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About New Hope Unlimited

New Hope Unlimited’s medical strategies for treating cancer, ALS, lupus, and other illnesses combines conventional medicine and holistic treatments. 24/7 facility.

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New Hope Unlimited Cost and Additional Expenses

The price is ~ $35,000 for 12 days of treatment

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation for the patient and a companion
  • Meals
  • Maintenance After Treatment -5 months at home protocol

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Available Treatments at New Hope Unlimited

  • Ionic Foot baths
  • IV therapy
  • Live Cell Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Therapies to support the body’s normal metabolic processes

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Jose Pacheco

General Information


Callejon Zaragoza, between 12th and 13th Street, Zip code 83448, San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico

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Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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New Hope Unlimited Reviews

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February 2022
Medical Condition Bile Duct/liver

My oncologist is amazed because my cancer is contained and hasn't spread. He wants to do chemo but I just got back from round two at the clinic. Can't say enough about how great the staff is.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar
Improvements Better scans CT
November 2018
Catalina DiPierro
Medical Condition Stage 2 Breast Cancer - DCI Local

**March 2019 update**
I successfully shrank my tumor from a 2.9 to a 2.5 cm. New Hope offered for me to go back through the entire program for another $18,000 however I chose to go another route **

November 2018:
I went for a 12-day program for $31k. They met us in the morning in Yuma, Arizona in a nice New Hope branded van. Dr. Branyon actually showed up to greet us which made me feel very comfortable. It was a quick 30 minute drive from start to finish over the border to the facility.
When we arrived the entire staff came outside and lined up to greet us with handshakes and hugs.
You are encouraged to bring a support partner with you where you stay in a hotel like private room with bathroom, mini-fridge, phone, tv, and cable (very nice).

Daily Treatments Included:
Ionic foot detox bath
Far Infrared Ray Therapy Booster (the doom)
Coffee Enema
Castor oil liver detox wrap
Hyperbaric Chamber
IV (3 hours); Vitamin C, B17 (Laetrile), Sodium Bicarbonate, Vitamins/nutrients

Every other Day:
Drank a shot of shark (Yuck!)

Three times:
Dendritic Cell Therapy
Ozone Infused Blood

One time:
Needle injected ozone near the tumor
Stem Cell procedure
We were driven to a hospital where I was sedated and they extracted bone marrow out of the small of my back. The next day it was re-injected into my bloodstream through an IV.

In addition:
They drew blood from me during the dendritic procedures that they kept and created what they called the CAAT (Cancer Antigen Antibody Therapy). The way they described it to me was that they grew my super fighter cells and they know what my cancer looks like so they can go attack it. It took about a month after I returned home before I received them. I inject them into my thigh every 4 days for 4 months leading up to a Petscan at the end of the year.

They also supply you with 30 days of supplements but after that, you are expected to continue that regiment and refill on your own. I have direct contact with a nurse who followed up with me frequently but I was able to text message with her whenever. Carole is awesome.
I work with an alternative doctor locally so that they can give me a prescription to get my blood drawn and have my tumor markers tested. I also have other things tested and have added some additional supplements based on that.

While we were at New Hope the staff was great. They brought in a dance crew to entertain us one night, brought in a massage therapist, and even took us on a little tour of the not so impressive town.
New Hope has a beautiful common area where you can what Netflix, play games, do puzzles or attend one of several sessions with Dr. Branyon.

New Hope Supplements:
Nutrient 950 w/o iron
EPA/DHA Essential
Thymus Natural Glandular
Cat's Claw
Liposomal Vitamin C
Indole - 3- Carbinol
Beta Glucan
Pancreatin 8X Plus
Wobenzyme N
Probiotic GI
Liver (advised not to refill)

I added:
Essiac Tea
Turkey Tail
CBD Tincture
Myrrh and Frankincense Essential Oil
Vitamin D

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
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September 2018
Connie B.
Medical Condition Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Stage 3, grade 3

I went there for a "blood clean up" protocol to help rid CTC's, after prior treatment at another clinic in Mexico, where I underwent Immunity Therapy and lumpectomy.

Diet Organic
Improvements Blood results
August 2018
Julie Roe
Medical Condition Stage IV NSC Lung Cancer (Non-smoking)

Successful treatment based on follow-up scans without need for chemo or radiation. Wonderful clinic & staff. Good education opportunities to learn lifestyle factors that may need to be changed.

Can you share any important tips for anyone considering this clinic?

NHU combines the best of new, cutting-edge cancer treatments with the long-standing therapies to help every individual's immune system. Killing off cancer is hard work, and NHU doesn't make promises, but they give you a huge boost physically, and teach you many additional things you can do to get/stay healthy. I loved this clinic and the staff, and my continued pain-free, healthy survival is hard work (as they told me it would be) but very worth it.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar
Improvements Blood results

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