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About Dr. Calzada- BioAdanced Medical Center

The Bioadvanced Medical Center was created with the intention of improving and assisting more lives. Dr. Calzada has set himself the challenge of assembling a superb staff that is capable, prepared, and skilled enough to provide the greatest care and service to their patients. He remains steadfast in his resolve to assist people in achieving their health objectives and to restore the smile and hope to those who have lost them by assuring them that they are not alone.

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Dr. Calzada- BioAdanced Medical Center Cost and Additional Expenses

~$3000-$6,000 for a full week of treatments.

The treatment is a week at a time.  Patients are advised to come for more treatments every 3-6 months, depending on the severity of their disease.


Not included in the price:

  • Accommodation
  • Maintenance visits – as needed, every 3-6 months


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Available Treatments at Dr. Calzada- BioAdanced Medical Center

Head Doctors

  • Dr. José Antonio Calzada - Founder & President
  • Dr. Antonio Calzada, MD

General Information


David Alfaro Siqueiros 2795, Zona Río, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Spoken Languages


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The New Bioadvanced Medical Center
Bioadvanced Medical Center | New safety protocols

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Dr. Calzada- BioAdanced Medical Center Reviews

4 reviews
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May 2021
Pervin Gupta
Medical Condition Constipation

I was given three INTRARECTAL stem cell shots which is equivalent to 30 muscular shots. My life is upside down physically, financially, and spiritually.
Within two weeks of that, I started getting muscle atrophy everywhere in my body. I was out of breath all the times. Couldn't even make my bed. My eyes were BLEEDING. I was crying in his office and asked him what happened to me? I asked him if there was a medical necessity to go ce me those shots. He said "I asked for them" First if all, I didn't. Let's assume, I did, he had no right to ruin my life. I was marathon runner, an avid hiker, into yoga and a dancer. My life is upside down. I cannot even stand up straight. He gave my daughter six injections and her kudbeys started to bleed, she had to go to the emergency room. He gave me stem cells under my eyes and I had to get for a surgery for that. As long as I keep ce, his name is on each and every cell of my body. He is the first person that n the morning and last person at nught I think about. God knows how many people are there he s victims. I am devastated what happened to me in his clinic. My whole family is effected by what happened to me.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Vegetarian
Improvements No improvement
5 people found this helpful
March 2020
Medical Condition Radiation Aftermath

Wish I would have gone sooner! After going through Breast Cancer treatments of Chemotherapy and Radiation I was left with severe scaring on my left side. I have gone to years of massage, scraping, self therapy cupping anything and everything to loosen the tightness left. I came down with my husband to get treatment and decided to get stem cells in my left side where the damage was done. It has softened and eased the constant pain quite a bit from what it was and getting better. There were so many people I watched improve over the week of treatment.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
Diet Organic
Improvements Pain
1 people found this helpful
April 2019
Medical Condition Lyme Disease

Any clinic outside of the states is hard to describe and is a bit of a "leap of faith." However, if I had not gone to Dr. Calzada, who knows where I would be today. I had been sick for 17 years with multiple diagnoses. I have visited 4 times, have taken new patients with me, my husband has gone and I'm taking my 18-year-old daughter. This clinic is for healthy people too! You get such a boost in your immune system that your body can heal itself. The team at Dr. Calzad truly does this out of love and the need to help people. I will gladly talk to anybody regarding this Clinic.

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy
Diet Organic
Improvements Blood results
1 people found this helpful
March 2019
Acosta, Sonia
Medical Condition Bells Palsey paralysis

Wast treated for 2nd episode of Bells Palsey paralysis after failed treatments by US traditional tx attempts was ref over to Dr Calzada 20yrs ago and have had no residues from paralysis at all. I definetly reffer him to every single person I see with this condition 110%. Recomedable!!!

Previous Treatments Hormone therapy
Diet Keto
Improvements Pain

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