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About Breast Cancer Conqueror

First and foremost, I am a woman that was looking for answers, just like you. I have faced 2 breast cancer journeys. My initial journey in 2004 – 2006, taught me so much about myself and breast cancer in general. This experience was a stepping stone into creating my first book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, Healing Diva Retreats and various coaching programs for women that are looking for support.

Then 10 years later, I faced another lump and another journey. This recurrence was more difficult for me than the first journey. I say more difficult because by 2015 I was the “face” of Breast Cancer Conqueror. How could I confidently tell women that they could heal when I was facing breast cancer for a second time?

There was such an internal struggle for several years. I wanted to stand in integrity and be honest about what I was experiencing, but at the same time, I wanted to wait for the right timing. And the right time would be when I was confident that I had once again healed and reversed breast cancer naturally. It was a driving force that kept me going. I wanted to prove to myself and others, that vibrant health was attainable, even if you are faced with a dis-ease like cancer.  

In August of 2018, I celebrated victory over breast cancer once again!

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Breast Cancer Conqueror Cost and Additional Expenses

We offer group coaching as well as private coaching.

Private coaching – $2,995 for 6 month / $3,997 for 12 months

    • 7 Essentials System® Lifestyle Analy​​​​​​​​​​sis
    • Your personal coach to be there for you
    • monthly private coaching sessions
    • Monthly group call with Dr. V
    • Everyday community support on private Facebook group
    • Access to Membership Only store products
    • Never Fear Breast Cancer Again Program with workbook and USB drive


Private 12 months coaching + Cancun retreat  $12,997

Includes all of the above + 6 days/5-nights All-Inclusive retreat with Dr. V at Hope 4 Cancer Treatment Center

Group coaching – 10 wks, ~$400 


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Available Treatments at Breast Cancer Conqueror

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

General Information


Naples, FL 34120, United States

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Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Breast Cancer Conqueror Reviews

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