests before their next visit is just a way to scam more money from them. I'm writing this review so that patients know exactly what they're getting themselves into, but I also feel taken advantage of as a patient. He should have known what I need and when I need it as a cancer patient if he felt competent enough to take it on, and not just have me arbitrarily come in just to ask "how's it going?"! Then I was "fired" as a patient for asking him why it is done this way!
Dr. Rothwell has been my primary care physician for years. He approaches any health issue I present with great compassion and knowledge. He always takes the time in the room to answer my questions thoroughly instead of "getting in and getting out." Aside from himself, Dr. Rothwell's staff is also amazing. Such a sweet supportive group! Walking into the clinic feels like seeing old friends. They go above and beyond to make sure I am well taken care of. His PAs, Meredith and Candace, are also fantastic. When I need to see someone last minute or would rather see a female provider, they have flexible schedules and do a thorough job seeing to the needs of their patients. With my school schedule, I never know when I am free, so I predominantly see his PAs these days. Love them both!
Dr. Rothwell and his staff are exceptional! They are caring and respectful during every visit. Fortunately, Dr. Rothwell cares enough for my well being he will honestly tell me what I need to hear rather than just what I want to hear. With years and years of experience Dr. Rothwell continues to learn and strives to provide the latest medical research and knowledge to his patients. Dr. Rothwell and his PAs focus on keeping patients well by coaching thorough critical life style changes. I truly believe each provider and team member in this office cares for me and my family.

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