Fenbendazole Protocol Consultation

Fenbendazole Protocol Consultation

An integrative nurse is a call away


An integrative oncology nurse (RN) will personalize the fenbendazole protocol for your condition. You’ll get  comprehensive information about the protocol and how to adjust it best for your needs.


Some of the topics that will be discussed during your consultation:

  • How to avoid interaction with other medications
  • How to take the protocol and at what dose
  • How to monitor your progression
  • Other supplements you should consider

What patients say about the consultation:

“Elizabeth Sherwood was beyond helpful, very knowledgeable about the fenbendazole, how to use it, what to ask Drs and what tests to get. She just made me feel very comfortable about what I’m doing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for answers.”
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Susan Cocchiola
“The nurse was SO GREAT. Kind, helpful, lots of good tips and resources. Really listened and answered all of our questions. A great feeling to know there is someone that is available for questions and explain the process of everything. Especially on the alternative medicine side when your regular oncologist really can’t recommend things out of the 'standard of care options'.”
Nature Works Best
“The session was excellent!! The nurse did a wonderful job of listening to my symptoms, my journey and concerns. She explained treatment options, and she shared a suggested protocol. An outstanding service for those seeking alternative treatments!”
trina page integrative consultation review
Trina Page

We support you through the protocol:

Phone / Video Consultation

1:1 consultation with a certified nurse to answer all of your questions and build your personalized holistic plan

Full Medical Review

The nurse will review your health history, symptoms, current treatments, and potential medication interactions

Individualized Protocol

Get your tailored protocol detailing advised products and supplements + Get 20% + discount on your online order


Single follow-up via email OR ongoing support (depending on the package you select)

Starting $180!

Get rid of the confusion around the Fenbendazole protocol

You’ll meet an experienced integrative oncology nurse that will guide you through this protocol’s main components , and assess the safety and potential effectiveness of this protocol for your unique needs and diagnosis. 

Your consultation will cover: 

  • Fenbendazole
  • CBD
  • Curcumin

AND: Other potentially effective science-based integrative approaches, including:  

  • Supplements
  • Off-label medications
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle changes

Meet Our Nurses

Personalized protocol fenbendazole 2

Elizabeth Sherwood


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 3

Joan R. Jackson


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 4

Kate Hansen


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 5

Kristin Wohlschlagel


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 6

Madhavi Parikh


Alison Childs RN

Alison Childs


Betty Lee RN

Betty Lee


Have more questions?

Pick a convenient time and our advisor will call to answer your question about the consultation with the Integrative Oncology nurse

Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation Price starts at $180 and includes a 60 minutes 1:1 call, and follow up via email 

You can start using the fenbendazole protocol at any time.  It is important however to review your lab work, current medications, and proposed treatment plan with a Heal Navigator nurse to be sure that there are no drug interactions and the protocol is safe for you.

The nurses offers one complimentary follow up by email. You may purchase subscription for ongoing support and follow up consultations here.

The nurse will send you a zoom invitation link prior to the consultation date. If you prefer to do the consultation over the phone, the nurse will call you at the appointment time.  

Yes, the Heal Navigator nurses can consult with residents of other countries. The nurses are willing to discuss the informed use of fenbendazole, supplements, cannabis and other modalities, but are not able to assist with accessing these or other treatments.

You may cancel your consultation appointment for a full refund, up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled consultation.

Integrative Nurse Consultation

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All reviews have been submitted by patients after seeing the provider.

139 reviews
Newest first
February 2024
Grant Gilvesy
Medical Condition Cancer
I absolutely loved my consultation with Elizabeth. She was very informed and her follow up was amazing as well. I would highly recommend her service and I hope to
Continue working with her through my journey.  10 out of 10!
February 2024
Barbara Lockhart
Medical Condition Cancer

Madhavi was wonderful. I wish I had used this service a year ago. I learned more from her in a one hour zoom call than I have learned from my oncologist in the past 3 years. She is very caring and to the point. I have hope now.

February 2024
Don Price
Medical Condition Cancer

I was a little sceptical at first, but after speaking to Madhavi I was impressed with her knowledge and her willingness to help. She followed up with a printout and I also emailed her a couple days later and she answered quickly. So far so good. I appreciate her help.

February 2024
Julie G
Medical Condition Stage 4 colorectal cancer
As someone navigating the tumultuous waters of stage 4 colorectal cancer, finding the right alternative healthcare professional to guide is paramount. In my journey (I really don’t like this word), I had the privilege of consulting with Nurse Oncologist Joani, and it is with immense gratitude that I share my experience with her.
From the moment I logged onto the zoom, I felt warmth and empathy. Joani possesses a rare combination of clinical expertise and genuine compassion, which instantly put me at ease. During our consultation, Joani took the time to listen attentively to my concerns, patiently answering every question I had with clarity and reassurance. What truly sets Joani apart is her unwavering dedication to personalized care. She approached my case with meticulous attention to detail, tailoring a comprehensive treatment strategy that considered not only the medical aspect of my condition but also my individual needs and preferences. Her holistic approach instilled in me a sense of confidence and trust in her expertise. I am eternally grateful for her guidance and support, and I wholeheartedly recommend her and to anyone in need of expert care.
January 2024
Medical Condition Cancer
My consultation with Betty Lee was great. She answered all my questions and concerns. In addition, she gave me a lot of good advice. She also gave me a list of supplements that I should take. Betty was very helpful and professional.
January 2024
Kathy Webster
Medical Condition Cancer

My consultation with nurse Elizabeth was absolutely amazing. I had uploaded my blood test results to her before our call. She went over every bit of that with me. She told me what certain things meant and meant for me. She gave me suggestions on what to do to improve my numbers. She went over the list of supplements I had supplied, which ones were good which ones are not so good due to the potential cancer.  (My cancer has not been confirmed but it's "suspicious of cancer". My upcoming PET scan will tell more.) I have reached out to her with questions or info since my call and she replies.  She has given me links to research that she has done on my behalf so I can look into it myself too. I have to add,  within minutes of my consultation with nurse Elizabeth,  my primary care's physician's assistant called, to "go over my blood test results with me". (I had just received them from the lab that morning. ) She literally read them to me.  Period. No comments, no suggestions, nothing.  (And yes I was charged for a "tele-visit" for this.). That made me appreciate my consultation with nurse Elizabeth that much more.  Thank you Elizabeth, for being professional,  personable, and thorough.  You've given me a sense of how where I've been quite down.  Thank you Heal Navigator! I might add as well,  I had trouble connecting with the zoom at first.  (I was on a new laptop.) I'm still not sure what finally made it work, but she didn't just "go away". She was going to call me if we couldn't get it to work.

Thank you for having such a good crew.

January 2024
Medical Condition Cancer

Our consultation with Elizabeth was very helpful. She was knowledgeable and caring. She even anticipated some questions we hadn’t thought of. We appreciate her help.

1 people found this helpful
January 2024
Ann Abbott
Medical Condition Cancer

My consultation with Madhavi Parikh, PA was wonderful! I was apprehensive at first about the meeting but when we talked ,I was completely at ease with the whole routine and guidance that I received. The follow-up email that I received helped so much more in that it gave me a visual to look at and study up on. There is no pressure only guidance and caring guidance from experts in their fields. Very knowledgeable!

January 2024
Michal Regev
Medical Condition Past ILC stage 1

I’ve had an excellent experience! Nurse Kate was very knowledgeable, warm and understanding. She listened to me carefully and then made her suggestions. She followed the consultation with an email containing information and links to relevant research I could review. She stated she was open to any questions following our consultation. When I sent her an email with a couple of questions she responded promptly. I was very happy with her service.

1 people found this helpful
January 2024
Medical Condition Brain Cancer

Wonderful consultation and would highly recommend!

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