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About The Center for Advanced Medicine - Dr. Stegall

Integrative oncology combines the best aspects of both modern medicine and natural therapies. We feel that this “best of both worlds” approach to cancer treatment is necessary, as strictly conventional or alternative approaches to cancer are not optimal.

Due to our innovative, evidence-based treatment approaches, we are the country’s leading integrative cancer treatment facility. Patients from throughout the world seek out our novel approaches for a wide range of cancer types.

We believe that cancer treatment should not only focus on killing cancer cells, but also on nourishing the body’s healthy cells and enhancing the immune system. We feel that this holistic approach is essential.”

Our integrative cancer treatment program is a four-week, in-office program.

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The Center for Advanced Medicine - Dr. Stegall Cost and Additional Expenses

Jump-start:  $40,000 – 4 weeks

In-office program


Three-phase program: $75,000 –  12 weeks

(Phase 1: 4 weeks in-office, Phase 2: 4 weeks at-home, Phase 3: 4 weeks in-office)


Treatments take place five days per week (Monday-Friday)

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Available Treatments at The Center for Advanced Medicine - Dr. Stegall

Head Doctors

  • Jonathan Stegall, MD

Conditions Treated

  • Cancer

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3333 Old Milton Pkwy Suite 560 Alpharetta, GA 30005

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Integrative Oncology Treatment with Dr. Stegall

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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The Center for Advanced Medicine - Dr. Stegall Reviews

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February 2024
Eric Graham ,Florida connect with Eric Graham
Medical Condition Stage 4 colon cancer

I visited in the winter of 2022. I noticed that I didn't do a review in 2023 which I thought I did.

If you want a human centric treatment experience; this is where you should go. Many people have contacted me via Cancer Websites to ask what they should do. In all cases I tell them to schedule a consultation and see if this is the right treatment for you.

If you are closed minded and ONLY want standard assembly line care like they offer around the country, this isn't your place to be treated. They will teach you how important the mind is in reference to your health. They will give you treatments like Red Light therapy and PEMF. They will inject you with things like mistletoe and give you a lot of pills to take. If this bothers you that its not the standard "grab a IV bag of full dose chemo" maybe your mind isn't open to beating this disease. Just think if all of those other chemos didn't work like they didn't work for me; why wouldn't you try something different then the normal BIG PHARMA protocol?

Its been over a year since I left the clinic. I am still cancer free. Is it because of the treatment? I have no idea; however, I know that if I would not have tried this my NORMAL Dr's would have just given me a pill to take and sent me on my way, as I am stage 4. At this center they don't treat you like a # and they tailor your treatment to your disease. They will answer all your questions. They will review your blood weekly. You will learn how the brain and the body are connected. You will meet a group of caring medical professionals that are there for you. And funny enough the other patients are marvelous and upbeat. I was probably the grouchiest patient they had :)

They will suggest a plant based diet. I did that for the time I was there and failed at it after returning home. However I don't eat anything that comes from the sea or water now. That is because I now know about Methionine. I only drink water now. I occasionally will have a sangria; however, I don't eat processed food now. Keep in mind this is your life and you have to do what you can manage and not punish yourself for failing to do everything 100% perfect. Normal Doctors won't even discuss food or how your mind controls your health.

My treatment was 3 months. I paid in full with a Credit Card as I have Kaiser Insurance which doesn't allow for out of network care. I did this over Thanksgiving 222 and Xmas and New Years. My schedule was only paused a day or 2 for Thanksgiving. It was 4 weeks there and 4 weeks off and then 4 weeks there. I didn't react well to the treatment I feel because my endocrine system was a disaster due to having 2 other FULL SPECTRUM chemo treatments. I had tons of nausea. I had pre-diabetic issues as chemo never allows me to lose weight it always makes me gain weight. I also don't lose my hair with chemo. I am an odd ball. Other FULL spectrum chemos damaged my joints to where I need joint replacements. I didn't that experience here. I was just full of nausea. It's not their fault I just tend to react differently to different things.

The bottom line is if you are at all concerned that this is right for you, listen to Dr. Stegall's podcast on Spotify. Its called "Cancer Secrets Podcast." I binge listened to all of these in 1 week and I was sold on the fact this was the right place for me. In the end you need to decide what is right for you. For me this was the best decision I made for my long term health in regards to Cancer Treatment.

PROTIP: Get with the center before you go to plan your housing and get a layout on what places are close by for food and other services. There is a good amount of shopping to the south of the center. Lots of places to eat. Tons of housing (we went with a 1 bdr apartment). Housing suggestions I should have taken from the Center to begin with and of course there is a whole foods close by.

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