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The Lake Norman Integrative Wellness clinic focuses on the combination of functional neurology, clinical nutrition, functional endocrinology, and functional immunology. Lake Norman Integrative Wellness clinic integrates cutting-edge knowledge in Functional Neurology, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Endocrinology, and Immunology with modern physiological therapies.

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  • Dr Akiba Green

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21000 Torrence Chapel Road #101, Cornelius, NC 28031, USA

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Akiba Green, Lake Norman Health & Wellness, Chiropractor, Natural Medicine

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Lake Norman Integrative Wellness Reviews

25 reviews
Lake Norman Integrative Wellness
Based on 25 reviews
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I want to start off by clarifying that I am an actual patient, not a colleague or employee.I have been struggling for four years with mysterious symptoms that no doctor in the Atrium or Novant system was able to truly identify. Specialist after specialist within those systems, and only one Novant doctor was able to find an issue which was surgically corrected. I felt better afterwards, but I was not 100%.I decided to step out of the insurance world and found Dr. Green.Dr. Green spend a lot of time listening to me, which was extremely important because no other doctor listened to me during my entire ordeal. They chalked me up to anxiety ridden, which made me feel even more lost.Dr. Green is professional, knowledgeable, capable, and an outside of the box thinker.The first round of tests he ran for me revealed issues that I believe have been the reason for my lingering symptoms.Dr. Green’s willingness and expertise to check me for this issue probably saved my life. No conventional doctor even thought to run these tests for me.Admittedly, I am in the beginning stages of care, but I will forever be grateful to Dr. Green. The reviews posted by others is not the expertise I had with Dr. Green nor does it do him or his practice any justice. He deserves higher praise and I’m willing to give that praise to him.Thank you, Dr. Green. I can’t wait to fully heal now.
I am beyond embarrassed. I came to Dr Greene at my sickest and most vulnerable time. I wanted to believe that he could help me but it came at a high cost. I felt I had to make a decision on the the spot. He signed me up for care credit and promised they they could help with deferring some of the office costs. It just got worse! He was rude and intimidating. I tried to talk to him but intimidation seems to be how he works. I canceled office visits but he will not refund the huge amount he got from Care Credit.The staff is wonderful but the Doctor is not helping with these life altering diagnosis. I have spent a lot of time with Drs because I have a special needs daughter, I am shocked that Dr Greene is still in practice. He takes advantage of you at your worst!
I am beyond impressed with Dr. Green's knowledge and the services offered at this practice. I've been coming to this office for nearly 2 years and would recommend Dr. Green to anyone who wants to get to the root cause of their issues. This office has many valuable treatment methodologies. I feel lucky to have found such a comprehensive health care option!
Have just begun treatment with Dr. Green, but am encouraged by his willingness to delve more deeply into possible root causes of my illnesses. No physician has been interested in why I have insomnia and inflammation-they only want a “quick fix” or not to deal with it at all. As a lifelong diabetic, I am skeptical and cautious of any treatments, but also sensible enough to realize my body is likely out of balance and my diet may be a contributing factor. I have seen some temporary improvements after a couple treatments, which is reassuring. I am willing to commit to lifestyle changes that help me regain my health.
Proved to be very costly to me financially, as well as compromising my health! He can be very rude and disrespectful. Don’t waste your time and money.
As a former employee I saw the worst of this “doctor” and how he did not care for his patients. He wanted their money and nothing more.
This man will make you broke and a hypochondriac! Spent well over $20,000 and made no improvements. I had a closet full of supplements that went to waste. Every week something new was wrong with me. Don’t waste your time here! Many people have sued him and I should have been one of them. Worst experience ever.
For years I struggled with various minor health issues nut they were taking a toll on me. Going to various Drs and specialists that treated you like a number and honestly acted unconcerned about your condition. I felt I had to just give up and live this way and life was anything but good. Then I saw an ad on Facebook and read the testimonies. Could there be a Dr that cared and actually dug to find the root of your problem? Meeting Dr Greene has changed my life. I have hope. I already am starting to feel better. I appreciate his knowledge and care he gives his patients. So if you are reading this and are at the end of your rope as I was, call his office....there is help. Many thanks to you Dr. Greene.
I want to preface this with the fact that I do not blame this dr for my husband being gone it is the cancers fault only!! My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in late August/Sept 2020 with continuing scans and diagnosis’s. We found Dr Green in early November . Went for our first consultation and found his route of treatment was what we were looking for. We began treatments as quickly as possible. Front staff was very helpful and accommodating. Dr Green boasted about the RIFE machine for cancer patients, so we sat for hours that very first week getting all of the required testing completed. After several weeks we inquired as to when we were going to get the machine. We were told by the Dr that all testing needed to be completed (which was already done). So after several phone calls and many excuses of “you know the holidays” we finally received our machine on New Year’s Eve day. That’s right New Years Eve day!! My husband passed away in February and I don’t know if Dr Green had handled the care of my husband more promptly if he would still be here or not? The problem is I will never know and to think that my husbands care was at the mercy of his holiday schedule and oversight is heartbreaking!!! Especially when all testing had been completed several weeks before Christmas! In fact I believe it was finished right after Thanksgiving!! On top of all this I had a credit on the account that took over 4 months to get back!! After numerous messages on the patient portal and phone calls to his office and him repeatedly telling me that he had done everything it was out of his hands I finally got him to refund it. And he didn’t even send it to me he sent to a credit card that I had no open lines of credit with so I had to call them to get a check sent to me! All I can do is shake my head and wonder about this Dr!! It’s the if’s that drive me crazy!
Dr Green is one of the most compassionate and dedicated Doctors I've had the pleasure to come to know. He will bend over backwards to find the cause of his patients health issues and will dedicate his whole self towards correcting them. he is a fantastic Doctor!
Dr. Green is one of the most compassionate, intelligent doctors I have had the pleasure to meet. If you are stuck, still feeling lousy despite trying many different medical treatments then it would be well worth setting up a time to talk with him and see what he can do for you.

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