Discover comprehensive cancer care at Brio-Medical, Scottsdale’s premier integrative cancer clinic.

Led by Dr. Sean Devlin DO, H.M.D. as the Chief Medical Officer Brio offers a 6-week personalized program that combines evidence-based treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and compassionate support.

Embrace a transformative healing journey with our holistic approach to cancer care.

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About Brio-Medical

Brio-medical, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, stands at the forefront of integrative cancer treatment, pioneering a unique approach that combines both conventional and alternative therapies. Under the leadership of Dr. Sean Devlin, an esteemed expert in integrative medicine, the clinic offers comprehensive care that looks beyond symptoms to address the root causes of cancer, considering the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of each patient’s well-being.

Central to Brio-Medical’s offerings is their 6-week integrative cancer program. Tailored to the individual’s unique condition, this program offers a multifaceted approach to treatment. It includes a blend of traditional cancer therapies, alternative treatments, lifestyle changes, and holistic supportive care. Throughout these seven weeks, patients are enveloped in a supportive environment, benefiting from the collaborative expertise of a dedicated team of integrative physicians, specialists, and therapists.

The strength of Brio-Medical lies in its commitment to evidence-based practices and its collaborative treatment model. By merging the best aspects of conventional and alternative medicine, and by continually updating their practices with the latest research in integrative medicine, Brio-Medical ensures that patients receive a caliber of care that is both innovative and holistic.

For anyone navigating the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, Brio-Medical promises to be a supportive partner on the healing journey. With a foundation in research, a focus on personalized care, and a compassionate team led by Dr. Sean Devlin, the clinic extends an invitation to join them in a collective quest for health and well-being.

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Brio-Medical Cost and Additional Expenses

We offer a 6-week cancer treatment program, which includes an additional 3 days for Orientation.

You have two payment options:

  1. Pay a discounted total of $75,000 on the first day.
  2. Pay $14,500 weekly for the first 6 weeks.


We are now offering therapies A La Carte.

Consultation fee of $2750 which will include an in person physical exam (travel to Brio is required) and a week of orientation.

An average cost for a day of treatment will typically range from $2500-$3500/day.


Included in the price:

• All Brio therapies (Excluding Peptide Therapy) *Therapy qualifications will vary based on lab results and patient assessments
• Intravenous solutions
• Nutrition Plan/Shopping List


Not included in the price:

• Labs (If not covered by insurance)
• Imaging (If not covered by insurance)
• Some oral medications from pharmacies (If not covered by insurance)
• Specialty Testing (If not covered by insurance)
• Supplements
• Hyperthermia suit ($125)
• Additional Low Dose Metronomic Chemotherapy Sessions
• Peptides
• Travel and Hotel/Stay Accommodations
• Companion Meals
• PICC/Port
• Additional After-Care Appointments (Prices shared upon request)

Included in the Price:
  • 1 Meal a day
  • 1 Green Juice
Airport Transportation

Courtesy transportation to and from hotels, condos, or AirBnB within 5 miles from Brio Medical Center.

After Care Program
  • 1 Follow-up  Consultation after program completion with Dr. Goodyear
    • 1 After-Care Appointment with Dr. Walter Kim
    • 1 After-Care Appointment with Dr. Miranda LaBant
Contact the Clinic

Contact the Clinic

Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Available Treatments at Brio-Medical

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Sean Devlin DO, H.M.D. Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Walter Kim ( MD)

Dr. Kim, a cancer survivor himself, understands the challenges and difficulties that come with being diagnosed with cancer. He has firsthand experience with the fears, doubts, questions, and suffering that cancer patients, as well as their families and friends, go through. He has a background in Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine, which has provided him with a diagnostic perspective. Although he did not plan to transition into cancer care, he believes that the opportunity to do so was a Godsend, and he has been treating cancer patients for over 14 years in an integrative setting. Dr. Kim is open-minded about all types of treatments, including western conventional approaches, and supports patients’ choices while also educating them about additional therapeutic approaches. His niche is providing aftercare to patients who have received treatment from centers outside of the US, as well as patients who need care in the US without an established oncologist. Dr. Kim is a fighter against cancer and remains committed to his patients.


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Dr. Miranda LaBant (NMD)

She graduated from the National University of Health Sciences in Illinois before completing a CNME accredited residency in integrative oncology under Dr. Michael Traub, ND, in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. She combines naturopathic philosophy with conventional medicine to help her patients achieve and maintain optimal health in a safe and natural manner. Dr. LaBant believes in the innate ability of the body to self-regulate and heal when given proper guidance. She works closely with her patients to empower them and uncover underlying factors contributing to illness. By utilizing clinical expertise and laboratory data, she aims to re-establish health and function on all levels, rather than merely suppressing symptoms. Dr. LaBant specializes in treating a range of digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), and Inflammatory Bowel Disease and many more.


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Dr. (Rue) Rumbidzai Mudzonga, NMD

Dr. (Rue) Rumbidzai Mudzonga, a compassionate Naturopathic Physician, graduated from the Sonoran University of Health Science. Her solid foundation in biology and chemistry empowers her to offer innovative and comprehensive care. With unwavering empathy, she goes beyond surface-level symptoms, striving to identify the root causes of health issues. 

Her specialization encompasses a wide range of modalities, including injection therapy, botanical medicine, adjustments, homeopathy, various physiotherapy techniques, hydrotherapy, mind-body medicine, nutrition, holistic counseling, and acupuncture. Personally touched by cancer, she aspires to provide comprehensive support for cancer patients, nurturing them mentally, spiritually, and physically throughout their challenging journeys. Motivated by her commitment to progress, she aims to continue developing innovative approaches to enhance patient treatments and outcomes. 

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Dr. Lauren Rueda, NMD

Dr. Lauren Rueda graduated with her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Sonoran University of Health Sciences after receiving her bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University. Dr. Rueda’s extensive clinical training spans integrative pain management, mental health, and chronic conditions, showcasing her dedication to multifaceted patient-centered care. As a lead researcher at the Ric Scalzo Institute of Botanical Medicine, her work on botanical research emphasizes her commitment to evidence-based natural therapies. In her spare time, she loves volunteering at Naturopaths Without Borders to provide healthcare to impoverished communities.

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General Information


11000 N Scottsdale Rd ste 115, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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Facility Tour | Integrative Cancer Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona @BrioMedical
Brio's Integrative Contributions To Cancer Care
Brio-Medical Alternative Cancer Treatment

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Simply leave your contact details here, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours with more information about our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the clinic located?
Brio Medical is located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, just 15 minutes away from Downtown Phoenix and the Phoenix International Airport.
Is Brio Medical an inpatient or outpatient facility?
Brio Medical is an outpatient facility. Treatments are done in the clinic and then patients leave for the night. For those that do not live in the area, Brio works with hotel partners in Scottsdale, many of which provide discounted rates to patients and their families as well as transportation to and from the clinic.
What is the cost of treatment?
The cost of the six weeks program, plus one week of orientation, is $80,000. Treatments are done 5 days a week, typically for six weeks. The price includes diagnostics and labs, therapies, intravenous solutions, two customized meals a day while being treated at the clinic, a follow-up consultation after discharge, and transportation to and one from the airport.
Does Brio accept insurance?
To qualify for insurance reimbursements, patients will need to have a private PPO insurance policy with qualifying out-of-network coverage that is provided through an employer, health sharing, or other group entity administered insurance plan. Unfortunately, patients with Medicare, Medicaid, or HMO insurance plans would not qualify for insurance reimbursements.

Brio-Medical Reviews

40 reviews
November 2023
Toni Hadder ,United States connect with Toni Hadder
Medical Condition Stage 4 Uterine Carcinosarcoma

Had 5 chemo treatments before going to Brio and wasn’t able to tolerate harsh side effects. There was nothing to endure at Brio except a little nausea and fatigue. Walked out 6 weeks later with almost flawless PET scan. Did some radiation with a Dr. Grado for a spot on pelvis. Bloodwork is back to normal with exception of glucose which is 3 points high (I’ll take it). Doing treatments now that mimic the ones I had at Brio, infrared heat, hyperbaric chamber, ozone and vitamin C infusions and supplements.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Improvements Better scans CT, Blood results, General mood, Nausea, Sleep
6 people found this helpful
October 2023
Medical Condition Bladder Cancer Stage 2

I spent over $80,000 and nine weeks there, April - June 2023. At first it was a decent experience, they have staffing and attitude issues, However, all the nurses and Michelle are great!
I witnessed several advanced cancer patients pass away while they were there, several patients spent copious amounts of money and months there. In May 2023 while I was there my tumor marker number was two, I returned home in June 2023, and 14 days after my return home my numbers skyrocketed to 70!!!! I started feeling crappy before I left the clinic but nobody would listen to me, just kept giving me vitamin C! My cancer came raging back before I got home. I contacted Brio several times to get my medical records in which they would only send me my blood draw reports, they gave me way too much vitamin C, and lied about chemo meds, only drop your blood sugar to 70 for the IPT, which is not effective and the targeted therapy, machines and after care are a JOKE!
I had to find another place for IPT, spend more money and still had to have my bladder, uterus and a lot of lymph nodes removed. I’m a young woman, and they destroyed my bladder with their treatments. They force everyone to sign an arbitration agreement and they hide under the veil of it. If you don’t know what an arbitration agreement is, it means you can’t sue them in a court of law. However, Interesting that they have a current lawsuit from one of their past doctors, Kollin v. Brio Inc. and were sued in 2018 for $8 million in medical fraud. All things I wish I knew before I decided to go to Brio. This place needs to be shut down. BE AWARE!!!!

Previous Treatments None
23 people found this helpful
August 2021
Medical Condition Gastro Esophageal cancer, stage 4 metastasized to peritoneal cavity

The staff and facility were awesome. Very knowledgeable and helpful. In hindsight, wish I had checked into clinic sooner. Another thought is to continue chemo while doing these treatments. The body definitely benefits from all the procedures.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Diet Low Sugar
Improvements Other
3 people found this helpful
May 2021
Medical Condition cancer stage 1

I chose alternative cancer treatment specifically to shrink a small, stage 1 tumor. I spoke with Dr Hellman in advance , sending my records and asking if the treatment would work for me or whether it was designed as an adjunct or after surgery care in lieu of chemo/ radiation. I was Assured this was primary care, the tumor was small enough to shrink and that the majority of their patients do well . Given that the program is designed as an intensive and expensive 4-6 weeks, one should expect some results, even if results "vary." I also made clear that I could not afford to repeat this treatment /did not have an additonal $30-40k to spend on care. That should have prompted a clear disclosure re: extensive and expensive treatment needed after, but it did not. More troublesome is that in my intial meeting with Dr Kollin, before any exam or review of my records, she pushed surgery, which was speficially what I made clear I wanted to avoid in seeking alternatives!!! Imagine a naturpoath telling me to have surgery when I just spent 40K and flew dropped everything to fly across country to be under her care!!!Pressure for surgery despite her unwilligness to give an opinion as to progress contuned, adding to my distress as this was 180 degrees from the protocol they offer. II wish I could say I made profress in overall health but the diet is what I've been following for years with monor tweaks. and my initial labs were great and the tumor markers (which are normal)did not change at all. I also asked in advance how progress is tracked and was told they use makers, sonograms and exams, but dr was unwilling to give ANY opinion, saying that she's not a "diagnostician" and that the markers are unreliable, far from the intial assurances. I am now left with a hastily prepared DYI post care plan that will cost several thousands of dollars a month PLUS a few more thousand in equipment.In short, the "miracle" video from the founder plus the intial calls with the Dr were wholly misleading. Further, the staff mutes concerns with admonishments to "stay positve, " "believe" and "trust in the lord" and outright shaming that "your negative thoughts are causing your cancer." They are in this for a profit. Further the first week was so over capacity with patients tthat I spent more time waiting and than in treatments while the the owners and patients' family members had free treatmentes DURING clinic hours.I do not feel my expectations were unrealtic. I was misled and Omitting necessary disclosures left me with debt, not the great "hope" Rusty, the owner and Dr Hellman promise. My advice is to to Research more established clincs and treatments you can do yourself , fonlt let them pressure you into making a decision like I was before you commit and get clear answers to your questions.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements No improvement
16 people found this helpful
September 2020
Medical Condition

I came to Brio Medical for my Husband .
From the time you enter the door your fear slips away .
Around the third day , it feels like your coming home when you enter and everyone knows your name .
Professional and personal , a beautiful combination

Diet Keto
7 people found this helpful
September 2020
Medical Condition Stage 4 peretineal carcinomatosis

I’ve been coming to the clinic for treatment sporadically since Dec. of 2019. Having been told by my oncologist that nothing more could be done for me, the search was on . I have learned that something can always be done and my time spent here at Brio medical clinic has been the best investment in my health. I walk through the door confident I’ll be under the best care possible anywhere. I walk out the door with energy and peace.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Diet Organic
Improvements Better scans CT
2 people found this helpful
September 2020
Medical Condition Corrosis of the liver and liver legions

I have been going a few weeks and couldn’t be happier. Feeling energized and feeling better. Doctors and Staff are so welcoming!!

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements General mood
4 people found this helpful
September 2020
Michelle Hurr
Medical Condition Stage 4 Metastatic breast to spine

I arrived with back pain and leaving with no back pain and feeling great!

Diet Organic
Improvements General mood
1 people found this helpful
Google Reviews
Brio-Medical Cancer Clinic
Based on 32 reviews
review us on
I am disappointed in Brio. Before I even went I voiced my concern of not having anyone to follow with after leaving and just being left on my own to figure things out. I was reassured that with their “amazing AfterCare program” that this would not be a concern. I left Brio in November 2023. I had my 6 week follow-up appointments in December which things were going well at the time. In January things took a turn for me. I called to schedule an appointment to discuss things and was told that 01-01-2024 a new policy was put in place that you only get 1 aftercare appointment. For now on it is $400 for Dr Kim and Dr LaBant and $600 for Dr Goodyear. I was extremely upset. This was never disclosed. I was reassured that their Aftercare program was amazing. I requested 3 weeks ago to hear back regarding some of my concerns and they have never bothered to return my call. Now I am exactly where I was worried about being …left to figure this out on my own.
Hi Everyone,I am a survivor of five (5) unrelated cancers over a 20 year period of time. I am all too familiar with the various treatments for colon, melanoma, renal, prostate and chronic lymphatic leukemia.I know that if you're reading this; either you or someone you love is suffering. It's not just the cancer that causes suffering...it is also constant doctors appointments and resulting treatments...chemotherapy and related side effects (and medication used to treat the side effects), surgeries, radiation, scans, life disruptions, worried family members and worst of all (at least in my experience) is having to wake up in the morning and try to live life with some degree of normalcy despite the disease.I have read most of the reviews on this site and I feel for the people who lost their loved ones either during or after their time at Brio. In fact, I was there receiving treatment last year between August and November and made a lot of friends and a few did not make it, God rest their souls...but the vast majority improved dramatically and some walked away healed ...I am one of those who, by the grace of God, walked away healed after suffering for 6-1/2 years with an aggressive form of oligometastatic prostate cancer and out of options after a radical prostectomy, radiation, chemotherapy (both oral and intravenous) FAILED.With the above in mind, nobody really knows what it is like to be a cancer patient unless they are a cancer patient...not even the vast majority of doctors that patients see have personally experienced cancer or the treatments they prescribe.Brio Medical offers a much different approach to western medicines' "standard of care". Just one example that should resinate; Brio does not deliver chemotherapy in a way that leaves the patient in far worse physical shape when they go home after infusion; rather Brio offers a much more humane approach by utilizing metronomic chemotherapy. Brio also has developed relationships with highly skilled doctors and professionals outside their practice for radiation, scans, surgical procedures etc.; the doctors, nurses and the entire staff at Brio are truly committed to healing the patient.After receiving a devastating cancer diagnosis consider this...is the treatment offered really humane and if you have already received some type of standard treatment, how do you feel? Does your medical team really have a plan...not just to destroy tumors for as long as possible...but to heal your body? My experience is no...the medical system has created an environment in which the doctor(s) cannot focus on healing the patient...and note that I wrote "medical system"...there are many great doctors...but can they really heal you when the system only allows them to see you for 10 to 15 minutes per visit? Ask your doctor...I bet he or she cannot provide an inspirational answer.Brio is different, they care for you every weekday while you're there and they create a treatment plan that's humane and designed to heal the patient, not make the patient unable to function for days after each treatment.And yes, there is a cost to get treatment at Brio...some look at that as a barrier but is it really? As a patient who suffered severely for many years while relying on a medical/health insurance system that, by the way, FAILED TO HEAL ME...How much do you really value your own life or your loved one's life?There is a much more humane way to treat cancer...that is what Brio Medical offers.Attached are some pictures of me with some of the staff at Brio...the pictures were taken one year after treatment...
I came to Brio-Medical with my dad as hishelper. We have been very blessed by thewhole package. My Father has dramaticallyimproved. He came with a golf size tumor onhis left breast which has significantlydeflated and shrunk. The staff has beenvery kind and accommodating to both myfather and me. I have thought many timesthat it has the feeling of being at camp. Youhave the opportunity to meet other patientshear their stories, and learn from them. Thedoctors have also done a great job ofeducating us about his treatments andhelping us work through them. Jesus Christhas worked mightily through Brio-Medicaland we are very grateful for them.
We appreciate the five doctors at Brio who each in their expertise taylor their specialty to the patient's needs.We especially want to single out Dr Kim as oncologist who went above and beyond the call of duty in treatment of Danells cancer and who is relentless to see the cancer gone, Dr Goodyear for his thoroughness in treatment recognizing that ultimately God is our healer, Dr Smithson who as energy doctor treated Danells scar for effective energy flow through the body and was very informative about how dental health affects the body , Dr Ru for her expertise in cupping and acupuncture, Dr Labant who specializes in mistletoe administration for building up the immune system, Michelle for lymphatic massage which helped clear the drains for optimal health, Sarah who informed us on the best foods to eat and all the nursing and office staff who blessed us in so many ways. Thank you and God bless you!
I am so grateful to have found Brio. My time here has been everything and more that I hoped it would be. I loved learning about what each treatment was doing to help me heal by reading about them on the Brio web sight. The staff is so uplifting and loving and take such great care of each and every person there. It was definitely a 10/10 healing experience. I am leaving with so much knowledge and confidence in my aftercare plan, knowing for certain deep in my heart, that I am 100% on the right track for healing fully. Thank you to the entire Brio team and all that you do.
The Dr.’s and nurses are for the most part nice but there’s a good reason that they make you pay the entire amount upfront and don't give refunds. Definitely not worth the $40,000 price point! My husband died 10 days after arriving home. I can’t even imagine what his experience would have been like had I not gone in and helped him do his treatments every day. They kept telling me I could leave but then whenever I did were calling me and treatments didn’t happen. The entire last week we were there was a waste. He even fell in the bathroom on their watch after they convinced me to leave. They took in way more clients than they had the capacity and capability to care for. To many things to list here that make this center a 2 star facility.
My husband has been here for 4 weeks with a few more to go. We are so impressed with the Drs and the staff!!! Everyone has been extremely kind and caring. Their services are top notch and they truly go above and beyond for their patients. The facility is extremely clean and everything runs like a well-oiled machine! Our family has been truly blessed by Brio Clinic and we will certainly be recommending the clinic to anyone that would be needing their services.
A week ago my sister, brother-in-law and I arrived with my mom who was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme.My mom told me yesterday that she feels she wouldn’t be with us today if we hadn’t arrived at Brio Medical when we did.Three days after starting a new medication, her right foot lifts and no longer drags when walking. We are looking forward to more positive progress.Everyone here is very friendly and caring. WE ARE SO GLAD THAT WE CAME. (We were offered no hope at home. )
I went to Brio Medical for IV therapy. This clinic is a blessing. They genuinely care for their patients. The nursing staff was friendly, caring, and thoughtful. Dr. Kollin figured out what was making me sick. No other doctor could figure it out. Thank you Brio Medical.
If your are looking for holistic treatment for your cancer diagnosis, look no more! Brio Medical Center is an awesome place for treatment! This center has gone over and above my expectations during my six-week stay! I cannot say enough about their staff members - Dr. Kollin was very knowlegable and friendly always taking time out to hear all my concerns and answer all of my questions - never making me feel rushed or un-important. The nurses were so attentative and kind always making me feel as if I was their main priority each and every day! The medical assistant was always there to greet each and every one of us in the morning with her smile that made each one of us feel welcomed. She was also always very efficient in cleaning and setting up the treatment rooms between patient use. The nutritional education I received was excellent and its value will last a lifetime! Not only will this center treat the body, there is also a counselor on staff to help you through the stressors of life which play a very big part in healing. This center is the total package of what it takes to treat the WHOLE body and well worth the price! I will never forget this wonderful staff who have played a significant role in my healing journey!
Going to Brio-Medical was one of the best decisions I could have made on my cancer journey. I entered with stage 3 Invasive Ductile Carcinoma. The Brio Doctors, nurses and staff were incredibly helpful and caring. During my 6-week stay I witnessed many patients coming back to life right before my eyes! All the therapies were non invasive and enjoyable. Over time you begin to form a strong bond with the other patients and caregivers. The food was excellent and the nutritional guidance you get from the nutritionist was exceptional. The emotional component of healing was critical and was addressed wonderfully by Anita during our EVOX sessions. Dr. Kollin was my doctor and would check on me regularly, she was so knowledgeable and caring.I continued treatments at home and was diligent in following Dr. Kollin's treatment plan for me. By the time I had a lumpectomy 4 months later, all of my lymph nodes were clear and the cancer had reversed to stage 1 in just 4 months time!!! All of this healing just through natural treatments.God is my Great Physician and I thank him continually for being cancer free. THANK YOU! Brio-Medical so very much for creating this clinic for cancer patients to come and begin the healing process!! I absolutely loved the scriptures you all have on the walls. I feel so blessed you were there for me when I needed you. Thanks again!
Brio Medical is a life saver! The care I received went far beyond what I expected! The staff was so loving and caring. I was given two meals of every day that I was treated. 1 meal was a organic cold pressed juice while the lunch was a hot meal served to me by the staff. Everything was explained in a way that I could understand and if given the choice to do it all over again I would 100% do it! No regrets at all! All that I can say to anyone considering on coming to Brio Medical is do not wait! Pro tip: follow 100% of the doctors instructions even if it’s hard or you don’t like it. The results are worth it!
My healing experience at Brio-Medical has been wonderful! From the moment I arrived to the time I left I was well cared for, all the treatments were very beneficial and really work well, everyone was so caring. The staff, nurses, and Dr. Kollin are very knowledgable, caring, and compassionate- just the nicest people. I highly recommend Brio-Medical!
I chose Brio-Medical because after doing extensive research I discovered that Brio-Medical is the number one alternative cancer treatment center in America.The staff is genuinely caring, professional, knowledgeable and kind. Everyone at the clinic cares about each individual patient. I was able to talk with the founder, Rusty , who shared his own mother's experience with cancer and the positive results she obtained from using similar treatment offered here at Brio-Medical.

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