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About Hippocrates Wellness

Starting in 1956, the year the Hippocrates Wellness was founded by Ann Wigmore (later joined by Viktoras Kulvinskas), we have operated on the belief that given the proper tools and environment, our bodies are self-healing and self-rejuvenating. That was a philosophy practiced by Hippocrates himself and passed down to us today from this father of modern medicine. Rooted from Hippocrates beliefs of “Let food be thy medicine”, Hippocrates Health Institute focuses on treating the body as w hole, not just a series of parts.

Hippocrates Health Institute sits within a 55 acre campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. It hosts over 86 guest rooms that are private and shared, luxury villas, exercise and medical facilities, organic garden, greenhouse and juice bar.

The Hippocrates diet consists of 80% raw and 20% cooked food to assist you in the transition from a cooked food diet. 100% raw is advised for those working to conquer disease. An integral part of the program’s success is due to the way in which we prepare the food. The focus is on maintaining the bioactive forces present in raw and live vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.

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Available Treatments at Hippocrates Wellness

  • Mind/Body Psychotherapy
  • NuCalm Neurofeedback Technology
  • Ondamed German Pulsed Electro Magnetic Technology
  • Organic Salon and Spa
  • Personal Training
  • Pilates
  • Private Yoga
  • Quantum Resonance (QRS) Technology
  • Reiki
  • SOMA Bodywork
  • Thera Gem Light Spectrum Therapy
  • Vitamin D Injections
  • Wellness Counseling

Head Doctors

  • Brian Clement Ph.D., L.N.
  • Anna Maria Gahns-Clement Ph.D., L.N.
  • Antony Chatham, LCSW, M.Th., M.Phil., MSW; Psychotherapist
  • Andy Roman, LMHC, MS, RN, NBCC, LMT; Psychotherapist

General Information


West Palm Beach, FL, USA

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Plant Based Nutrition & Wellness Program | Hippocrates Wellness
Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program & Hippocrates Coach Training
What's with Our Stem Cells? | Brian Clement & Anna Maria Clement ft. Dr. Ross Carter

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Hippocrates Wellness Reviews

390 reviews
March 2024
Medical Condition Autoimmune, meningioma

Made me worse by poisoning me with Stevia, a product I listed as allergic to on my intake form!!

This grand old place has tumbled far from the top of the wellness retreats. I've been here at least 7 times over the last 20 years but this last time confirmed it was my last.

First, it's gotten incredibly expensive while the quality of the classes, lectures, and accommodations are down. The buildings have become full of mold and mildew, particularly the Yurts and the Hut. In the Yurts are moldy dirty hand weights that are completely disgusting. It's ironic that the lecture about the evils of mold takes place in the super moldy hut. See photos. To "clean" the air, there are machines that spray chemicals into the rooms, while the unclean machines have unknown gunk growing in the dispenser. Photo. Speaking of air, the rooms where the guests stay are air conditioned, but you can't control the temperature. Since the saunas are inside the living areas, and the thermostat is next to the saunas, the temperature in the bedrooms becomes EXTREMELY cold in order for the ac to cool itself to 74 degrees. My bedroom was about 65-66 degrees.

Then there's the feral raccoons who are unafraid of humans and roam around during the day. Hopefully not rabid. They get fed there, with lots of cat food put out by the shipping department, day night. Oh man, this is a lot...

It's no secret that this place is anti-vax and a believer in covid conspiracy theories. In one of Brian's lectures he's still mentions that hospitals were claiming that covid deaths were faked in order to get higher insurance payments. They are also very casual about covid outbreaks amongst employees. I personally know two of the massage therapists that had covid and worked while actively infected. One was taken out of her massage room directly to the hospital in a state of near collapse, red-faced and crying. No contact tracing or notification was done. No masks were worn.

Expect several classes and lectures to be cancelled and incorrect locations listed.

Finally, they freely use stevia in many foods and have it available for use, despite the NIH fall of 2023 study and research report that recommends against its use due to finding numerous adverse effects, including raising cholesterol and blood sugars, raising bad liver and kidney markers, and raising autoimmune disorder risk. Despite that, the food and juice here are the highlight of the program.

There are other places to go that are much less expensive and more focused on the actual food and healing. Consider the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico, True North Health in Santa Rosa California, Optimum Health in Austin Texas, or Tree of Life in Patagonia Arizona.

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Improvements No improvement
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February 2024
Susan G ,NY
Medical Condition MDD BDD

Shame on them ! They are dishonest frauds that want to scam you out of your hard earned money. They practice the old bait and switch trick. They will book your accomodations as a brand new updated private villa and then at arrival drop you at a shared house with 4 other people. The intake questionnaire is not even read. I completely dehydrated and almost passed out. They aren’t real doctors. There is not one genuine employee that actually cares about your physical or mental well being. They are mere salesmen pushing their own brand of supplements. Their “core”lectures are sales pitches for their supplements or extra services. Those lectures are scheduled the same time as the few exercise classes they have. The raw food diet is not a cure for anything. Oh, you will loose some weight, but you will be starved with 2 raw, boring identical green meals a day. The diet is completely unsustainable by anyone for any real length of time. It’s ironic that it’s called the Vitality program. You are on your own, wandering aimlessly on campus without direction or guidance. The last thing you feel is vital.

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Improvements No improvement
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Google Reviews
Hippocrates Wellness
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I’ve been here 4 times because the health message is phenomenal. The facilities have taken a complete dive over the past 5 yrs. The rooms were never comfortable or peaceful. You either pay 5800 for a small room in a small house where you get woken up all night by others in house. Or you stay in a moldy mildew room with spiders and ants. The front desk acts like everyone there is rich and shouldn’t complain about their accommodations, majority of the ppl are desperate with terminal illnesses but the staff look to profit off their fear. This is not not for profit. They are taking advantage of ppls misfortune. I’ve met so many ppl there who were begging to have a discount as they were dying and felt like staying would help them, Rodney helped one girl post a TikTok tearfully begging for money. Couldn’t Hippocrates give her a discount? NO. They’ll help you beg. The spa is a waste of time and money. Bikes are booked so you can’t ride and if you do get one, they’re falling apart. They raise their rates yearly yet don’t put it back into the facilities. Don’t waste your money. Drink green juice 2x a day, eat salads with fresh sprouts and exercise. That’s their program. Just buy the book.
Amazing property and wellness center. Strict raw vegan meals, with the belief that super nutrition is the key to great health. Lots of amenities and great lectures.
The Online Program helped me strengthen a rawvegan lifestyle that I have been practicing for ten years. The lectures and all the information are extremely valuable for our knowledge. We learned from growing our own food to how we can spread it to the rest of the Planet, benefiting more and more people and Nature.Gratitude to the Hippocrates Institute, without a doubt exceptional service.
Best place in this universe if u want to heal yourself naturally! I would highly recommend it to each n every person on this planet. I just loved it. Feel so blessed that i could go here. Thanks a lot Anna and Brian. Also the entire team. Special thanks to David for so much compassion.
It was my fourth time at Hippocrates, and I always have the most amazing time. The place is true paradise, the service is outstanding, the location is perfect (only 15 minutes away from PBI airport), the food is amazing - I challenge everyone to name any place where you can find healthier and better tasting raw food. I have learned so much during the last few years, but each time I come and attend the interesting lectures, there is more information. This is not just a great way to spend a vacation, but also the perfect tool to detox your body and get motivated again.
I had a wonderful experience at the Hippocrates Wellness Center. The staff was exceptionally kind and friendly, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The focus on natural healing was truly impressive, as they provided all the necessary tools to empower individuals to heal themselves. The center's commitment to well-being is evident in the happy and uplifting environment they've cultivated. Highly recommended for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness.
Amazing place in West Palm Beach, Florida! They serve amazing raw vegan organic food with lots of variety of sprouts, veggies, greens, fermented food and cool side dishes. They have couple cooked meals during week and 2 breakfast fruit a week. They have daily educational lectures, lots of classes and services including fitness, yoga, colonics, massages, acupuncture, organic salon, psychiatrist, weekly food demo classes. There is cold plunge, infrared sauna, mineral pools, fitness center, green house with sprouts, garden, store and Immunity center on the property where you can run your blood hormonal test to see your deficiencies. This place is famous by teaching your how to help yourself when you get home (you can learn how to make food, grow sprouts, learn about nutrition and many aspects of health). Inside guests usually stay for about 3 weeks to start seeing results. The staff is super accommodating and friendly. It feels like family. People come from all over the world.Hippocrates can truly be a life changer.
I love Hippocrates! So many inspiring stories told by people who have cured themselves from disease. Our bodies have such ability. I've been in their informed program 3 times over the last 23 years but now that I live close by, I will go more often. Directors Brian and Annamaria Clement are so knowledgeable and kind. They have created a magical 50 acres of paradise right here in West Palm.
I finished the online wellness program a year ago and it was life changing. The team at Hippocrates is awesome. I learned so much about how to improve my lifestyle and stay healthy at all levels. The program is so rich in incredible smart information. I love Kerrie she works at customer support and she is super knowledgable as well as extremely kind. Thank You so much for all you have done for me and my family. I am confident I now have the tools to navigate this very toxic environment that we all face.
Hippocrates Wellness is truly a life changing facility.It may be the best money spent on something priceless - your health and life quality. It seems expensive, but you will be able to detox, heal, and learn the essential skills for maintenance of health. All of this in a beautiful (almost like the Garden of Eden) setting.My two stays at this resort were wonderful.I met many nice people, some of them faced serious health issues-but Hippocrates gave them hope and guidance for healing. Some people came for prevention, saying that they didn't want to wait until they got sick, they wanted to learn how to optimize their health before.It is not a spa, you get some spa treatments and organic facials, but you will be exposed to much more: energy medicine, the best possible nutrition, lectures to teach you how to implement this lifestyle at home, and much more.They have a comprehensive fitness program, aqua aerobics, yoga and a nice gym. Trust me, you will be busy doing all that fun stuff.Highly recommended!!!Thank you Hippocrates.
The Plant-Based Nutrition and Wellness Program really is world-class. The education and videos I have found to be produced at a level I can enjoy and feel engaged with the content, to bring my education to a level to be able to teach and build a business helping others. I hope you will create other programs and more content.
You’d think a place with wellness in their name that advertises health and “decades of research” would be a medical facility ran by medical doctors and professionals. They are not!You’d think because they are non-profit they’d be caring and not try and gouge you out of every penny you have. They are not! They just want to keep your money without paying their share of taxes.Just because they use Dr. or Ph.D does not make them a medical doctor (MD). So, if you do call them be sure to get their exact credentials and pedigrees. You’ll see very quickly they are in no position to treat your illness.My entire experience with them was them being extremely rude and belittling with the only concern being my credit card.Their propaganda is simple to give hope for those at the worst time in their lives and rob them blind. All while leaving the “patient” aka mark worse off than they were before they came.The diets they will put you on will rob your body of electrolyte and nutrients. Yet, they will do nothing but count all that non refundable cash they took while you die.And if you need proof just look at how many people were taken from their facility to the hospital or even worst died while in their care.
What a beautiful experience for the mind, body and spirit. A great healthy way to detox. I highly recommend this place. The culture and diversity of treatments and amenities, provide a overflow of healing to flow. If you're looking for a place to relax, heal and make connections with others on any journey, please consider. Cleanliness is a top priority and everything is well taken care of. The food opens you up to a whole new perspective of how to incorporate a new healthy way of living at home. The staff in all areas of the facility are lovely and pleasant. Thanks to Brian for his humble attitude to teach and educate on how to live a healthier and happier life.
Had a life changing experience here, staying for 3 weeks. The number of health experts that are immediately available to you is incredible, and there are so many facilities to take advantage of. I was initially worried about the challenge of changing my diet to a much healthier one that they provide, but was really pleasantly surprised with how straightforward it was and how much I loved the food. I left feeling better than ever before and will make sure that I come back to maintain what I’ve gained.
Have been coming for years and love this place. It has changed my health and life, and allowed me to be in charge of my health through lifestyle changes. Thank you Brian, AnneMarie and all the great practitioners (and David Schultz at registration!)
I spent 6 weeks at Hippocrates in 2008 and I witnessed life changing events. When I arrived there I was 335 pounds and when i left I was 259. All of my blood numbers radically changed in just 6 weeks. I was also there with my GF who at the time had stage 4 breast cancer that metastasized all over her body, and this was her last ditch effort to heal. When we left Hippocrates and went home to get her CT scan to see how large the tumors were, much to the doctors surprise her tumors reduced by over 50%. I was in the room when they read the results. The doctors were completely blown away. They didn't really believe what we were telling them as we looked on to see other cancer patients being fed soda and bologna sandwiches as they received they infusions.I also witnessed several other miraculous transformations. One woman came in elderly and in a wheel chair incapable of walking. Her legs were almost black, I had no idea what she was suffering from. In just three weeks she was out of that wheel chair and walking the grounds. She couldn't take two steps be herself when she arrived. In those 6 weeks I witnessed about a dozen transformations like this. When you see the transformation up close and personal, you know it's real.I am writing this review so many years later after seeing several one star reviews. What most people don't understand is that your emotional and spiritual health are often times more important then what you're putting into your body. People expect miracles but miracles can't happen if you're living in a constant state of emotional and spiritual toxicity.The body just will never be able to heal no matter how much medicine and super foods you pump into it. Even if you go into remission, if you don't fix your emotional and spiritual state, the disease will find it's way back. What this place can do for you is real, but 99% of the healing starts with you and ends with you.When you leave Hippocrates they can't hold your hand, you have to follow their recommendations and continue the program for life. This isn't a miracle overnight cure, you must work the program religiously in all facets of your life.Your disease didn't happen over night. It's a build up of years of toxic air, toxic food, toxic chemicals etc etc. Yes there are those cases of people being genetically predisposed to illnesses, but the vast majority of illnesses come from what we put into our bodies, what we put on our bodies and the thoughts we let poison our minds.To understand just how real this place is, you can research the work doctors like Dr. Esselstyn are doing to reverse heart disease. Very similar protocols, the only difference is that you have to start the protocol yourself whereas Hippocrates gives you an amazing jump start and an educational crash course essentially awarding you a metaphorical Phd in nutritional and healing.I am very passionate about Hippocrates because I saw the life changing work they do with my own eyes and experienced it with my own body. They started me on my own health journey back in 2008 that led me to opening up one of the most popular plant based restaurants in the United States, "Plant Based Mafia".Give this nutritional lifestyle a chance no matter where you are on the health spectrum and if you can get your emotions and spirit healthy, miracles will happen when you align that with healing superfoods.
Incredible experience and one that I wish I had done sooner. The results were evident even after the first week. Everyone was super supportive and the expertise where some of the best in the world. Highly recommend the LTP program it will change your life!
Hippocrates is truly not an experience that can come across in words. Everything at this campus is geared towards health, longevity, and is amazing for those who are interested preventative lifestyle medicine, as well as those dealing with a health challenge. As I want to age gracefully and also want to truly use my time off, there is no better place to go. I recommend it to everyone.
Our experience wasNot a goodOne- don’t use Cynthia- she just wants herCommission. Program isConfusing with no jelpToGuide you
Great place to visit if you want to unplug and recharge your body. Their raw food is amazing and so nutritious. We are very lucky to have such a place in Florida.
I go already 2 times at hyppocrats, the first time with a problem after go to mayoclinic with no result 3 weeks at hyppocrats every thing disappear and never come back and 2 times with a septic just after 2 hips surgery 3 weeks after I was on my boat maque the fishing guide
My favorite place for a colonic. I have gone several times and have never been disappointed.
Hippocrates recently brought in a new IV lounge company called Immunity Health, which has been allowing COVID positive clients and employees, a culture of political and financially driven individuals, to serve immune compromised clients overpriced Gatorade bags at prices that are inflated and serve no justice. It’s truly a shame as Hippocrates has a great reputation, but as a board member of South-Florida, we will make sure this doesn’t get far.
This was a fabulous online program. The teachings were outstanding and so many topics on health and healing were discussed. I highly recommend this program. Your life will be transformed.
Nice people good experience, will be back to try it again hopefully the cold water jacuzzi!
I went for a tour and lunch. I'd heard amazing things and simply wanted to check it out. Our lunch companion and tour guide was David Schultz. What a generous and excellent man...so informative, passionate about wellness, and very genuine. The food was deliscious, the facilities are amazing, and the staff are very talented. Thank you Hippocrates for a beautiful day.
The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program gives you a base , a strat into making real changes in your life, empowering you with tools and knowledge to make health choices that supports you to heal your body and mind.
The program is comprehensive and encourage learning! There are room for improvements though!
I went to Hippocrates and did the life change program 10 years ago I went hoping to learn to help people as I am also certified in natural health but I was blown away by the people I met so many bravely walking away from conventional medicine and fighting for their lives and in one week I saw a light in the eye in some of the people who did not look hopeful at all. This is not a day spa this is serious business to teach you how to save your own life then my husband had a heart attack this past April and he agreed to go do the life change program and since he has been back home he has lost 40 lb he had treatments done on his knee that were non-invasive and he can walk 3 miles a day before he couldn't even walk around the block once without excruciating pain in this knee I tell you this place is holy ground you will not only shift physically but you will shift mentally and spiritually as well I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life and I think that everyone should have to go there and experience at one time in their life so they can take responsibility for themselves and then help others I praise these people
It is an awwwsome and Eeeeexcellent place to go and treat yourself to a really nutritious and wholesome experience, not just for nourishment, but for your all-around well-being homeostasis and spiritual calibration and realignment of sorts.Think of it as a Disney World full of enlightenment, but for the mind and Spirit.For IT is here that wholehearted and wholesome lifestyles and living take center stage, and YOU are their very focus and attention of their very capable expertise and care...... At the core of ALL of their many helpful services.And, with your inevitable lifestyle transformation while there at Hippocrates, it is YOU, then that becomes their new beacon of Wellbeing and Healthy living. Purely simple.Luis Javier Deakin
We spent a month at HHI a year ago February 2021 and the amazing experience continues to fill us! The education through lectures, The extraordinary food and learning how to prepare it for our returned home and friendships we established were life changing. Highly recommend!
I booked the Online Hippocrates Livestyleprogram, for one year and extended by one year, because it was impossible to digest all the valuable information.I expected a lot and learned even more and I am very happy, that I spent the money to learn so many things, that are really relevant to my private and professional life as a healthcarepracticioner from Germany.Now I need to go at least once to Florida to have the whole experience in person!I think I most enjoyed Brians lectures, that were so knowledgable, funny and awakening. But there are many more good speakers, who all are full of wisdom, experience and look like they practice, what they preach.Thanks for this awesome program. I wish it would exist in a german version in order to present it to people im my country.
My friend place for a colonic. I have gone several times and have never been disappointed.
Their 21 ‘Life Change Program’ did just that. Forever grateful for a resource center that provides as promised.
I love everything about this place!! The skincare from Hippocrates is so underrated. Very high quality and just life saving. I’ve learned so much from the times I’ve been here. Not only is the quality of the information and what Hippocrates provides is amazing but the customer service is incredible! I went to the store and Rodney was super helpful and attentive to any questions I had on the products. Also very knowledgeable and has such a great positive attitude with customers.
Samantha was great. Very informative and helpful
One of a kind institution of health, my online course with HHI changed my life and for people around me. Comprehensive, well planned and presented videos which runs for more than 340 hours of valuable insights into every modality that works. I had a good experience with their store. One day, I want to visit their facility as a guest.
They aren’t wearing masks on the property. They have over 100 employees that come and go daily. They have guests from all over the world. Most of their guests are immunocompromise or have severe pre-existing conditions. This place isn’t safe until you get a vaccine.

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