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Patients can receive alternative cancer treatments as well as treatment for other chronic conditions at the Center. Doctor Eslinger treats adult malignancies of all sorts and stages using a combination of conventional, alternative, and holistic therapy. A large part of the focus is on wellness therapy. Nevada is one of just two states that allow homeopathic practitioners to be licensed. This opens the door to a far wider choice of non-traditional treatments that aren’t available in other jurisdictions. Many people still believe they need to travel to Mexico or Europe to receive treatments that are not available in the United States. Traditional procedures are neither replaced nor eliminated at Reno Integrative Medical Center; in fact, they are frequently included in the program. That is the allure of a non-traditional cancer treatment facility.

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Reno Integrative Medical Center Cost and Additional Expenses

Your treatment plan will include a 2, 3, or 4-week Boot Camp, depending on what is agreed upon with the patient and Dr. Eslinger.  A follow-up visit of 3 to 5-days monthly will be scheduled for a prescribed length of time to ensure continuity of care.  The number of recommended return visits is based on the length of the initial Boot Camp. Each patient will be given an individualized home protocol to follow in-between visits.  Progress is monitored with labs.

For most cancers, the cost of two, three, or four weeks of Cancer Boot Camp programs can range anywhere from $16,000 to $45,000 depending on the specific treatment plan recommended.

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Head Doctors

  • Dr Douglas Brodie
  • Dr Robert A. Eslinger

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6110 Plumas Street, Suite B, Reno, Nevada 89519, United States

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Reno Integrative Medical Center Introduction
Alternative Cancer Therapy
High Dose Vitamin C as an alternative therapy.

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Reno Integrative Medical Center Reviews

14 reviews
Reno Integrative Medical Center
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Hidden gem, highly recommended checking out their wide variety of specialized services for all your health and wellness needs. Kathy is extremely knowledgeable, Laura creates the most therapeutic and healing chiropractic experience and the staff is very helpful and kind.
I highly recommend Reno Integrative Health and Wellness. The staff and Dr Kathy are amazing. They listened to my issues when other doctors didn’t give me the time of day. I feel validated and the treatments are helping me so much. So glad I found them!
I have known Dr Bob for many years, both as a colleague and as a patient. He has helped me personally with my journey from sickness back to health, and has helped many of my patients after western medicine had failed them. He constantly looks for the best and latest proven therapies to help his patients regain their health and vitality. I would and do recommend him without reservation.
It looks like my previous review was taken down. In my honest opinion and experience of taking my mother here with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, they treated her with unproven (salicilium) treatments along with charging her for a bunch of snake oil treatments. In the end, they were all too happy to take her money, but, not a single person at this clinic had the ethical backbone to tell her they couldn’t do a thing for her.Unfortunately I was not in charge of the estate of my mother or I would have sued this organization out of existence.I get it, cancer is a scary thing, but honestly, find yourself an actual doctor that can treat your cancer instead of being a “yes man” and taking your money (that’s not covered by insurance, giant red flag in and of it’s self).
This is a great place to go if you want to suffer or watch a family member suffer. Doctor likes to change treatment plan and cost continuously, not following whether or not it is working for the patient. Most of the staff does not really care about patient outcome, just the money they make off you. Plan to spend much more than the estimate you are given and not see positive results. Save yourself time, money, and tragedy, look for other treatment options.
Great place to heal
I came to Reno Integrative with stage 4 cancer. I had a large tumor and tumors in my lymph system. I went through boot camp and it saved me from having to have surgery on the large tumor ( I still had to have radiation and chemo) When I got done with the treatment all the cancer in my body was killed except the tumor. It is now gone and I am clear of cancer for 9 months now. I know that this treatment center cleared all the cancer out of where it had spread except the large tumor and would have killed that if it had not spread to block off my sigmoid. I got an ostomy and they radiated the tumor. So with both treatments I am cancer cured. I would not have survived if the lymph system was not cleared of the tumors by the boot camp treatments. This is a case where I decided to use all forms of treatment I could get and it was the best because the National Cancer Society shows that the survival rate for my type of cancer is 5.2%. A very low number. Thanks so much for the help I got here.
So seriously how does one write a review for this type of thing....?Like everything it's a process and in the interest of not writing a novel here… I can honestly say from the heart I am forever grateful to Reno Integrative Medical Center!Particularly Dr. Bob Eslinger and his amazing and wonderful staff.I have lost multiple family members to various cancers, or should I say complications to the chemotherapy.When my fiancé was diagnosed with breast cancer it was more than a little surprising--the news nobody wants to hear. After extensive homework on her part she discussed that she wanted to explore other options rather than traditional chemotherapies. I was very happy with her decision to seek other avenues, and after a lot of homework our adventure led us to Dr. Bob. From our first consultation all the way through treatment, to each of our various follow up appointments it's been such a remarkable experience. Dr. Bob is very knowledgeable and experienced and humble. He took the time to inform and explain all of the steps of the process to us and didn't try to speak over our heads. The staff also could not have been better. Besides being well educated, informed and friendly people, they were such a pleasure to be around during such a challenging time. Their happy demeanor, helpful disposition, and amazing smiles were all also so encouraging during our treatment there. It's been almost a year and a half since our Boot Camp, and my bride to be is doing better than ever!I myself will be bringing any and all family members (myself included) here for treatment should the need ever arise.And to me you can't put a star rating on that!Thank you Dr. Bob and staff (too many to list) you're all amazing. Keep up the wonderful work!See ya'll at the wedding!
I was diagnosed with stage 2, grade 3 breast cancer in February 2017. I was 47 at the time. It was a lump that I first discovered 2 days after Thanksgiving in 2016. I went straight to my doctor to have it checked out, and after tests was assured that it was just a cyst--not to worry. However, that cyst kept coming back after being drained a couple times, so I decided to have it removed in February. It was only found to be cancerous AFTER it was removed. Then I had another surgery in March, just to be sure they got it all and that it hadn't spread to my lymph nodes. Good news-- they got it all and it had not spread.Then I was told by my oncologist that I needed to do 12 rounds of chemo, followed by 12 rounds of radiation. This was decided because of the aggressiveness of my cancer cells, and the fact that my cells were nearly "triple-negative".I took that into consideration, but I also researched all of my options, because I knew that there were other effective types of treatments out there that are not standard of care. I also went to a 2nd traditional oncologist for a 2nd opinion, and was told nearly the same thing as the first.After immense research, I chose Reno Integrative and Dr. Bob. I was fully apprised of the costs, and I was also fully aware that there would be no guarantee of success no matter where I would go. But I knew that my best chances of success relied upon my own immune system remaining as strong as possible so that it would ultimately be able to do what it does best: KEEP ME HEALTHY. That is why I rejected traditional chemo and radiation and instead chose Reno Integrative's course of treatments. I was all set to get started with treatments in June, but 2 weeks before I was scheduled to start, I discovered another lump. Sure enough, the cancer was back, and in the same location as before. So I had surgery #3 to remove that lump. Amazingly, I was able to convince my surgeon (who was wonderful!) to have that tumor sent to Reno Integrative so that they would be able to use that tissue to create my own personalized cancer vaccine treatments. I feel that the return of the cancer was actually a blessing in disguise because of that.I began my treatment at Reno Integrative in July. I did the three week bootcamp, and then for the next three months after that I returned at 1 month intervals for three days of intensive treatment.After those three months were complete, I continued to receive my autologous vaccine (made from my own cells) every 6 weeks. Today I am 14 months past bootcamp, and I'm continuing to return every 8-10 weeks for my autologous vaccine.I followed all of Dr. Bob's protocols throughout. I had some problems handling some of the treatments, but he was very responsive and adjusted things as necessary. Yes, I experienced some nausea during bootcamp and during treatments the following three months, but I can't imagine how much worse it would have been with traditional chemo and radiation!How am I doing today? Fantastic! My IvyGene test results from January 2018 through July 2018 have dropped from 22, then 18, then 15, and most recently to 11. I went from barely elevated to smack dab in the middle of the normal range. That tells me that everything that I've been doing since July has enabled my body's immune system to do exactly what I needed it to do.I am grateful that I chose this path, and I fully believe that I am far healthier today than I would have been had I chosen the traditional course of treatment. Of course that is only my own personal story, and not everyone's path will be the same. Unfortunately there are those who will not survive no matter what course of treatment they pursue.Discovering that you have cancer is like nothing that you can imagine, until it has happened to you. What helped me get through the initial shock was all the research that I did. It helped me make the right decisions for me, without succumbing to the immense pressure from well-meaning but not-fully-informed people. Good luck, and gather as much information as possible.
At the time I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, I had three of my close friends die from their cancers. All three experienced the traditional radiation treatments, suffered , and died. I found the Reno Integrative Medical Center and Dr. "Bob" who I credit with not only saving my life, but saving my way of life. I experienced no pain, no sickness from radiation, no loss of hair, ect that people using the traditional methods experience. I have regained my strength and am now 6 years cancer free. Life is Good. Thank you Dr. Bob and Staff

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