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About Breakspear Medical

With over 25,000 patients treated since 1982, Breakspear Medical has gained international recognition for its contributions to the field of environmental medicine.

We have over 30 dedicated staff members, including fully qualified doctors, nurses, accountants, laboratory technicians, nutritional therapists, and administrative staff.

Breakspear Medical is a registered clinic with the Care Quality Commission (CQC Registration no: C010000662), which regulates health and social care in England.

Breakspear Clinic

Our day clinic employs fully qualified nurses and doctors to provide the best possible care. All members of our clinical team are trained to listen, observe, and treat patients as individuals. In the event of an emergency, all members of the team are trained to be first responders. All emergency equipment is available at the clinic. Every member of the clinical team receives annual refresher training in emergency procedures, including CPR and the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator.


The Pathology Department offers many tests, including urine and stool analysis for gut dysbiotic infections, coincidental illnesses and viruses, and nutritional analysis.  Blood tests available include tests for immunity to Covid, measles-rubella, measles, and mumps.


Our Pharmacy offers products and services to practitioners, patients and the general public. You can find high-quality vitamins and minerals, pre and probiotics, and essential fatty acids, along with hypoallergenic and organic cleaners and personal care items.

LDI Laboratory

For the production of low-dose immunotherapy vaccines (LDI), our facilities hold a Manufacturer’s Specials Licence. To be eligible for this license, the manufacturing processes and laboratory must comply with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) regulations regarding sterility and laboratory control.

Environmental Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

Our environmental naturopath and nutritional therapists are available to assist with creating custom-made diets and nutritional supplement programs and recommend lifestyle changes for healthier living.

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Breakspear Medical Cost and Additional Expenses

      • Initial consultation with a doctor £240, follow-up consultation (up to 30 minutes) £120
      • Environmental Naturopath – initial consultation £180 (up to 60 minutes), follow-up (up to 30 minutes) £90
      • Nutritional therapy – Initial Consultation £110, follow-up (up to 30 minutes) £55
      • Allergy testing Full day £250, half day £125

      *Breakspear Medical Group reserves the right to alter prices without notice. These prices were effective 1 July 2022.

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Available Treatments at Breakspear Medical

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Daud Mohamed
  • Dr. Shehzadi Mudassar
  • Professor Basant Puri
  • Dr. Eberhard Schwarz
  • Gabrielle Hyland - Nutritional therapists
  • Jean Monro – Environmental naturopath

General Information


Hertfordshire House, Paradise Industrial Estate, Wood Ln, Hemel Hempstead HP2 4FD

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Learn more about the clinic

Dr Daud Mohamed | Treatments of Lyme Persisters
Pol De Saedeleer | Induction of Auto-immunity
Understanding the risk factors for memory loss - Dr Jean Monro

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Breakspear Medical Reviews

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Breakspear Medical
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Dr. Patel is great! I've been going there for a few years now. He is extremely kind and really cares about his patients. The staff is also great. I really appreciate this clinic. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Having been given the wrong diagnosis and treatment by the NHS, medical doctors at the Breakspear Hospital provided medical tests to obtain the correct diagnosis, reverse the damage caused by the NHS, to then systematically treat each problem correctly. By using follow up medical test means that proof of the treatment working was also provided, before systematically moving on to correct diagnose and correctly treat other aspects subsequently found. No NHS diagnosis based upon assumptions followed by trial and error treatment, but a vastly superior method of diagnosing correctly first time, prove that the treatment has or is working, to logically follow the correct protocol.
I have had allergies since I was a toddler - mainly food but in more recent years other substances. I've been following Breakspear's Low Dose Immunotherapy protocol for just over a year, and I really notice the difference. I haven't had a single anti-histamine in all that time. I went through the hay fever season with only a few sneezes, and no longer get asthmatic with certain triggers. I noticed the asthma really worsening in recent years, and this has been completely turned around. I feel much more confident about my body's reaction to substances, and no longer sneeze with just a bit of dust. I recommend LDI to everyone I can. It's a game changer for people with specific allergies and allergic tendencies or sensitivities. Additionally, staff at the clinic are understanding of how you might be affected by particular conditions. They take allergy seriously as a holistic issue not a specific ailment to be remedied by antihistamine. I highly recommend Breakspear and wish I had learned about LDI decades ago.
My daughter Emma has been treated by Breakspear for many years now. Dr Jean Monro has helped her a lot with her ME/CFS and food, chemical and electrical sensitivities. She helped us understand the things that were making Emma ill and what she needed to do to feel better. Dr Mohammed is extremely knowledgable with Lyme disease and co infections. Breakspear is a chemical free building which is important for people with MCS and they are used to accommodating and treating people who are very sick with these illnesses that a lot of doctors don’t understand. All of the nurse staff and patient liason are very kind, caring and welcoming. We are very grateful for all they have done for my daughter and recommend them to anyone with these illnesses.
Breakspear Medical is a wonderful company. They have given me so much help with treating my Lyme disease and putting me on the road to recovery. Without Breakspear medical I truly would have felt lost in my battle against this scary disease. All of the staff are lovely, kind and genuinely caring. Thank you!!
I visited to enquire about Lyme disease treatment. Prices were very expensive and confusing pricing list given to me after seeing doctor. Felt uncomfortable there and since then found good treatment through Napiers in Scotland for herbal medicine at a fraction of the cost.
An amazing man, quiet yet effective.
I have been a patient at the Breakspear due to my underlying health conditions for more than 17 years. `I can honestly say if it were not for their knowledge and expertise , I wouldn't be here today . My health conditions are one's that conventional medicine cannot treat. All the Doctors, nurses and staff are kind and understanding . I recommend this clinic to anyone who is at a loss with illness and doesn't know where to turn.
I have always found all thestaff at the Breakespeare to beprofessional and thorough in their approach to the treatment of my multiple food and chemical Intolerances. On my regular visits I am always greeted with a smile as soon as I step through the door and everyone goes out of their way to make me feel at ease. The prescribed treatments have helped me have a better quality of life and enabled me to feel well enough to lead a fuller life and I could not have managed without them.
Best in the business.

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