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About Burzynski Clinic

Established in 1977, the Burzynski Clinic has grown to be a nationally and internationally recognized cancer center that provides cutting-edge cancer treatments.

Dr. Burzynski is famous for his research in the field of ANP – Antineoplastons. In his research, Dr. Burzinski found certain peptides in the blood of healthy people. Peptides, which were deficient in cancer patients. 

For over 20 years we have been using the concept of treating “cancer genes” and have seen remarkable results.


Our treatment for advanced cancer:

  • Clear the symptoms and signs of cancer. 1-3 months
  • Destroy the cancerous genome – remove abnormal genes and cure cancer. 4-6 months
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Dr. Burzynski Success Rate

The clinic is permitted to treat terminal patients with intravenous (IV) Antineoplastons (ANP), which successfully passed the phase 2 trial.

The Right to Try act – State laws and federal laws were created with the intent of allowing terminally ill patients access to experimental therapies that have completed phase 1 trial.

Our patient’s survival rate over six months was 86%.

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Dr. Burzynski

Burzynski Clinic Cost and Additional Expenses

The total expected cost is in the range of $120,000- $360,000, and not covered by insurance.

  • $1,250 – Initial Consultation fee
  • $7,000 –  Medical & Laboratory deposit
  • $7,000 Monthly Case Management Fee
  • $15,000 – $35,000 Monthly Medications costs

The treatment starts at 1- 3 weeks at the clinic (out-patient), followed by an average of 4-12 months of treatment at home.

A follow-up visit is required every 2-3 months.

– Not included in the price: meals, accommodation. Accommodation could be arranged in nearby hotels, for $52 a night, and up.

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Available Treatments at Burzynski Clinic

  • Antineoplastons (ANP)
  • Low dose of chemotherapy
  • Personalized gene therapy

Head Doctors

  • Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D.

Conditions Treated

  • Advanced Cancer

General Information


9432 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77055, USA

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Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Burzynski Clinic Reviews

97 reviews
August 2022
Medical Condition Breast Cancer Stage III

This place is a farce. My mother stumbled upon this place when she was first diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2014. They coerced her to come there so we did, 3000 miles from home. I stayed there 15 days with her while they sucked every penny out of her. $47,000 plus dollars later, she finally gave up & couldn't swallow 50 plus pills anymore each day. The doctors lie, the employees lie. Every day we went there, someone new was there, and someone also passed. We all sat together in the chemo room for an all day affair. After the daily treatment, she was so weak & tired she had to sleep in our hotel room with no lights & no sound. It was the most horrible experience I have ever gone through. They cannot cure cancer. Please do your research first before you take a step inside this place. Shame on everyone that works there. Every day you walk in.....have an appt with the so called MD.....he orders what he thinks would drain you financially & then you sit in the financial office to pay thousands & thousands of dollars for sugar pills that are just a bunch of shit. After my mom passed, they were still calling me to collect 7000.00. All that place cares about is making the money, not helping anyone. Please research them before you make a move.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements No improvement
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Burzynski Clinic
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Burzynski is a genius and a brilliant polymath. His protocols work better than anything out there and without poisoning your body.People are complaining here about the price. Don't blame Dr. Burzynski - blame the FDA. They have been going after him for decades because a cure for cancer is not good for the income statements of the cancer business. Yes folks, cancer is a multi-billion dollar business and they won't give up that cash cow without a fight. If the FDA approved Dr. Burzynski's protocols, your insurance would pay for it.What are they really scared of?
Came to leave a 5 star just because I know his cure works for some people an he is on to something other wise the government wouldn't be trying to shut him down they only care about something when it effects there pockets an that's if it's in a bad way or a good way only when money is involved will the government get involved
I read about this doctor early this year and I was amazed to hear testimonies of people who were treated by him and today they are totally health.I just wish I had known him by 2016 when my brother Anthony was diagnosed with cancer of ausophgas. Anyway he passed on in August 2020. God bless you as you continue helping many.Kindly consider partnering with governments like here in Kenya (East Africa) we won't fight you like American government.
I sit and read some of these reviews and can't believe what I am reading. Some of you talk about the cost. Yes it's expensive and so is every other cancer treatment. Why doesn't your insurance pay for it? Well ask our government. All they are concerned about was shutting him down. My wifes treatment before Burzynski's was over $50.000 a month.And to the fact that people are upset about their loved ones not being cured. Well before we even went we were told it doesn't work on everyone. But when you're dying from cancer you have to be willing to take a chance at anything that may work.My wife has stage 4 metastatic melanoma. Within four days on the treatment her main tumor had shrunk by 2/3 its size. So does Dr. Burzynski's treatment work yes it does, does it work for everyone unfortunately no it doesn't. But unfortunately for us the 6 months of chemotherapy previous has really messed up her internal system. So we are working on two different issues ourselves.
Wish my loved one could afford this! Sad that Dr. Burzynski has this wonderful intelligence & treatment to help us live, but you have to be rich to afford it. It truly breaks my heart!
I cannot say enough positive about the entire Clinic as a whole! They work together to ensure that you get the best treatment possible and a full understanding of how the entire process works. My husband has small cell lung cancer and we are extremely hopeful. Our journey has just begun with the clinic and I couldn't be more positive that he will beat this with the Burzynski Clinic help!
Keep going strong, Dr. B and all your clients, too... Antineoplastons are isolated from urine... so, think about that... 100,000's recover and/or keep healthy by taking their own urine... like 1 ounce twice a day... all over the world and for all ages of time in history... benefit of antineoplastons is that they do not have aroma, however at $100,000.00 / year... i think urine is free... urine contains the 12 mineral salts that your body needs... you are welcome, ahead of time...
Only a rich person can afford this clinic, and that is a crying shame…he should get a team together to come up with a least some sort of alternative to help people who don’t have that kind of money, use that same energy that he fought the federal government… in the 60s and 70s, grants or something, just dont do anything in that area, you say you care right? It’s just not right smh
Dr. Burzynski is modern Day Jesus. The FDA along with the CDC, W.H.O. & Big pharma is modern day Lucifer. Pretending with Deceit to care. They don't care. Their objective is to get rid of you, But first Drain you of all your money.
My father could use this dr but man we just don’t have that kind of money it’s way too much money for us. I wish it was affordable for low income people. The only reason I put 4 stars was because the prices and I understand why it’s expensive but man if only he would get insurance.
The National Cancer Institute, the FDA, and the U.S. Dept. of Health know that Dr. Burzynski's antineoplastons cancer treatments work. Why else would they attempt to take away his medical license and lock up Dr. Burzynski (all-the-while trying to steal his discovery by filing 11 copy-cat U.S. Patents). Guess what? They didn't win...they couldn't win. Instead of being applauded for his service to humanity, he's had to endure an insane amount of baseless lawsuits and decades of smear-campaigns. May this man be protected from the tyranny and corruption openly displayed by our own government who have been trying to discredit Dr. Burzynski's work so that they could benefit from it.
Watch the documentary on YouTube and you will see, that he does have proof and there is a ongoing cover up to suppress this from being FDA approved. The truth is being supressed, all because of money. They're even going as far as putting misinformation on Wikipedia . Watch the film and then decide.
We as Americans should have any treatment to keep us Alive. No one or corporation should be able to control our lives. Burzynski clinic is a option. We should pick and choose. Not the government, State or Federal. Good luck.
Shame on the crooked FDA, Cancer Institute & assistant for trying to patent his invention so many times if it's not effective. Many are still alive over 20 years later, I know.Shame on the United States for all the hundreds of thousands of people that die every year from cancer when they could have asked him to join them and get this approved. But looks like the pharmaceutical money means more to them then hundreds of thousands of lives. May God have mercy on your souls!
My grandpa has aggressive nose cancer. He decided to go here in a chance to save his nose and his life. Alas, they offered false promises and sugar pills with a bang because his tumor has grown 3x the amount in three weeks! Afterwards, They went to Princeton (based on the recommendation from B clinic) and was told the medicine was NOT working! Not only not working but he was significant worse since the start of treatment. Grandpa calls burzynski and of course they want him to stay on it because it’s working “10”%!!!!!! No tests on the cancer or medication from afar to even take a random guess it’s working 10%! Poor science. Poor outcome. Stop taking money from my family, be honest when your sugar pills aren’t working, and have a heart to know when to STOP!!!
Dr Cho amazing ❤️
Wish we would have gotten my grandson there.took him to md anderson.in my opinion,worst thing we ever did,he left us jan 15 2022 .after 6 mos or torment.personally.i wouldnt take a dog there!
I celebrate my 30 years of survival from A.L.L. Cancer due to Dr. Burzynski treatment in loma Linda medical center in California. Back in 1990 A.L.L. Was a terminal cancer and there was no hope , the chemo failed and I was declining. Dr Bedros told my mother about an experimental treatment out of Texas and it worked to cure me. I don’t know why this treatment isn’t used worldwide to save our loved ones. The FDA doesn’t want to cure cancer. That’s just my opinion but you can’t find the videos on YouTube anymore that show the struggle this man had to go thru to help people fight cancer. Much love and respect to this man and the good he has done. Thank you sir. We appreciate you and your hard work.Michael and family
Not honest- very unprofessional- had one visit never went back. DO YOUR research on this place- BEFORE paying thousands out of pocket to be lied to. **This place has LONG legal history of conflict google online-
Wife had endometical cancer and they found two more cancers. They determined from the pathology reports that how to treat her. That was 10 years ago.
I was diagnosed with Metastatic Carcinoma consistent with Breast Cancer in August 2020. My Oncologist was ready to put a port in and start aggressive chemo the very next day that she admitted was hard on my heart.I told her I did not want chemo and wanted to look into alternative therapy (targeted gene therapy.) She was not happy and proceeded to tell me about 3 patients who did alternative therapy, one died and the other 2 came back very sick and did recommended chemo.A friend of mine called to ask me if she could stop by and show me some info on The TRUTH About Cancer by Ty Bollinger. I said "Sure". So I watched the video, it was very interesting. She also brought the Burzynski Movie and told me to watch it.WHAT AN EYE OPENER.I called the Burzynski Clinic in Houston a few days later to gather info. Talked to a sweet Public Relations Intake lady named Brenda. She kept me informed of the whole process. She emailed all the info I needed to read about Burzynski Clinic, Antineoplastons, and treatment regimens that been successful in treating many kinds of cancer including Glioblastoma.Brenda and I talked about the care, the finances, the hotel and the the Free Shuttle from hotel to clinic daily. She was instrumental I'm my decision to come to the Clinic.I've been blessed by the treatment and care of Dr Burzynski, his son Greg and Dr Yi, my Oncologist during my stay. Everyone was open, honest and forthcoming with my treatment plan. I've made several new friends from this clinic. Brenda and her husband took me out for supper the 3rd night I stayed in Houston.I highly recommend this clinic if you are not interested in modern chemotherapy treatment. Do your research, educate yourself, check out Dr B's Antineoplastons on fb page. You will be glad you did.Thank you Dr Burzynski and Staff at your Clinic in Houston. I'm so glad I came.Headed home to finish treatment. No side effects on current treatment and the future is looking bright🌞✝️
Im Alive thanks to God and his guidance to Dr.burzinsky. Wonderful team,knowledge andHumanity. Thank you Dr.B that's how we all call him.God bless you.
This treatment works. I am shocked by all the negative things out there. I don't understand why there is so much false information about this guy. The treatments were easy as they are not toxic which means they are not poisonous to the body - they don't harm it.
This is an amazing clinic. Shame on the FDA and the NCI for there lies, population control propaganda and the horrible abuse of millions of dollars of our tax-payer money to try and shut down cancer cures that have already saved HUNDREDS of lives. Thank God for Dr. B's clinic and treatment plans!
Been told for years this man was a quack, don’t believe it! This is the only clinic I’d trust my cancer treatment to! Please, if you’ve been told there’s no help for u other places give them a chance to save ur life!! They can do it with their antineoplastines! Chemotherapy and radiation are as harmful as the cancer, y would u let them do. That to u when u can be cured w no harmful medications? Doesn’t make sense to me either! But if u want to be cured, please give them a chance!
With all the evil in the world we r truly Blessed to have him he really cares about cancer patients and is not money hungry like he truly loves his patients he is a man of God and no one will ever stop him from doing the right thing God has his hands on him may God bless him now and forever
The Burzynski Clinic is ahead of their time in their approach to Cancer. I have a tough case and they have been my Doctors nearing 2 years now and I would never look anywhere else for oversight. They understand Cancer, cutting edge medicine and how to approach it for the patient. You are an individual here not a number. I highly recommend them!
My wife is as healthy as ever after having stage 4 metastatic breast cancer 3 years after. Out of the box cancer treatment that has the highest survival rates and quality of life as well.
He’s a godsend Doctor who has a heart to truly cure sick people. Which a lot of conventional drs don’t have.
I can not Thank this Company and these people enough for healing my mother. They are true Angels for caring enough and standing up in what they believe in , and to continue to fight for people’s lives. My mother started treatment 4 weeks ago, walking in with Glioblastoma and only given months to live. Within 2 weeks she was improving and by the 3rd week she was back at work. Wow! These people I will forever be grateful, and thank them from the bottom of my heart. She will be a survivor, and the hope you have given us is priceless. Thank You!!
At 87 lbs., with cancer all over her body, my 50+ year old best friend was sent home with a referral for hospice by one of the largest hospitals in Houston. The surgeon there said they couldn't do anything more for her. A few days later we went to see Dr. Burzynski and from the first treatment I saw improvement. She is now, 2 years later, completely healthy, living in San Miguel, Mexico and having a great life. Dr. B is amazing! I trust him so much that I've referred a close family member to him for treatment.

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