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About Verita Life Mexico

Verita Life Mexico offers alternative treatments for cancer as well as for other chronic diseases. Verita life Mexico is part of the Verita group, which also operates in Thailand.

Verita Life offers scientific integrated cancer treatments focused on personalized care.
The clinic offers over 20 different treatments.

Four Pillars of Treatment

Verita Life’s four Pillars of Treatment aims to strengthen the patient’s body in a safe, low side effect way.
1. Primary cancer treatments
2. Immune treatments
3. Supportive Treatments
4. Detox Treatments

Verita’s Advantages:

• State of the art German medical devices such as OncothermTM Local Hyperthermia and the Heckels full-body hyperthermia device• A wide range of Intravenous and oral anticancer medicines, supplements herbs and drugs of high quality and sufficiently high doses to have therapeutic value.
• Multiple treatments daily to attack cancer cells as well as repair, heal and protect the body.
• Low dose potentiated chemotherapy, powerful and effective but without the side effects
• Immunotherapies to boost the immunity system with Dendritic and NK Cells. Includes 6 months of take-home vaccines with your own immune cells trained against your specific cancer.
• A personalized anti-cancer diet covering all meals.

The clinic is located only 2 miles from the San Diego border.

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Verita Life Mexico Cost and Additional Expenses

Cancer program: $6,500-$8,000 a week, with an average recommended stay of 4- 6 weeks.

Lyme Program: $19,800 for a 2 weeks programs

* The treatments are done 6 days a week, Mon-Sat.

The price includes:

  • Out-patient: accommodation in a nearby hotel / In-patient
  • All treatments
  • Medicines
  • Doctor time
  • 3 meals a day, 7 days a week
  • Airport transfers
  • 3 month home care pack after discharge
Included in the Price:
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General Information


Blvrd Gral Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada 9574, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

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Learn more about the clinic

Verita Life Mexico | Alternative Cancer Protocols
Webinar 1. Proven alternative cancer therapy beyond the harmful conventional approach.
Webinar 2. How cancer patients can benefit from acupuncture. What practitioners should be aware of.

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the clinic located?
Verita Life is located in Tijuana, Mexico; just two miles from the San Diego border. Access is fast, safe and easy.
What is the cost of treatment?
The cancer program costs between $6,500-$8,000USD a week, with an average recommended stay of 4-6 weeks. This includes all treatments and medicines, doctor time, three meals a day, seven days a week, airport transfers, and a three-month home care package after discharge.
Is Verita Life an inpatient facility?
Verita Life is a private outpatient center. It is in close proximity to many hotels and service apartments which offer special rates to Verita Life patients and their families or care-givers. The center is dedicated to giving each patient a caring and healing environment. If hospitalization care is required, necessary arrangements will be made.
Who is on staff at Verita Life?
The team includes board-certified physicians, oncologists, medical researchers, registered nurses, lifestyle counselors, health educators and nutritional experts.
Does Verita Life Mexico take insurance?
This will depend on the kind of insurance coverage, however, many patients have been reimbursed for all or part of their treatment. Verita Life can assist with completion of insurance forms, if necessary

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Verita Life Mexico Reviews

10 reviews
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December 2021
Medical Condition I had 2 large stage 3 Oligodendroglioma brain tumors

I had to go several times due to the nature of my tumors. I've experienced excellent results each time. One of my tumors was larger than a golf ball and it disappeared. The other one went dormant after my first visit and hasn't grown since.That's what's great about Intragrative /wholistic treatments you can do them more than once with no damage to your body.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Vegan, Dairy Free
Improvements Better scans CT, MRI
July 2020
Medical Condition Thyroid Cancer

I feel that my health has improved in three weeks. I was unsure whether to come to Mexico but i'm happy it worked out and was the right move.
I will be coming back for follow up treatment in a few months.
I will have another ultrasound and will leave a review update with the results from the Radiologist and Doctor.
Regardless of whether the tumor shrinks I feel my body is much healthier and stronger, so if I do have to undergo surgery i'm in better shape.
The staff are tops, very knowledgeable and compassionate. I felt really taken care of and there was no shortage of anything.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Dairy Free
Improvements General mood, Sleep
May 2020
Medical Condition Breat cancer

This is a FIRST CLASS clinic!
The clinic has starting from director to head doctor and staff has the skills and knowledge of how to treat your condition
To the max. They have first class treatments and equipment. I will continue with my follow up visits with this clinic.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Organic, Dairy Free, Vegetarian
Improvements Blood results, Pain
January 2020
Kira K
Medical Condition Metastatic Breast Cancer

I spent three weeks in Verita Life during which I have received several treatments, including daily I.V.s of various kinds, oxygen therapy, chelation therapy, local and full body hypothermia, low-dose chemotherapy, and dendritic cell vaccine injections. I was also provided a package of dendritic cell vaccines and supplements to continue treatment back home, i.e. in the U.S.
I would describe my experience at Verita Life as nothing less than perfect. First of all, I would like to extend my endless gratitude to Dr. Henriquez who is a medical director of the Tijuana branch of the clinic. He is extremely competent, knowledgeable, and kind. He treats everyone as a human being, before treating him/her as a patient. I developed a sense of very high trust for him which is extremely important for any patient and is a part of successful healing. During my stay in Verita Life, Dr. Henriquez was always open to conversation and answering questions. You didn't have to make an appointment to talk to him! I continue staying in touch with Dr. Henriquez now, and he is always prompt and clear responding my questions and addressing my concerns. Many thanks, Dr. Henriquez, you are a very special doctor!

Overall, I would like to thank each and every doctor who works in Verita as they took great care of us. We were given very clear instructions regarding our dietary needs and preferences as well as the supplements we should have taken. I would particularly mention a very high professional level of all nurses. They did a great job, indeed, and I never experienced any discomfort during treatment. Staff members deserve a very special mention as all of them were extremely helpful assisting us with so many matters. All logistics were worked out impeccably. I stayed in a wonderful modern hotel and was provided a transfer to/from clinic every day. And of course, many thanks to the chef and people who worked in canteen were feeding us with delicious meals during the time spent in clinic.

To conclude, everybody was great. Thanks to each and every person in the clinic, we also learned a lot about Tijuana and its surroundings, traveled to the beach, enjoyed delicious Mexican food and overall, smiled and laughed more often than we would have done under circumstances without such a generous support.

I value my experience in Verita highly! I would love to return to this clinic and I definitely recommend this place to everybody who is seeking medical treatment in Mexico. You won't be disappointed! Thank you for reading my post.

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy, Radiation
Diet Keto
December 2019
Starr M.
Medical Condition Breast cancer, Metastasized to Lymph nodes

I came to Verita initially for 3 weeks, and did the therapies and also I went home with the Dendritic Cell vaccination. Within a very short time of doing the vaccine, my energy levels just soared. It was great to take the vaccine home with me and to continue the treatment at home. My lifestyle is everything as it was before. I'm working. I'm going out with my friends and I feel excellent.
I am a healthcare professional and did some research into the different therapies offered and I saw that VerIta Life had a lot of the therapies that I was interested in doing that you can’t find in the US.
I think when you are looking at places to come to, you have to do your research and think out of the box.
From the very moment I spoke with the people here in Verita - The doctors, the coordinators, I felt very at ease, I felt like I was dealing with a very high professional place. It’s everything I wanted it to be.

It has been a year since my first visit and all the scans are showing that cancer hasn't metastasized any further.

I would advise everybody and anybody I know when you come to Mexico - come to Verita.

Previous Treatments None
Improvements Better scans CT, Blood results, General mood, MRI, Sleep
November 2019
Canadienne française
Medical Condition HER2+ metastatic breast cancer, stage 4

Suite à un diagnostic de récidive de cancer du sein après 5 ans (plusieurs métastases osseuses aux vertèbres, bassin et foie), mon oncologue me recommandait de recommencer un cycle de chimiothérapie pour une période de 4 à 6 mois auquel s'ajoutait une thérapie ciblée (Herceptin). Cette proposition ne m'intéresse guerre ayant déjà subi une difficile chimiothérapie lors de mon premier diagnostic. J'ai validé différentes options dont celle proposée par VéritaLife. Rapidement, j'ai constaté le grand professionnalisme de l'équipe médical. J'ai séjourné dans cette clinique pendant 4 semaines. J'ai reçu des soins de grande qualité. L'hébergement et les repas furent au delà de mes attentes. Déjà, sur place lors de mes traitements, je sentais des améliorations de ma condition physique. Deux mois suite à mon traitement et de retour au Canada, mon oncologue a demandé un TEPScan pour vérifier l'évolution de la maladie .... aucune activité cancéreuse fut détecté. VeritaLife-Mexique est une clinique contre le cancer qui connaît cette maladie et sait comment la contrôler. Depuis mon retour, l'équipe médicale est en constante communication avec moi, c'est très rassurant. Je recommande fortement toute personne qui reçoit un diagnostic de cancer de considérer VeritaLife. C'est la meilleure décision de ma vie !!

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Radiation, Surgery
Diet Keto
Improvements Better scans CT, Blood results, MRI, Pain
June 2019
Medical Condition Stage 4 breast cancer

Very nice clinic, it is new, only about a year old. The nursing staff is decent. Accommodations and food were adequate. The protocol at this clinic is the same for every patient. Doesn't matter what kind of cancer you have. Doctors aren't really that helpful. They will always say yes, but don't always follow through. It's like they have their standard of care and that is what they stick to.

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy, Radiation, Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Keto, Dairy Free
Improvements Pain
April 2019
Shirley Lapp
Medical Condition Stage 3B, Breast Cancer

Hi, I was at Verita Life Clinic in Mexico, (from Feb 13-Mar 26/2019) I came home to Alberta, Canada after 6 full weeks of treatment for bc in my left breast, with absolutely amazing results. My biopsy results - ER moderate / PR- / HER2- / Grade 3B - Stage T4 / When I arrived the tumor had already come through the skin & was probably as big as a good size orange on the outside (it had over doubled in size after the biopsy on Jan 8th), and maybe close to that size on the inside, unsure, as at home not once did anyone measure or scan my tumor even though I had had a CT scan. Within the 1st week of treatments at the clinic, the outside tumor had started to shrink & continued until last Saturday (Mar 16th 4.5 weeks after I arrived) when the doctor cauterized it off as it was completely dead & only hanging on by 2 small pieces of skin (I never needed any freezing). Basically, with the treatments rec'd here my body performed its on lumpectomy on the outside portion of the tumor. I am still amazed as to what had happened, Dr. Henriquez said he knew it would happen; it was much sooner that he expected. I had an ultrasound yesterday (Mar 23rd), so that when I get home I can show my new oncologist where I was 5 weeks ago (with the PET scan I had here in Mexico Feb 18th) and what I am going home with. I will go home with 6 mths of continued treatment & now it is up to me to continue to eat healthy & look after my body. In 6 mths time it will be interesting to see what has happened to the inside portion of the tumor. I only wish that I had access to some of the treatments rec'd here at home. I am hoping that all I will need is a lumpectomy at home, as they say I will have to have the tumor removed. The ultrasound shows the tumor as dying & I know it is way smaller & not as hard. I was very fortunate that the tumor had never attached, that is why I have no feeling on the tumor. I wish I had the funds to stay here longer to see exactly what my body could do with the tumor. I am going home healthier that I have probably been in the last 20 years. It is so sad that my home country will not support these treatments. But instead they will poison (that is the exact words the nurse used 4-6 times in the chemo class that we attended) our bodies. Here my immune system has been made strong to fight the cancer, not like at home they destroy so many bodies in HOPE of shrinking or encasing the tumor as they said to me. Please read the clinic web page, it describes the treatments and ask to speak to Dr. Henriquez if need be. That is what made my decision, his honesty & sincerity. I had spoken with a number of other doctors from other clinics here & had been in touch with many. It was all so confusing. This clinic is new & very personalized. I know they treat many kinds of illnesses and pricing is based on each individual. Good luck in your search.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Keto, Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
Improvements Blood results
1 people found this helpful
March 2019
Connie B.
Medical Condition Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Wonderful staff, caring and kind. Beautiful facility. Will be doing six months after Care Program. Feeling well.

Previous Treatments Biological therapy, Surgery
Diet Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
1 people found this helpful
January 2019
Erica Murphy
Medical Condition Stage 4 Colon Cancer with liver metastasis.

Excellent clinic. I recommend going for your free consultation with the doctors and staff, it is free, what do you have to lose? This is your life do not hesitate to talk to them.
I will be retaking my PET scan in a couple months and go again for my recheck. I am still on home treatments with dendritic vaccine therapy so I cannot say I am fully done yet, but the tumor has shrunk to half its size already in just a short time frame of 4 weeks.

I feel great!! The staff treated us like family, they keep in touch as friends and they kept me laughing and happy the whole time I was there.

The doctors door is ALWAYS open and he will give you his personal phone number to call or text at ANY time for anything.

If I were not feeling well or in pain I never had to wait longer than a few minutes before they were there asking me what they could do to help and to make me comfortable. They were AMAZING!!

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar, Keto, Organic, Dairy Free
Improvements Blood results, Digestion, General mood, Nausea, Pain, Sleep

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