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About Radiosurgery New York​

Innovative Cancer Treatment!

Body Radiosurgery was first introduced to America by Dr. Lederman. He has treated thousands of patients, treating every type and size of cancer, both primary and secondary. His expertise and experience are unmatched.

Radiosurgery allows for a concentrated treatment that produces radiobiologic benefits – even if previous chemo, surgery, or radiation failed to work, was not tolerated, or isn’t desired.

All Radiosurgery is Offpatient

NO HOSPITALS. There is no need for anesthesia. Radiosurgery is quick, painless, and non-invasive. It’s usually well-tolerated. Radiosurgery is like Star Wars for cancer!

Patients can continue living their lives. Radiation is less harmful if you avoid CT scans every day. Many of our patients were untreatable elsewhere. Each person is different, so it’s best that you contact Dr. Lederman for a second opinion.

Patients can continue living their lives. Radiation is less harmful if you avoid CT scans every day. Many of our patients were untreatable elsewhere. Each person is different, so it’s best that you contact Dr. Lederman for a second opinion.

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Available Treatments at Radiosurgery New York​

  • Hypo-fractionated therapy
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Gill Lederman

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Broadway & West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018, USA

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Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Radiosurgery New York​ Reviews

74 reviews
Radiosurgery New York
Based on 74 reviews
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I am having radiosurgery treatment right nowIt is a great office & environment is fabulousVery friendly staff they make you feel very comfortableDoctor is excellent & is a very caring personHe makes mè feel comfortable with my cancerI would recommend this doctor for any kinds of cancerThey are in the basement because the have to be there is radiation in the treatment roomsThe walls probably have lead in them to protect the building & people in it from radiationIt is not dirty like someone said in one of the reviews I readI am a very satisfied patient 😀I love this office
After a challenging journey with stage 4 uterine cancer, where conventional treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation offered little relief and left my mother in a state of extreme fatigue and weakness, we sought an alternative. Our search led us to Dr. Lederman, whose approach marked a turning point in my mother’s battle against cancer.Dr. Lederman’s ability to listen and engage with his patients stood out from our first meeting. He took the time to understand my mother’s exhaustive journey through traditional cancer treatments and the toll it had taken on her health. His empathetic approach and willingness to answer all our questions in detail provided a much-needed sense of hope and reassurance.Unlike the previous treatments, Dr. Lederman recommended radio surgery, a less invasive option that promised to target the cancer more precisely without further weakening my mother’s already fragile state. He ordered thorough scans to tailor a treatment plan specifically for her condition.The outcome has been nothing short of remarkable. Following the treatment, recent scans have shown that the cancer is under control, a testament to Dr. Lederman’s expertise and the efficacy of radio surgery in managing such a severe case. His optimistic yet cautious assurance to continue monitoring the progress with a follow-up scan this summer further confirms his dedication to his patients’ long-term well-being.It’s true that wait times to see Dr. Lederman can be lengthy. However, this is a minor inconvenience when balanced against the quality of care he provides. Dr. Lederman allocates ample time for each patient, ensuring that no question goes unanswered and every treatment option is thoroughly explained. This level of care and attention is rare and invaluable, especially in the realm of oncology.An aspect worth noting is Dr. Lederman's son, who is also practicing alongside him. This not only speaks to a legacy of medical excellence but also ensures continuity of care and the perpetuation of a patient-centered approach that has defined Dr. Lederman's practice.Our experience with Dr. Lederman has been transformative. In a situation where traditional treatments failed and hope was dwindling, his expertise and the innovative use of radio surgery have significantly improved my mother’s quality of life and health outlook. Criticisms regarding wait times pale in comparison to the life-saving treatment he provides. We are profoundly grateful for Dr. Lederman’s care and would urge anyone in a similar situation to consider his approach with an open mind.
He hit my son with his file folder! Do not go here!!! I repeat STAY AWAY from this maniac. He is NOT A DOCTOR. My friend suggested I see him when our doctors at MSK said my son’s cancer was terminal. This Lederman cook has us wait for 2 hours before speaking to us. Then he started rapid firing questions at my 24 year old son. When I asked Lederman to slow down he flipped out and left the intake session. On his way out he slapped my son with a file folder.I recommend you do not waste your time. He claims to be the only doctor who does radio surgery. This is a lie! Many cancer centers do it but you have to be a candidate. Don’t trust him!He’s dangerous and should be stopped. I’ll be reporting him to the property authorities immediately.
Proverbs 11:18 Evil people get rich for the moment, but the reward of the godly will last.No words from anyone will bother this man. However, god has plans for people of his kind.Do not bring your loved one here. EVERDon’t believe me? Type in George Harrison and Lederman lawsuit. QUACK
Dr. Gilbert Lederman destroyed my breast with too much radiation and it shrunk to less than half the size it was, now I am living with a very hard distorted breast which could have been avoided. He also included my neck in the treatment and I told him there’s nothing wrong with my neck, he then said it wasn’t going to cost more money, I was shocked as I wasn’t thinking of money, but when I checked YES it would have cost more. Two weeks after completing the treatment Dr. Lederman called me to come in for additional treatment claiming I wasn't finished. I regret going back for what's called Boost radiation which is much stronger than what he had given me. He is a GREEDY doctor who lied about the number of treatments to administer more powerful radiation knowing it was unnecessary. He said I could see a plastic surgeon, he’s a heartless man. I also regret not going to a hospital facility in 2021 for treatment, but now I know Covid would have been better than a damaged breast. Dr. Gilbert Lederman will answer to God.
He’s a wildcard, he goes against the grain of the big machine, it is easy to find bad press on him due to that.He does a regular radio show to get the word out to the masses, that’s where I found him.My experience - My dad was eighty and not in good physical or mental shape when he was diagnosed with early stage lung cancer. We went to Sloan and Colombia Pres., both recommended surgery/chemo/radiation. I knew he couldn’t withstand it. My healthier mom went that route and passed shortly after. I asked Sloan and Colombia if we could treat him with “Radio Surgery” that I had heard Dr. Lederman speak of. Both said it is an option, but they don’t offer it. Dad went to Lederman and signed on with him. I took my dad to his office for 10 treatments spread 1 week apart each, he was in and out in 15 minutes each visit with no discomfort or side effects. His follow up PET scan showed the cancer was completely destroyed. We sent the scans to Sloan and Colombia for verification, both concurred that his cancer was destroyed but said nothing more.He is odd, he’s a genius, geniuses are often odd. Dr’s Ariel and Gil Lederman offer people an option to -SURGERY/CHEMO/RADIATION because they care.A lot of the negative reviews here are from people who were never treated by them. Disregard those, it may save your life!!
Dr Lederman and Radio surgery SAVED my life!!This is an update to my review please please please call me or email me with any questions for Dr. lederman.My tumor is GONE!!!!Its virtually no side effects, no surgery, no chemotherapy, no medications etc. These were all horrible things I was facing with cancer. I am beyond grateful for Dr. lederman.Dr Lederman also successfully treated my friends Cancer and her tumor is gone as well.Please email me with any questions I am happy to speak on the phone to anybody or email anyone. Thank you so much Dr. Lederman.
Best Cancer Doctor Period. Sure others can complain that the office is old. It is but the equipment is not. Other complain he is in the basement, sure most radiation Doctors are located in the basement, its the safest place to be for others that work in the building. Is it the cleanest office I have seen absolutely not. But lets take the restrooms remember some people who can't control their movements are here for treatment. But otherwise, I found treatment and exam rooms perfectly clean.Now for my story. My mother had cancer Dr. Lederman treated her. Her doctor told her she never heard of radiation for her cancer that worked. To me that was amazing all she had to do was google it no med school required. Big red flag. 10 Session later she was cancer free. My mother went back to her doctor after Dr. Lederman's treatment, she was stunned at the the results she was cancer free. What is more stunning was her lack of knowledge of another viable pain free treatment option. What is the take away of this review, if you have cancer don't trust your doctor to tell you everything, They make money cutting, search out your own options, one of them may be Dr. Lederman and if it is just try it. It is pain free. The only pain you will feel is the time you sit in the office waiting for your turn to be treated which honestly can be long. But that is just a testament to how many people love him and want to use his treatment. He's worth the wait, the treatment is worth the wait, the results are worth the wait.
I’ve never been to this Dr. but I have lost all respect for him. I used to enjoy listening to him on the radio until one day when I heard his response to an elderly gentleman. I am an RN, this man called & asked a question regarding his prostrate cancer. It was a good & valid question. Dr Lederman perhaps woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. He practically yelled & belittled that poor man who became a bit nervous & scared. I could not believe what I was hearing. It was hard to listen to. I felt bad for the man. Never again will I listen to this Dr. I lost any respect I had for him. There is no excuse for his response. Dr Lederman is a very nasty & arrogant man, would not send my dog to him. Who do you you think you are Dr?!!

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