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About Namaste Health Center

We treat individuals, not their Diagnosis.

There are no protocols for certain diseases. We are all unique in our genes, life experiences, and mental and emotional style. But we also have unique ways of getting out of balance.


All aspects of the body, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, are part of a whole. It doesn’t matter if it’s happening inside the mind or heart, it will be happening within the body. We examine all areas that could be affecting your health and try to restore balance. We ask many questions about your health and all aspects of your daily life.


We do not want to stop symptoms. Instead, we want to address the root causes. To use an analogy: If you have garbage, you will attract flies. While bug spray may get rid of the flies temporarily, if you don’t remove the garbage it will only make things worse and invite more. We want to get rid of the garbage.


We remove any obstructions or blocks that may be hindering the process. If the deficiency is preventing healing, we nourish it through our bodies and our innate wisdom so that healing can occur.

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Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.


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Available Treatments at Namaste Health Center

  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Medicine
  • IV Micronutrient Therapy
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Supplement Protocols

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Stacy Mulkey - Naturopathic Doctor
  • Dr. Samatha Wellspring, RND - Naturopathic Doctor
  • Molly Gibson, Chinese medicine & acupuncturist
  • Dr. Carol Haddad, MD-Integrative cancer care consultant.

General Information


1800 E 3rd Ave ste 112, Durango, CO 81301, USA

Spoken Languages



Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Namaste Health Center Reviews

11 reviews
Namaste Health Center
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Personable, knowledgeable, caring, focus is on the whole person.
Dr Bridget early and Kate impacted my life 6 years ago tremendously. The most kind hearted,loving,non judgemental people you'll ever meet. I struggled with addiction for many years and her and her team had a plan. The plan has worked. I'm going on 7 years sober,I'm a business owner and life is good. I can truly say Namaste Health center is my family.
Namaste Health Center has been an incredibly important part of my healing from a terminal cancer diagnosis. The stable of healers are incredibly high caliber, knowledgeable and compassionate. I’ve just completed my fourth visit and it was the best yet-profound insight and physical healing occurring daily. I can’t recommend this center enough! If you’ve been given some information indicating an uncertain future, know that there are other ways to health!!! And Namaste is an excellent resource for finding them!! Eden Marsh
Taking care of my health throughout my life—a marvelous goal! Namaste has been my guide on this healthy life journey. A truly wonderful place and resource.
A place of healing that feels like I am visiting friends. I always feel like I have been heard. As my husband went through cancer it was the place that I actually felt like everything would be ok. They really care and I do not feel like just another number. Thank you Namaste for everything you do for our community.

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