Fenbendazole Protocol Consultation

Fenbendazole Protocol Consultation

An integrative nurse is a call away


An integrative oncology nurse (RN) will personalize the fenbendazole protocol for your condition. You’ll get  comprehensive information about the protocol and how to adjust it best for your needs.


Some of the topics that will be discussed during your consultation:

  • How to avoid interaction with other medications
  • How to take the protocol and at what dose
  • How to monitor your progression
  • Other supplements you should consider

What patients say about the consultation:

“Elizabeth Sherwood was beyond helpful, very knowledgeable about the fenbendazole, how to use it, what to ask Drs and what tests to get. She just made me feel very comfortable about what I’m doing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for answers.”
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Susan Cocchiola
“The nurse was SO GREAT. Kind, helpful, lots of good tips and resources. Really listened and answered all of our questions. A great feeling to know there is someone that is available for questions and explain the process of everything. Especially on the alternative medicine side when your regular oncologist really can’t recommend things out of the 'standard of care options'.”
Nature Works Best
“The session was excellent!! The nurse did a wonderful job of listening to my symptoms, my journey and concerns. She explained treatment options, and she shared a suggested protocol. An outstanding service for those seeking alternative treatments!”
trina page integrative consultation review
Trina Page

We support you through the protocol:

Phone / Video Consultation

1:1 consultation with a certified nurse to answer all of your questions and build your personalized holistic plan

Full Medical Review

The nurse will review your health history, symptoms, current treatments, and potential medication interactions

Individualized Protocol

Get your tailored protocol detailing advised products and supplements + Get 20% + discount on your online order


Single follow-up via email OR ongoing support (depending on the package you select)

Starting $180!

Get rid of the confusion around the Fenbendazole protocol

You’ll meet an experienced integrative oncology nurse that will guide you through this protocol’s main components , and assess the safety and potential effectiveness of this protocol for your unique needs and diagnosis. 

Your consultation will cover: 

  • Fenbendazole
  • CBD
  • Curcumin

AND: Other potentially effective science-based integrative approaches, including:  

  • Supplements
  • Off-label medications
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle changes

Meet Our Nurses

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Elizabeth Sherwood


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 3

Joan R. Jackson


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 4

Kate Hansen


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 5

Kristin Wohlschlagel


Personalized protocol fenbendazole 6

Madhavi Parikh


Alison Childs RN

Alison Childs


Betty Lee RN

Betty Lee


Have more questions?

Pick a convenient time and our advisor will call to answer your question about the consultation with the Integrative Oncology nurse

Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation Price starts at $180 and includes a 60 minutes 1:1 call, and follow up via email 

You can start using the fenbendazole protocol at any time.  It is important however to review your lab work, current medications, and proposed treatment plan with a Heal Navigator nurse to be sure that there are no drug interactions and the protocol is safe for you.

The nurses offers one complimentary follow up by email. You may purchase subscription for ongoing support and follow up consultations here.

The nurse will send you a zoom invitation link prior to the consultation date. If you prefer to do the consultation over the phone, the nurse will call you at the appointment time.  

Yes, the Heal Navigator nurses can consult with residents of other countries. The nurses are willing to discuss the informed use of fenbendazole, supplements, cannabis and other modalities, but are not able to assist with accessing these or other treatments.

You may cancel your consultation appointment for a full refund, up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled consultation.

Integrative Nurse Consultation

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All reviews have been submitted by patients after seeing the provider.

139 reviews
Newest first
August 2023
Kathi Lafferty
Medical Condition Stage 4 colon cancer
The consultation with Kristin was awesome! I feel so comforted that we now have  better guidance from someone who has "been there and done that" and who is so knowledgeable.   With stage 4 colon cancer diagnosed 2/14/2022 and being told there is no cure was traumatic. My husband is still very ill but I have not given up hope. I just need to get him on the path of believing he can survive this nightmare. Through my research and my prayers for guidance, I found your organization. The free 15 minute consult call (from Germany) was the ticket!
God Bless you all!
August 2023
James- Scottie & Melissa
Medical Condition Cancer

Our consultation with nurse Joan was amazing. She was very easy to talk to. She explained everything in detail and was very helpful when ordering supplements, etc. Look forward to our next consultation.

August 2023
Kerri Beeson
Medical Condition Cancer

Great. She has been a wealth of information and so kind to break it down for me to understand!

August 2023
Timothy Wulff
Medical Condition Cancer
I am lucky to have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Joan.
August 2023
Medical Condition Cancer

My meeting with Kristin was very informative. It gave me some hope that I don’t have to use conventional methods that the doctors are pushing. Hopefully I can resolve my issues without relying on the chemo protocol that the doctors have. She suggested a few things to start taking and will follow up.

August 2023
Richard Fifer
Medical Condition Stage 4 Colon Cancer

My nurse Kate couldn’t be more understanding, knowledgeable, or helpful with all of our questions and concerns. She has provided additional insight and hope that has been invaluable so far.

August 2023
Medical Condition Cancer

Joani was fantastic and I would like to work with her through subscription.

July 2023

We were very impressed with Elizabeth Sherwood and the knowledge she has about ways to aid in our cancer fight! Our zoom consultation was very informative and, as promised, that afternoon she e-mailed us an overview of our conversation and provided us with a lot of information on vitamins and sent us links to research more information. We were very satisfied.

July 2023
Sara Rubinstein
Medical Condition Cancer
It's was a pleasure  to introduce me with nurse Joan Jackson. The consultation went very well,  as we had some trouble with the connection but she was very patient and after that she gave us all the information we needed.  Even my daughter that was very skeptical about the treatment convicted now that I should try it.  Mrs Jackson is very professional and we really enjoy talking to her. Any problems or questions she answers us very fast.
Thank you Joani for be there for me. Thanks
July 2023
Andrea Dussault
Medical Condition Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer
 The work you are all doing is amazing and I can't thank you all enough!
Nurse Kristin: I have never met a more kind, competent, intelligent, gentle, caring person in the medical field!  Nurse Kristin is so knowledgeable and dedicated to helping us and the many other families that she is working with around the world.  She had been an absolute angel sent to our family as we continue to care for our mother who has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.  In just our very first conversation, Nurse Kristin may have just saved my mom's life by finding an undetected and misdiagnosed medical issue that is causing havoc on top of my mom's cancer.  To say that Kristin and her level of experience is invaluable would be an understatement.  She has helped me so much by educating me on my mom's condition and all of the treatments she is currently getting and how we might be able to supplement those to prolong her life.  She is very honest and direct (which I love and appreciate), and she is always looking out for the best interest of her patients.  I wish I had found her sooner, but so happy to be working with her now!  Thank you Nurse Kristin ... you truly are the best!

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